I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Section 28 of the Dean in the Monster College.

Bai Suzhen was silent for a long time, then stood up and rushed to Longpin Xuan.

"Thank you, the dean! I am willing to join the West Lake Academy, only to solve the problem on my body!"

Longpin Xuan, perfect!

He has not said that Baishu joins the college to help her solve it, she will come out! Sure enough, you have seven Qiao Ten!

Yes, Longpin Xuan concealed the seven Qiao Tongye talents of Bai Suzhen itself. Before the other party did not join the college, some things still did not say it.

Longpin Xuan reached out, the hand appeared in the upper hand, and it was a directory of the West Lake College.

He turned to the last page of the contract page, and he waved in his hand. This booklet fell to the front of Bai Suzhen.

"At the end of the name, use your name on your name, then you are the students of the West Lake Academy!"

Bai Suzhen is hesitant, but then biting his teeth, or signed it.

Longpin Xuan see Bai Suzhen sign, collect the book, the heart is proud!

With Bai Suzhen, what is strictly strict or not, it doesn't matter! This is a genius in genius!

In the human world, a college has a monster that is repaired in the Maharae, that is, it can be horing!

What is the relationship between my own strength, my college is a big! This is what I want!

Longpin Xuanmei is a dream, and the mouth is going out.

"Dean!" The soft and sweet voice sounded in the ear of Longpin Xuan, let him play a spirit, it is a koi, red, and received Long Pin Xuan's first opening of Longpin Xuan ** Fuze, because of its own potential, it has now fully changed to human form.

Changes to become a human shaped red child, if it is illusion, it is like the legendary mermaid.

Longpin Xuan returned to God, sitting in danger, then asked, "What is red?"

"This white sister is so strong, and now the Buddha's seed is definitely because of the qualifications, so pitiful! Is there any way to help her?"

Longpin Xuan looked at the red child. This chick actually got to be said to Bai Suzhen, and the real woman did not stay!

He slowly said that "naturally it will help, Bai Suzhen, you first pull the knee, re-run the heart!"

Bai Suzhen nodded, starting from head to the heart.

In the eyes of Longpin Xuan, Bai Suzhen's Dantian is in front of a golden seed, which is a Buddha.

As long as there is a spiritual power through Dantian, it will be infected by this seed. After a few more times, this Dantian master will convince the Buddha's mind, the spiritual power in the body will slowly change into Buddha.

Now, Long Pinxuan is to solve the seeds of this Buddha.

In fact, we must solve the seeds of this Buddha's family, don't do it by others.

It should be said that the Golden Dragon King of the Long Pin Xuan's half-hang is definitely can't, plus him to be so weak, want to remove the Buddha's seed is impossible.

But Longpin Xuan has a way!

It is to let Bai Suzhen give this Buddha's seed to except!

How is it?

Naturally, Long Pin Xuan is required to guide!

Many monsters and people are all staring at the dean and Bai Suzhen.

There is an energy in the hands of Longpin Xuan to go to Bai Suzhen.

"The appearance! It is this energy!"

"Yeah, I am also relying on this energy ..."

The surrounding demon and people speak more and more light, it is natural that Bai Suzhi naturally heard itself.

But she didn't care, because her heart was appeared in the body's warmth attracted.

"Sentimental is condensed, followed by guidance, your heart can be improved!"

Longpin Xuan is to see that she is currently cultivating the heart method of Lishan's mother, still very good, or not so quickly to the Maharae.

However, Longpin Xuan guided Bai Suzhen is the best one of the leading surgery, which can inspire the potential of the body itself, thereby achieving the purpose of washing the draw.

In this way, you can wash all the impurities on your body.

For the fairyland, Buddha is a kind of impurities.

So just need to open the washing, then the situation on Bai Suzhen will be automatically released.

That warm stream has passed a lot of small blood vessels, but also avoids some easy-to-keepive terrain, just like wanting to re-opening a road, a safe road, a more correct way.

Those Buddha's enthusiasm should be ablation because of the integration of the spirit, and it will be ablated, so it will be desperate to hinder the spiritual power of Bai Suzhen.

Longpin Xuan felt the difficulties of her running spirit, Shen Sheng: "Be sure to resist the past, and then difficult to move forward, they are your spirit, do you even control your own spirit?"

Bai Suzhen bites the teeth, and controls the way to the new heart method to move forward.

But she is a demon spirit, which is already more than a trimmer. The spirit is too much in the body. Most of the spiritual power is against the Buddha seeds. Her spirit can not be controlled!

Long Puxuan's voice entered her ear: "If you can't control all, then control part, those who don't listen to it!"

A Bai Suzhen, I suddenly realized that I installed the spiritual power of the bad control. I kept the spiritual power that had not been blusted by Buddha's seeds, and began to run along the new heart.

If the previous heart method is the method of cultivating the cultivation of Dantian, then the new heart method is to cultivate the soul, that is, after the so-called Shang Dan Tian!

This one has not been invaded by Buddha's seeds yet!

Chapter 38 of the secrets of flying

Shang Dangtian is a very mysterious place in the human body, and it is related to the soul.

And the soul is related to whether it is the key to fairy.

Many people think that the immortal is a fairy body, no flesh.

Some people think that the immortal only has a soul.

In the human world cultivator, including the monsters, when practicing, it is usually cultivating the body and energy, the spiritual power of the human tribute, the demon force of the demon cultivation.

But in the realm of the Maharae and the demon spirit, the spirit and demon will be filled with the body, is it next?

No, this is far from reaching the conditions of flying.

Bai Suzhen is so.

She actually cultivated to the limits of the body, but she didn't touch the threshold of the flying, which made her anxiety, and later heard that they would gain a flying guidance, so she went to seek .

But now I know the situation of Buddhism, she is also a bit confused. Is she going to transfer Buddha? Is this not good?

In fact, Guanyin Bodhisattva has not been wrong. After returning the Buddha, she is in this period because of the ambiguous merits, merits will shape her soul, the soul is strong enough to have a hierarchy, and can touch the flying The threshold.

And truly flying, in fact, it is related to Shang Dangtian.

Only after the soul is strong to a certain level, it can discover Shang Dantian, thereby opening up the Shangdantian.

It is connected by Shangdantian and the next Dantian, and it will pick up the fairy, thus breaking the flying.

However, now, Longpin Xuan guides her for cultivation, and there is a direct access to Dantian.

Since her downalian's demon is full, then naturally open upwards.

This is a strong step of jumping over the power of the soul, directly open up the Tantian, to connect to the gods and body channels, so that the soul can become powerful, not only rely on those merits.

In this way, I only need to cultivate this, I can strong the soul, let it reach the extent to the body, let Shang Dantian fill the same degree as the next Dantian, and then open up the sky, pick the fairy, and break the sky.

This is a benefit that it is the equation after flying.

Generally through the fairy of merits, Shang Dan Tian has opened up, and it will open up the sky through the Tan Tian and Xia Dan Tian, ​​and Shang Dantian is not full.

Therefore, in the fairy world, I need to practice Shang Dua, and this process is promoted from Xiaoxian, level 1 ~ 2, and promoted to Level 3 ~ 4th!

After the flying in this heart, Shang Duda is full, and it is naturally the 5th-level cactus.

Xiaoxian, Xian Tong, naturally the ratio of Shang Dan Tian filling. 201 Xiaoxian, 402 small immorta, 603 fairy children, 804 fairy children, 100 can be promoted to a 5th-level cactus.

Longpin Xuan guides Bai Shuzhen to operate is this kind of heart method, that is, Bai Shuzhen flying, it is a fairy directly.

And abandoned the demon power contaminated by Buddha, now under the guidance of Bai Suzhen, followed by the Guidelines of Longpin Xuan.

That is the meridian she has never opened! Some she still can't call the name!

The key is that after a place, Bai Suzhen's body is like a new world.

This is ... another Dantian?

Longpin Xuan said faintly, "Shang Dan Tian has already opened, and you can run the best in Xia Dan!"

"At present, what you need is to complete a week of Shang Dantian, get the fluttering of the flutter, and then run through the heart method of Shangdana, slowly put the rest of Dantian's remaining Buddha's seeds. In this way, your post-legacy is a matter of understanding, it can really carry out the big waves of the top and bottom Dantian. "

"After your Buddha's seeds have been worn, I will pass on your day!"

Longpin Xuan is not anxious, nature is the special of Bai Suzhen.

Want to cultivate more layers, or solve her key factors first.

Bai Suzhen is in the heart, she knows all of Shang Dan Tian, ​​that is because these are the earlier and her in the early New Year. Now, the dean is saying, let her Mouton open.

Take more joyful to guide energy!

She joined Xihu College is right!

After a few hours, Bai Suzhen's upper body flashed, and the body was transparent. She only felt that her head was more awake. Many things that didn't want to talk about a little blurred concept, and the body's demon control was more flexible.