I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the dean in Section 30 in the Monster College.

"If you don't talk, you will do it, but also!"

"This is good, I know that it is amazing? More people in our college have gone!"

"If the Wenchang School is all the idiots such as you, sooner or later, you will be overwhelmed by other people!"

"However, Wenchang is the old man who is also a machine, which looks out of young and elderly differences?"

"People come to know that the gates of the meeting, the guests are angry!"

"You don't have a haunt kid, just how long! My dean is the most powerful, smarter! You actually don't respect him, really have to be punished!"

"To put it, your punishment is really light, turn it out, give you a good drink every day! Hey!"

The little ghost has finished speaking, the speed of feeding under the hand is not reduced.

Strictly struggling to be bundled, can't talk, there is no problem with eating.

He naturally won't be in the past, and every day, the little ghost gives him a feeding, he is very cooperated.

After eating the first bite, he also surprised the little ghost.

He did not think that a half-demon and half gun can make a cuisine that can be better than you have a big chef, this craft is really absolutely!

This is also another reason why there is no resistance to eating.

I was strictly found in the Chai House. I felt a shame to commit suicide. At that time, the little ghost came to feed, he did not want to eat.

But a person stayed for a long time, the mood gradually succeeded, and I didn't accept it. Of course, I also have to benefit from the little ghost every day.

There is no difference between the boutique every day, that is, these repeats are repeated, but the key point is to indicate him.

Bai Suzhen is very strong, there is still a lot of practices as Bai Suzhen!

Don't provoke the dean, because the dean is stronger!

Because he is not enough, he has no right to say!

Because he faces the strong, Fan Second is not honored, he has collided, so he is closed here!

If it is because it is a college, it is a strange power, maybe he is dead.

Strictly aware of this, it will become more fit after the feeding of the devil.

Especially every day, I saw the little ghost, he could feel huge progress, which caused him to look at the ghost's eyes.

Half demon is the existence of ethnic bugs?

Do you have such a huge improvement every day?

If this monster is outside, how many people are there?

Therefore, the dean refused him to have a correct choice?

Because it is strictly can't talk, the little ghost just uses him as a vomiting, nor is it to chat with him, how to make him, just a strict execution of the command.

Long Pu Xuan has also a little headache, from the small ghost, he knows the performance of strict political progress, and the performance of the later period, although the performance is getting better and better, but the devil's daily story, I feel that the other party doesn't think.

Not attractive enough! Especially to attract peerless talents!

Still to dig on the wall, ordinary ways must not work.

What should we do?

Longpin Xuan worked.

Bai Suzhen is because there is something you need to use the college, and the dean, he just solves her body, pointing to her flying, and her up to the college.

However, Bai Suzhen left the Qingcheng Mountain to turn the Buddha's door, which can be seen as independently separated from his original martial art, so Bai Suzhen is not any difficult for the students.

The key is that the martial art behind the strict government is not a small door, that is, Wenchang, control all the veins of all the students, impersonance, etc.

It can be said that this will not be underestimated in the heavens.

The noble door and the branch gate are the same class. Longpin Xuan Xuan Xuan, the vice president of the gates, grabbed the elders of the bureau, at this point, you can see that he does not want to work with Wenchang.

Maybe you can do some articles from this?

Longpin Xuan shook his head and a little difficulty.

However, he put his eyes in the face, and his face showed a smile.


Longpin Xuan Xing Yunxiao puts a painful herbs that have just been taken onside, and they have invested in the alchemy furnace in front of them.

That is to recruit Bai Suzhen, the system rewards the peerless refining furnace.

It is a peerless refining furnace!

Longpin Xuan only needs to throw herbs in accordance with the formula and the point of mind, you can start alchemy, you don't need an extraction of the fire. The quality is excellent.

Longpin Xuan is now a level 1 resembling teacher, knowing all levels of medicinal herbs and all of the Danfang.

What he is now refining is the previous promise of Xiaoqing and refining her back.

A furnace medicine is so good.

Longpin Xuan looked at the appearance. Satisfied nodded, the college students can't always stay in the college, always have to go out, there is such a kind of return, can be dangerous There is a sufficient monster or spiritual force, so the risk of life will increase much.

He thought about it and refined a lot of returnnts, and heavily treatment, etc., all kinds of commonly used foundation.

Longpin Xuan revealed this to the little ghost, so that he was so praise in front of strict administration.

By, it is also necessary to let the cultivator and monsters who have led Dan medicine, and they are strictly in the face of strict political, and they are strict and striking, and hit his confidence.

Chapter 41 is really not a taste

"Oh, the West Lake College is really atmospheric! Wanner of the Dean!"

"Long live the governor!"

There have been many people who call the Dean outside the Chai House, so that it is strictly listening to some embarrassment, what happened?

At this time, the devil opened the door of the crowd room, gone in, holding the food box in his hand.

"The kid tells you a very happy thing!"

"Oh, yes, it is a happy thing to us! Today, the dean of the big man is!"

Dan medicine? What Dan?

Strictly think that it should be the general cultivator used to assist the cultivation of cultivation.

Although most of the world is all Dustan medicine, the cultivator will always use some herbal medicine to make a medicinal medicine that stimulates the potential, to assist in cultivation.

But the words of the little ghosts let him doubt people.

"That is a panoramic! One person 5 bottles! There are at least 20 per bottle!"

"Although I have given two kinds of medicinal herbs, a kind of backing Dan, a kind of treatment Dan, but these two are the most lack of!"

"It was originally cultivated in the college, and the energy concentration is sufficient. It does not need to improve the cultivar medicine, but if the inquiry is walking, there is too much energy in the body, and the strong enemy, these two medicinal herbs are life-saving!"

"The whole college is now calling the dean long live!"

Strictly and weird look at the little ghost, this half-demon half-ghost is so flicker, what do he want to do?

What jokes!

That is the pan!

If you give 1, he has already thought that this college is very good.

But give 5 bottles! At least 20 per bottle? Isn't that a person 100 Dan?

What is joke, this is a panoramic!

This lying is too screaming!

However, at this time, a voice came in, and a foot was kicked directly.

Xiaoyan came in, glanced at the room, and saw a striking cries in the corner of the corner, showing a smile on his face.

She is coming with a task.

"Hey, small political affiance, is also tied by my sister?"

She smiled and went to his face, "I was tied to so long, know it wrong?"

Strictly hierarchy, then the eyes are slightly wide, and some of the cheeks are aloud, but they do have improperly, they have a slowed down.

Xiao Ying did not expect to be strict and actually nod, she just said with the mouth.

But she quickly returned to God, and the eyes flashed a satisfactory look.

"Since I know is wrong, then I will give you some rewards!"

"Although I can't help you solve the imprisonment, I can let you talk!"

After saying, Xiaoqing waved, a breath came out from her hands, floating towards the rigorous scorpion.

Strictly I only feel that my throat is cool, he tries to pronounce.

"Ah! I really can talk!"

He only feels tears! I know that I can restore my ability to recover my mind, why not bow?