I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 32

"No, everyone has, including the five ghosts that are mixed!"

This sentence is like a thorn, and it has joined it into a strict government.

He also turned to look at the five ghosts, and is there a five ghosts that fight rice?

His eyes took a sense of resentment, as if to complain, how do you have such a panterer, why not talk to me!

The devil is still standing there, but the eyes flashed a helpless, the young girl is in trouble, but this thing is still quite cool! Call him not to respect the dean, live it!

Who is the dean, he is just a dean license, staying, smuggling, Xiaoqing is a formal student, the identity is not the same!

How can he take Xiao Qing?

What's more, he used to be a Xiaoyin's younger brother, Xiao Qing called him to Dong him, he did not dare to west.

Strict people are bleeding!

The homogeneous little has 5 bottles full of 20 best medicinal herbs. He is a long-term elderly, and it is necessary to use high points to exchange the medium Dan medicine. 5 a bottle of it.

It's more than people, mad!

"Oh, you want to ask, what are they talking about? It is estimated to ask the other party's skills, see who is more suitable for team up skills!"

Xiao Qing is not careless.

Of course, those cultivars and monsters outside are Xia Qingli, everyone has Tan medicine, but experience, it seems to have nothing.

Xiaoqing blinks, in order to recruit you into the school, she is fighting! I have paid a person who returned to the panoramicant!

Xiao Qing said that there is a clear number of talks outside, just like deliberately hearing.

"Which aspect is the best?" Although a humanoid, it is full of strong and politely polite.

"In the following swords, I have to have an eye, the attack power is not bad!" Ge Chang Sheng is more famous, and it is strictly believed that people are more popular among disciples.

Does Ge Chang Sheng not what martial art? How can I enter the West Lake Academy?

Strictly somewhat embarrassed.

"That's better, I am good at defense, you are good at attacking, we are very good!"

"It is said that it is good to say! The out of the experience, my life is handed over to the Xiong brother!"

"Nature! Are we all students!"

Strictly and silently ...

A demon!

Attack and defense, work is not tired!

Plus each person with a luxurious life package!

West Lake Academy is really no!

Chapter 43, secret fragmentation

During the strict government, it seems that someone he said something and he said, "What?"

Xiaoyan said, "Yes! Join the West Lake Academy, become the students here! This kind of luxury life is, as long as you join the West Lake Academy, there will be a copy!"

Strictly reacted, he seems to have said that he said in his mouth in his mouth before.

However, Join the West Lake Academy.

not good! This is a great temptation!

Strictly feel that you are fast.

Scorpio, join the West Lake Academy to get such a large luxury life, full of 100 extinction, and a whole.

Can you add a panoramic Dan, and then fractive?

Strictly swaying your own head, I am absolutely crazy.

There is such a refiningant teacher, just need to catch a challenge in the world, but someone who can kill him not only get 100 excellent spirit Dan on his body, but also attach some, then he is absolutely stronger Give it into a meat.

But this is really attractive!

In particular, Ge Changsheng is also a cultivator, but why is the students of the West Lake Academy? Isn't it a rebellion?

I asked again and asked.

Xiao Yin suddenly, "Are you saying Ge Chang? He is a breeze! We also have many other martial arts disciples, all the major gathers send themselves to participate in enrollment!"

Strictly and gratify, "" All the gathers sent themselves? "

Xiaoyan nodded, "Why do we have a disciple from here?"

Strictly realize!

Yes, here is the college! The martial art is the martial art!

The college is naturally able to accommodate Haikawa!

Just like the imperial enrollment, the college of those consisters will refused to reject it because of the disciples of your martial art? No this saying!

The strict government is like a thousand kilograms of burden, and there is still unparalleled excitement.

In this way, can he also join the West Lake Academy?

Just join the West Lake College, you will not only continue to stay in this closed room, you can also get such a luxury airsite, it is really worth it! Maybe, follow-up will have a continuous cultivation of resources! Really tempting too big!

Although the little ghost called this house, he did not see this room with a firewood.

This can be seen, in fact, the college is still kind to him, then is he joined this Xihu College still have a chance?

Strictly looked at Xiaoqing, I don't know how to open it, my mouth is holding, and I always feel some awkward.

"Yes!" Xiaoqing turned his head to strictly, "In order to thank the benefits you brought to us, what is your requirements, you can mention, I can help you!"

"For example, you know the wrong, I can help you contact the dean, you can say a good apology!"

Xiaoqing "good heart" reminded.

Strictly silence, if he didn't pull down this face in front of Xiaoyan girl, he didn't even have this courage to join the West Lake Academy.

Strictly biting his teeth, asked, "Is it the task requirements I mentioned, the young girl will help?"

Xiaoyan nodded, but then he said, "I have to be what I did!"

"That, I want to join the West Lake Academy. I don't know if Xiao Qing girl can help me this?"

Xiao Qinggui didn't really heard the most wanted to listen, and smiled and took a roster from the sleeves.

"I said, you are not good, before enrollment, the roster is also handed to the new disciple, do you know that I can get this list!"

Xiao Youth is said, "Okay, I will help you, you just need it ..."

She opened the roster, turned to the last page, showing the contract to strict efforts, "It is here, the name of the blood card is the person in our college. I will help you with the dean, definitely no Question! "

Strictly nod, the original little girl is a person who has mastered by the dean, it is really great!

He is thinking about signing, and then finding that he is still imprisoned.

He didn't think too much, directly bite the tongue, spray a blood, form his own name in the air, printed on the list.

Xiaoyu turned to see it in front. When I saw a strict government name, I was satisfied with some point.

Then waving directly, I directly unknown. "Since all classmates, there is no need to tie you, but you still have to stay in this Chai House now, and the dean said that you can come out. Come out! I will help you with the dean now! "

Strictly rushing to Xia Qing, thank you, "Somet, thank you Xiao Qing girl!"

Xiaoyi calmly came out of the door, the little ghost saw, and moved the meal box on the side and moved it in front of it, and then looked together with Xiaoqing.

Chai House was once again locked.

After listening to the sound of the lock, Xiaoqing's face couldn't stretch, holding a silent laugh.

Other students include Ge Chang Sheng, watching Xiaoyan, naturally understand, rushing her than a thumbs up.

Xiaoqing held a roster to go to the dean office.

Her other 100 Ling Dan, she is coming! Walking to her!

Longpin Xuan looked at the roster of Xiaoyan sent a little bit of god, he was issued for a few hours?

Strictly sign this? Or I have proposed to join the West Lake Academy?

Xiaoqing is in the past.

After she finished, Long Pinxuan pressed the excitement in his heart, said with Xiaoqing, "Ling Dan asked the second ghost, remember to bring a copy to strictly, and give him a bedroom After all, it is also a classmate. "


Little Green is coming to find two ghosts.

Long Pu Xuan is exciting, unknown, do not say that it is strict and strict, it is a peerless genius, Joining the college is definitely a good thing!

More importantly, he still has a task!

The secret bricks! Ah, it is a secret fragment!

He is thinking that the potato chips are going crazy.

By the way, you can try to do some potato chips next time!