I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean of Section 29

Just then, a voice passed to her ear.

"Don't stop, continue to run the heart of Dantian, you need to wash the Divide!"

Before Bai Suzhen, I just completed a small Sunday day of Shangdan, and the guidance can be returned. Now I heard the dean solely, and it will naturally start the next Shangdan Xiaotian.

Every time I tried to Tantian Xiaotian, her body's demon, especially the monster of Buddha, and slowly recovered pure.

Her body gradually emerged some sweat.

Those sweat is turned into black.

Black nature is impurities, and gold is Buddha.

Longpin Xuan looked at her body to eliminate impurities, some gratified nodded.

"The Buddha's seed energy is very large, so you need to habits every day in the operation mode of Shangtang Xiaotian, and strive to run like this in the sleep."

Long Pu Xuan's warning makes Bai Suzhen.

Because the fluttering of the flutter is also limited, she is rushing to the self after three small days. Of course, this is definitely not really a long time after the immortal, the time is long, and the effect is good. But it is also the fluttering!

And she almost because of this, thinking about it to temporarily put a small week.

But after listening to Long Pin Xuan's, she still took several times.

When Bai Suzhen was running, it turned attention to a new key.

The operation of Shangtian Xiaotian is the use of all places in the body to be washed.

At first, because of the place where the halo was mixed, the Buddha was washed away, so the removal was very fast.

But behind, Bai Suzhen discovered that more and more, the speed of the Buddha's seed halo did not have a fast, and the Buddha's seed was vacuum, and there would be few energy.

That is to say, Bai Shuan will get rid of the Buddha's seeds, but it is the problem of time.

Longpin Xuan satisfied with the beard, although this system gave him a lot, but the ability to be super useful!

Bai Suzhen as long as he flies, that is, the first immortal level of the West Lake Academy!

The key is that people are still a student!

Chapter 39 West Lake

After running on a small week, Bai Suzhen was gradually immersed in it. The disk was sitting there, and it was obviously it is already ready.

The students around the students will pull the watching heart and continue to cultivate.

Longpin Xuan also said a few words to encourage everyone, so that they made their own practice.

Because of cultivation, it will generally be too short. Especially for practitioners and monsters, ten and a half months are all, for several years, decades, or even hundreds of years.

Of course, hundreds of years are usually some of the powerful cultivators or the choice of demon closure.

If there are some great energy, maybe a closed door is thousands of years, hundreds of millions of years.

In fact, the retaining and strength is proportional to.

So Long Pin Xuan said a month, just a month, just talking.

Generally, the strength is low, after gaining the guidance, will be closed immediately, have a realistic, natural strength will improve, but because the strength is low, the closed time is not much, it seems fast, so it is very Go off.

Then you can continue to get the guidance of Longpin Xuan.

So the top of the cultivation of the square often, many people will be in the cultivation.

There are still people or demon still breaking!

This leads to the rich aura and demon.

Generally speaking, practitioners will find a secluded place to promote others.

However, in practice of cultivation, it is a collective cultivation, but there is no such situation, especially here, there are people and demon, are different cultural systems, even the performance of energy is different.

This is the magic of the cultivation square.

Everyone cultivated, there are some intervals, and the energy absorbed around will not be smashed, which makes it very relieved whether people or demon repair is very relieved.

The students of the West Lake Academy began to grow rapidly in a short period of time.

Because of the frequent breakthrough reason, plus the constant epiceways and comprehension, the energy concentration of the entire West Lake has been straightforward to practice the most suitable for cultivation.

Hangzhou is also a large change in West Lake.

The monsters who live together in Hangzhou and ordinary people feel that the cultivation is more relaxed. The people have a lot of the aura, which has also appeared to resist a part of the demon, and there is less pain. It is longer.

In this case, children have more physical fitness, and the potential is also improved.

The entire Hangzhou City has become the most suitable of human and monster cultivation in Zhejiang Province.

Many monsters outside the city want to enter the city, and a lot of external cultural practitioners want to enter the city.

To this end, all the practitioners and monsters in Hangzhou have become a West Lake, because human beings are in peace and monsters, and they have brought by Xihu College, so they will use the three words of "West Lake", since the West Lake The college expressed respect.

The West Lake will be established is nothing else, that is, those foreign monsters and cultivars.

Because in the human world, monsters and humans are hostile, many cultivars walk into the city, as long as they see the monsters, no matter what three seven twenty eleven will attack the monsters, the monster, but they don't pay attention to the people Said, saying that this monster is good or bad.

Just say that the people were blinded!

The foreign monsters are more outlined, because they have not heard the adults of the adults, or to practice people, I can imagine the results of the Hangzhou City.

Therefore, West Lake will be produced!

In addition to the support of the major Chamber of Commerce throughout Hangzhou, all top practitioners and monsters have joined the West Lake, and also invited the Xihu College's law enforcement, dragons, as the honorary, supervision.

Under the help of the cultivator and monsters, Hangzhou finally built its own walls, and a cultivator and a monster will be guarded every other distance.

And a small town has been established outside of Hangzhou.

If you want to enter Hangzhou, you must now investigate a month. If you don't eat people without a monster and cultivator within one month, you must allow you to enter, and you must be from the original Original City than him. The cultivator or monster follow.

In this way, although all the cases cannot be eliminated, it can also play a lot.

Especially the monsters and practitioners live in the same town. It is impossible to fight, it is impossible, so this requirement is equivalent to rejecting most of the monsters and cultivators.

This makes a lot of monsters and practitioners, often in the West Lake, people often have friction.

Dragon is originally used as an honorary, and the president will naturally be named Long Pin Xuan, although he does not know this.

And because such things, the cultivators and monsters in Hangzhou naturally can't resist their lives, and dragons must often have a shocking person and demon.

Long Pu Xuan has recently not often going out. He knows that his strength is also very important, the strength of the students of the West Lake Academy is also very important.

Because, his college Chai House also closed the strict rule of the Silitcore's integration.

Dragon has also been there, and said that the West Lake will, but just start to say, Long Pinxuan interrupted him and let him see it.

Originally, the dragon is for the West Lake, the president of Western Lake will come to Wen Xuan, see Long Pin Xuan let him decide, and he will finalize it.

Longpin Xuan is now busy, get up every day to taste the breakfast of the little ghost in the five ghosts, then practice a morning, then go to have lunch, then go to the cultivation in the afternoon, point to one or two people or demon, then After dinner, then go to the back garden.

The day is full of rows.

Of course, there must be a little ghost in the five ghosts, and the meals made are really delicious, especially with the guidance of Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan can say that it is from the big food empire, some modern eating, is oral to give a little ghost.

The little ghost is also talented, and it can be pondered in a few times.

This leads to that other students are willing to maintain the habit of three meals a day.

Longpin Xuan's portable space can now be said to be the back garden of the West Lake Academy. It is taken from the ghoul, and the ghost is taught by Longpin Xuan's part of the plant, which can be maintained and maintained in plant plants. .

And he went back to the back garden every night, showing plants planted in plants in the inside, accelerating their maturity.

The vegetables eaten in the West Lake Academy are post-garden output, which contain a lot of aura, can not be considered ordinary vegetables, and they are also known as the cultivation of cultivation.

Therefore, in addition to some people who want to eat meat, everyone will buy meat to make food, most of which are more enthusiastic to eat the garden output.

Chapter 40

Not Long Pin Xuan, they don't want to eat good meat.

It is too slow to grow in the rear garden in the rear garden.

There is no addition of vegetables, and those chicks, although they are nourished, but the speed of maturity is very slow. It is not enough to meet those cultivars and monsters, so they can only go out to buy some meat.

The cultivator is actually almost the extent to which the people eat is full, only the monsters are different for eating, each monster is different. After all, their species is different.

The two ghosts, the three ghosts, and the four ghosts are responsible for different issues of colleges.

West Lake Academy entered a stable development period, the strength of the students quickly increased.

It is the unlucky strict government, and it has not been loose, and it is closed in the fireworks.

Every day, the little ghost gives him a meal. Every time he looks at the little ghost with a weird eye, let the little ghost are somewhat embarrassing.

Bai Suzhen's spell is firm, especially she is now in order, and the Buddha's seeds have become less and smaller after the new heart law that is not stopped, and their actual strength is getting higher and higher.

So the spells she showed did not dissipate signs.

The devil is giving me the meal of this day, looking at him sighing.

"You said that you are good to visit the college, and it is not covered!"