I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 31

No, it is the little ghost, never asked him if he knows himself!

Strictly, I will look at the little ghost again, the little eye of the blame is simple!

The devil naturally didn't see it, standing on a side.

Xiaoyan hangs laughing, looking at ruling, thinking of Long Pin Xuan gave her task!

"Small political affiance, I am looking at you this time, I am special, thank you!"

Strictly, "Thank I?"

Xiaoyan nod, "Yes!"

She is dark, she has come back because of a dragon, so there is more than others.

But now the dean adults give her a mission, let her take Dan medicine to find strict governance, if they can dig him to our college, her return to Ling Dan and the healing Dan double!


So, is she wants to be strict?

Strictly heard Xiao Qing said, waiting for her to continue, say why I want to thank him, but he waited for a long time, and the opposite Xiaoqing seems to be immersed in his own thinking, but the laughter sent out from time to time, let him Listened to some creepy.

"Don't you know? Because of your reason, our West Lake Academy is sinned by Wenchang School!"

Xiao Qing's eyeballs turned to hit the horse and thought of it and said to be angry.

Well, in fact, this is not a falsehood.

"So in order to fight the Wenchang School, the strength of the students in the college must be upgraded!"

"I want to get improvement, I will naturally be one of the best choices. In order to improve our survival rate, the dean gave us a panmented Dan!"

"So multi-Lan Dan! We have to see a panoramic to see a spiritan before, and now everyone has so much! But I don't want to thank you!"

Strictly heard here, the whole head is "", and a blank in his head. What did he heard?

Can they get a panter, because of him?


The key is!

Do they have so many prenators? ! ! ! !

No, it must be fake! The other party is lie!

Strictly and rude, said, "Don't lie to me, the panorama of Ling Dan is worth it!

If he didn't finish it, he was shocked by the scene in front of him.

I saw that Xiaoqing reached out and became a jade tray, and then she pulled a bottle of the cover in several bottles of the bottle of play, so they fell in this, all faded. That jade tray.

"Don't say that your little brother is flickering, this is a good thing to return Ling Dan!"

Said, Xiaoqing also made the jade tray in front of the strict administration, so that he saw a clear.

A strict sinister eyes are quickly sticking to the jade tray.

The familiar fragrance, the familiar size, the familiar colors, indeed returning to the pan.

As the elders of the Sixth, it is impossible to strictly take back to the panacea, but the key is that there is so much in the pallet!

Moreover, these are not ordinary return!

"Unbeatable! This is definitely the master of the master! The best return of the spirit Dan! Scorpio!"

Strictly understanding the top of those Dan medicine, there is a circle of Dan lines, which is natural.

Only the Dan medicine that has formed a Dan line can be called the best Dan medicine!

And in this jade tray, it is all of the best medicine!

This is definitely a work of a master of alchemists!

Scorpio! That dean actually gave the alchemy master of the best Dan medicine to the college!

Strictly I thought of a possibility, and my face asked some of the face. "Is these Dan medicine is deeper from adults?"

In his words, he used to use his respect. For this adult, he naturally knows what to say, what should be said, more, this dean is still very likely this Master who can refine the descendants!

Chapter 42 Strictly

No wonder those students will join the college!

Strictly I feel that I have guess the true meaning of so many students to join the West Lake Academy!

If the dean is really a master of alchemy! Getting the courtesy is something that is natural!

However, this is a bottle of Ling Dan, he can accept it!

Want to come to other 4 bottles, is it used to make it?

But the movements of Xiaoyan's next movement, so that strict political feelings have been swollen by themselves!

Because she pulled a bottle of the cover and poured into the jade tray.

A grain rolled with a Dan Pharmacy rolled in the jade tray, just like a striking and striking eyes.

Then, the third bottle, the fourth bottle, the fifth bottle ...

Strictly skeeping life, his bottle in Wenchang sent back in Wenchang, is a fake?

A bottle of 5, there are so many!

Can have so many bottles!

I am so rushed to the entire Wenchang to send it half a year to one year.

Not to mention, all are all the best to return to Ling Dan and the treatment of Dan!

So ... that the dean is really a master of alchemy?

Do not! Should I be a refiningant?

He is wrong!

He is wrong!

How can he not respect such a powerful alchemist!

Strictly regret!

If his attitude is good, is this a master of this mascor, change a few bottles of medicinal herbs?

Xiaoqing held the jade tray to smelly smelted the fragrance, swaying in front of strict administration.

Strictly, there is a regret, "I understand where I am wrong, please ask Xiaoqing girl to put the medicinal medicine, so that the drug is so exposed to the air, but the huge loss! Still two different Dan medicine mixed, It's just a violent heaven! "

Xiaoqing did not refute, and there was no argument. I actually obey a bottle of the medicinal medicine in the jade tray. I slowly put it back, and then sealed it.

She looked strictly, and her face didn't have the privacy and showing it. Instead, it was strictly.

"Look at you, it should be understood that some special things in our college?"

Strictly see Xiaoqing, there is still not understood, and if you guess it is right, the other party is thinking.

The young man who will not lie, the face is rising, and then only has to nod.

"Yes, I am Xiaowei College!"

"Well! Dare to be dare! Strictly, it is strict, people are as named! The character has not been said! Yes is right, wrong, know if it is wrong, good!"

Xiaoyan has a series of idioms out.

Of course, these idioms teach her, because Bai Suzhen is like this.

"Small young, if you want to break the strict political defense line, you should first let him realize that he is wrong! You don't need to say something wrong with him, only he knows that he is wrong, will hear, Only when he bowed, we have the opportunity! "

The admiration of Xiaoqing's eyes is not a day.

Sure enough, my sister, seeing people are really accurate! so amazing!

In fact, this is a very viewful of this, but Xiaoqing's face is slightly and tender, and it is a bit worse.

However, it is strictly and low, but I didn't see Xiaoqing, just listening to the voice, it seems to listen to these words.

"I am coming this time, I just want to ask the serious and old, what do you think now, how about our West Lake Academy?"

Xiaoqing continued to play according to the script given by Bai Suzhen.

She is now somewhat, after picking up the mission of the dean, first find Bai Suzhen, let her give himself a proposal, look good!

Strictly looked at the open door behind a little, but I saw a lot of cultivators and monsters were talking about, holding a few familiar bottles in their hands.

Strictly in my heart is blood!

It turned out that this in front of this bottle of panmented Dan, the exterior of the cultivator and monsters have!

Strictly swallowing the water, the sound became slightly shaking, "he is all the bottle bottles in his hands, all are the best Huining Dan and the healing Dan?"

Xiaoqing natured nature, replied, "Yes, I said before and you, 5 bottles per person!"

"Whether it is a cultivator or a monster? Every student is 5 bottles?" Strictly and not asked, "Isn't there a prominent contribution?"

Xiaoqing shakes his head, this action makes it easy to strictly, but it is contributing.