I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 33rd section of the Dean of the Monster College.

I don't know what a secret fragment will it be?

System: "Please take a secret fragment!"

Long Pu Xuan has appeared a light, a small lottery box appeared in front of him.

"Oh, it is actually the form of randomly extracted!"

Longpin Xuan reached out into the lottery box and wanted to touch one.

The finger is touched and the energy of different feelings, it feels magical!

"What is the best? The hot should be related to the fire? Icy and water related? Other? This is not a feeling, it is better to this!"

After Dragon Pin Xuan selected, the lucky code disappeared in the air.

Chapter 44, Jianzheng, secret fragment

System: "Congratulations to the host, the sword, the secret fragment, set 10 pieces, you can synthesize a 1st grade Jianzheng's secret!"

Longpin Xuan looked at the secrets of the swords of the slight swords in their hands, and the saliva had to flow!

Good thing!

Now most of the cultivators and monsters are all in the sword, even if they are not a sword, I also like the sword, or the back sword!

Because, handsome!

Jianzheng, as the name suggests is where buried trendy.

Longpin Xuan looked at the introduction next to the secret fragment of the secret fragment in his hand, and he can't wait to set up the secret of Jiancheng. He can take people in.

Sword, secret fragment

Uses: Set 10 pieces to synthesize the secret

The secret of Jianzhao: It is a secret in which hundreds of thousands of swords are buried, and there are different levels of the big space in the big space in the past, which is one of the following secrets. After entering the secret, the sword that will work with it is available, according to the choice of different treasures, the experience can be obtained, and the experience can be obtained. Note: One person can only be entered in a lifetime! But you can enter the higher level of Jianzheng's secret.

The weapons have always been the most powerful helper when practicers and monsters fight, and the good weapons can occupy the wind in the enemy.

The secret of Jianzhao is the same, so that Long Pin Xuan is watching an eye.

But now a piece of debris is now a lot of distances.

However, Longpin Xuan touched the chin thinking, see the introduction of this Jianzhao, this synthesis is just a level of Jianzheng, and can be upgraded later?

Can you rise to several levels? What is the meaning of the secret is that there is still a secret, medium secret?

Longpin Xuan has had a large and small young and small school in the fantasy, his student with the picture of him!

That picture is not too beautiful!

He went back to God, throwing this Jianzhao secretly to the air, disappearing.

In fact, it is not disappearing, but entered his system space backpack.

He has a system's space backpack with hundreds of plaids, each plaid can place the same item, and there is no quantity of things in each plaid.

Now there is a return of Ling Dan and healing Dan, useful in the bottle, there is no bottle bottle, which takes 4 landscaps, and some simple clothes and gold, silver, and finally the sword of the sword The secret fragmentation.

Just when Longpin Xuan is scratching the secret of the Jianji, it is strictly in Xiaoyuan.

"Thank you Xiaoyan girl!"

Strictly standing on the door to arrange the dormitory, rushing to Xiaoqing deeply.

Xiao Qing put his hand, gave him the past 5 bottle of Dan medicine. "This is 5 bottles of Lingdan, 3 bottles return to the pan, 2 bottles of the treatment Dan! You are good!"

Strictly rush to get the medicinal medicine, watching the Dan medicine that all clear, one-color Dan line, revealing excited look.

Joining Xihu Academy is really great!

Xiaoqing looked at this look, his mouth is flat, "said, how do I thank me?"

Strictly, it is necessary to argger again. It is blocked by Xiaoqing. She smiled unhappy. "If you want to thank me, it is better to send my bottle of medicine!"

Strictly crowned, finally put the 3 bottles of the 3 bottles of Ling Dan to a bottle of Xiaoqing, "Little Green girl, if you are not you, I should still be bundled in Chai House, and I can't join the West Lake Academy. , Get these panmented Dan, this bottle is my thank you! "

Xiao Qing heard that it was strictly, first, and then he took this bottle of panmented Dan.

Strictly, I didn't say anything wrong. Xiaoqing was so thinking. Yan Zheng is to listen to what she said, and finally determined to join the West Lake Academy! That's right! So thank you nothing!

Hey, this is also a white sister's credit, so I have to pay half of the white sister!

Xiao Qingmei is gone, it is, as soon as it is strictly strictly, I know that Xiaoqing and Bai Suzhen, the two demon joints, that is still waiting for him to know!

Anyway, wait for him to know, there is no way, the panorama, the contract is signed, no power back!

After being confirmed to be officially added to the West Lake Academy, it is to adhering to the style of Wenchang, apologize to each other, so soon, they quickly entered them.

In the next day, Longpin Xuan also taught a strict government and made him shock.

He originally thought that the dean must be a refiningant teacher, and those students joined the college.

But he is wrong!

Because he finally knows the true characteristics of the West Lake Academy, a rectification practice method, a college that can explore its own potential, a college that can rapidly improve the repair.

A big can take your own time, regardless of your identity, so you can give you the next child, just because they have joined the creative college.

What glory is this, what luck is this!

Strict progress is not doubt, Longpin Xuan is a big energy, not suspected, but is!

How did a demon king have seen a look at him to refine the mistakes in this golden Dan? And correct?

The key is that after the change, his heart is accelerated, don't know how many times!

Also changed most!

This is not just very powerful? Is it able to exist than shoulder Emperor?

Strictly guessing is just his harsh guess.

So he knew that Xiaoqing and Bai Suzhen jointly learned from the mouth of the classmate, he didn't care, if it is not them, maybe he is still in the Chai House, because his speech is not bad, because his mouth is not Conceal.

And this is what he thinks of doing the wrong mistake. These things are indeed, and there is no mistake in Xiaoqing and Bai Suzhen.

The key is that the West Lake Academy is really not easy!

With the guidance of Longpin Xuan, strictly have a deeper gratitude and dependence on the West Lake Academy.

Maybe West Lake Academy can review a 9-star school?

Strictly sitting next to your desk, ready to start writing the rating results about the West Lake Academy.

The students in the world are 1-5 stars, and the 6-8 star school is said to have only the other worldwide. If it is the gods, many will be named after the title of the gods, if the Buddha's Bodhisattva opened Nature named by the title of Bodhisattva.

Strictly, although the strength is not strong, it is natural to know the information of these foundations because of one member of the student rating system in the human world.

Therefore, he believes that the college of the West Lake College will not be poor than those colleges in the sky, and there is the existence of the dean, can be assessed as 9 star college.

Strictly and hesitate, and finally wrote a 9 star rating on the assessment.

Chapter 45, Wenchang

The record board in the strict government is a book size, a thickness of about 1 cm. After he wrote the results, he took this wafer.

At the same time, the fairyland's Squired Star Jun's Squired Hall and the Squired Hall of the Human Dynasty Wenchang, and there was a slight flashing, and a line of words appeared.

"The eighth year of the human world is strictly strictly investigating the West Lake Academy, determined its evaluation results as 9 stars!"

9 stars are discharged on the crystal stone.

The Hall of the Human Dynasty is a special person's guard, and people responsible for records.

When the crystal is flashing, the person responsible for the record will take a bamboo stick to prepare a record.

But when he saw the 9 side-row of stars, he couldn't help but lick your eyes. Or is it wrong? Is it actually 7 or 8?

The person responsible for the record starts to extend his finger and a point.

"1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 ..."

"Is it really 9 stars?"

"Is the star monk?"

The person responsible for the record of the horses took out the sounds and began to report to the door owners of the dice.

"The main, the eighth stronger chase comes out, the Xihu College, he commented on 9 stars, will it be wrong? Is it 8 stars in the fairy?"

Sleeve door owner: "... What? 9 stars? Are you sure? Forget it, you are waiting for me! I've shown!"


There is no one in the fairyland in the hall, and the temple is closed. The Side Star Jun is sitting in her own house, looking at the scenery, looking at the scenery, suddenly frowning wrinkled, from the cuff, a small piece of small exudes Slim monument.

This crystal stone monument and the crystal monument in the Square Hall are generally no.

"Star Wen Mono I don't know how many teenage is not so light, what is going on?"

He looks slightly, "9 stars? This world has a 9 star college? But the West Lake Academy? How did you hear it? Strictly, the life gate, the human world?"

"The people in the world has more than 9 star schools in the Xianjie's Supreme Star College?