I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Dean No. 27 at the Monster College.

The big disciple Zhang Qingzhong is the strongest, but it is also stronger to go, and strictly, that is, a slag.

In the West Lake Academy, casually, one person can fight against strict government, and later the white girl still win.

Now the white girl is left by the dean, and the eight achievements are to guide.

In this way, the white girl is estimated to join the college.

Hey, sometimes, Wen said people are also envious of those young people, and he also has a heart to Xihu College, and I want to join! Why did he have a lot of money?

So let go when you let go, it's not your own!

Probably he is destined to practice only to this strength!

Thinking of strength, he remembered the spiritual power in his body, and then he saw Zhang Qingzhong, which did not recover, and suddenly thought of his strange absorption in the bottom of West Lake, a brow wrinkled.

"Let's go back to the inn, Qing Zhong, I have something to find you!"

Zhang Qingzhong naturally understood what he did, and his face showed a bitter laugh, it was really found.

Longpin Xuan saw that after leaving the disciples, the students who rushed behind her waved, let them cultivate, and then take Bai Suzhen to the cultivation square.

The top of the cultivation is, some people have cultivated with the demon in their own position.

Longpin Xuan gave the Bai Suzhen, let her sit down, sit down on the central lotus table, and then looked at Bai Suzhen.

"I first see what you are doing, you run a week, don't stop my exploration!"

Bai Suzhi nodded, let go of the heart, slowly Turning.

In the eyes of Longpin Xuan, the guiding operation is self-satisfied, and the picture that sees him brows.

In fact, Bai Suzhen's Taoism is not the most suitable for her, but her qualifications are really powerful!

If the top-level enthusiasm of the cultivation of the guidance is reflected, the practice limit can break through Dolo Jinxian.

Not anyone can practice to Da Luo Jinxian, this needs to understand the rules between heavens and the earth.

However, the Bai Suzhen's guiding interface is written to her limit, which is Dolo Jinxian, which means she has this potential to reach.

But let Long Pin Xuan feel that the headache is that this Taoist is inappropriate, and the re-repair is.

But the key is that her body is really entered into a Buddha seed. This role play is to continuously purify and change the spiritual power of Bai Suzhen's body and the spirit of operation, so that the spirit of the spirit .

Because Bai Suzhen is in the heart, she did not figure out that the Taoist Tao and Buddha's Tao were two.

She also made a mistake, so that her belief will deviate, although the goal is a heart, but this road is blurred, and it has been blurred, and it has been used to steal the column, which is also subtly transfaciated to metapulsor's belief.

Longpin Xuan is actually understanding, the two of the Buddha Tao are fighting this genius, but will eventually go, not good.

But this will be defects, that is, it will extend the speed of Baishu cultivation.

She wants to grow, only in the body, all the Taoist hearts of the body are infected, and finally slowly transform, after forming, renovating the Buddha, can continue to increase the strength, such flying, will become a Buddha Fairy.

Or when the Taoist heart method is not completely converted, the energy of the Buddha's seed is exhausted. When the Bai Suzhen reunies, it will slowly grind the Buddha, and when the Buddha is all over. It is possible to grow up, and it is naturally the fairy department of the Taoism.

But these two processes will naturally not be too short, and sometimes it will not be long.

Longpin Xuan silently gave a candle to those Buddha's strong people, saying that Bai Suzhen was finally pressed under the Leifeng Tower, or the battle of Buddhism.

Bai Suzhen did not have a Buddha's way, and finally played the law. Many innocent people were killed. They were treated under the Lei Feng Tower. After the spirit of suppression, the spiritual power of the suppression was transformed, and then she said that her merits were flying.

It's really good!

However, Bai Suzhen's Taoist is also orthodox, it should be someone or there is a gods to teach.

But why don't you stop or save Bai Suzhen?

Longpin Xuan roughly, but immediately wanted to understand.

This Buddha's seed is Bai Suzhen, in the eyes of the Taoist eye, this is betrayal, I want to go to the Buddha, so that the Taoist who will save her!

Longpin Xuan has shaken his head, "Bai Suzhen, so unfortunately!"

Bai Suzhen opened his eyes, see Long Pu Xuan's look, slightly shocked, and the heart rises unknown feelings.

Since she heard Xiao Qing said, she felt that she didn't seem to be wrong, but the change did not have a bad place, and her demonity became more pure, and it won't affect it. It's all good to human beings.

However, her heart has always been uneasy, so I want to find the delegation to give a look.

In fact, Bai Suzhen did not know that in his own heart, he had doubts and distrust for Guanyin Bodhisattva.

What she is like this, is it true?

She really wants to find the foreshoes of the benefactor, go to the debt?

Longpin Xuan looked at her because he heard himself, the uneasiness revealed in his eyes, then nodded.

Of course, the guiding surgery is not closed, only in this case, will be able to listen to the demon, and listen more carefully.

Just like modern teaching.

If the teacher is told in the class, you can write down, impressive, in the wrong place prompt, keep correcting.

I am afraid that there is no student will be unclear!

Long Pin Xuan wants this effect.

He looked at the more and more cultivation of more and more practitioners above the cultivation. He didn't care about his pointers.

"Since everyone is interested in this, you listen to it, because this is also related to your future development and direction!"

"Since this opportunity is this opportunity, I will tell you about Bai Suzhen, telling you, the direction of cultivation and the future improvement!"

"First of all, whether it is a human and demon, cultivation is to cultivate a matte!"

"The last time I was in public class, there were a lot of demon, I have heard of my curriculum for the cultivation of demon."

"So today and everyone tells the classification and direction of orthodox cultivation."

"The cultivation of cultivation is classified depending on the source substantive source, simply, is classified by different energy."

"For example, Buddha, repairing Buddha, paying attention to six clean, super offset dust! Source is the pure heart, do not dopate impurities, do not eat, avoid life, so there are all major commandments."

"Tao repair, repair is spiritual, this is the most common practice, of course, is also the most spoty, because of its spots, there will be different branches depending on the direction of cultivation, such as specializing in alchemy, specializing in casting , Specialized swords, specialized array, and so on. "

"There are other energy to practice, such as ghost repair is ghost, demon repair is a demon, etc.

"But warn everyone, what is the way to repair, you will insist on the repair! The same, the road must meet your own characteristics!"

"For example, the demon is cultivating the demon, but it is necessary to cultivate ghosts, if your physique is biased towards ghost, suitable for ghost, just destroy the demon, you can transfer, but Will spend a long time. "

"The same, if people cultivate spiritual power, want to re-cultivate Buddha, but also need to transform all the spirit into Buddha. But the key is suitable."

The first monster transforms into a ghost example, let everyone do not show the five ghosts.

This is a clear example!

Longpin Xuan is clearly concerned about everyone's gaze.

"The qualifications of the five ghosts are the special case, because they are the descendants of ghosts and demon, both of the two features are all, so the two energy can coexist because of the qualifications, and this is cultivated, and there is a complementary effect."

"Different people and demon, the situation is different, can not be generalized!"

Bai Suzhen nodded, the more heard more, the more she understood, and naturally, she also understood that the example is her.

"To put Bai Suzhen, her potential value is the highest in history!"

This high praise, let everyone in the seat use envious eyes to the Bai Suzhen.

Can let the dean say this, this Baishu's qualification is definitely true!

"But she is actually not suitable for cultivating Buddha! One heart is good, not to say is to cultivate Buddha, the key is that she is suitable for monopolism!"

"The reason is very simple, because her physique is a fairyland, this system is cultivating, cultivating the fairy, that is, the practice of cultivation will have additional bonus! This is also you can practice it in just a thousand years. The most important reason for the point! "

Bai Suzhen's entire soul seems to be hit, she is a fairyland?

She is actually a fairyland! ! !

Chapter 37, Buddhist Seed

Bai Suzhen's full person is a state.

Her teacher Cheng Lishan mother, naturally knowing the fairyland, but I don't know if I am a fairy.

Her eyes can not help but blur, she thought of my memory, blank memory.

In the memory, it was brought back from Li Mountain, and worship.

Does the old mother of Lishan also have seen her physique to collect her a disciple?

But why did she go to seek Bodhisattva?

Bai Suzhen has just thought of this, the eyebrows have a pain, and there is no more to let her have planted.

She reached out of the ground, looked up with Longpin Xuan who sat on the lotus table, slowly opened, "Dean, I am really a fairyland?"

Longpin Xuan nodded, "such as a fake package!"

The surrounding monsters are shocked. They have heard of the fairyland. Some have never heard of it. After listening to the explanation of Longpin Xuan, they also understood the power of the fairyland.

They look at the eyes of Bai Suzhen is envious, but there is no jealous.

This is born, and it is useless.

They are also well-selected, and they are very firm, and they will not be shaken by such small things.