I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 34

The star is holding a star monument to knock on the table, but it is a drop of dew on the leaves, dripping to the tea cup he is drinking.

The Side Star Jun referred to the situation in which she was strictly, and then shook his head, put the star monument on the side, pick up the tea cup and continued to slow down.

"It should be the problem of the chance of the star, strictly strictly studying such a young child, and the human world is really a bit ridiculous. This assessment is estimated to be written on his brain! It's really a lot! "

Side Star Jun slowly puts the tea in the tea cup, just wanting to fall a pot, but the face is fascinating, the eyes are turned, and it is fierce.

The life gate of the human world is shocked to look at the words above the star monument, and the dead is staring. "Is the sound character contact?"

The person responsible for the record shook his head, "Go back to the door, the sounds can not find the coordinates, can not be used!"

Side-in-door main face is a bit ugly, "What is strict political little child doing? The sound summary does not receive! Come, send the Direct Hall long, the second elders and the three elders, speed to the West Lake Academy for two evaluations If you see a strict government, bring me back! "

"I have to see, what qualifications in the West Lake Academy can undertake these 9 stars!"


Not long after, the flying door flew out three gods and went to Jiangnan.

The Sixth Door Word Shen Hongli stood behind the main hall, and his face is a statue, and it is the style of the stars of the heavens.

I saw that he thought of a few spells, summoning several times, but there was no success.

He frowned, muttered, "Is it a drink with others?"

The old man of the branch is Jia Xifei, the second elderly, Pengbao, the three elders and the old Tang Chunyan, with Jia Xufei's strength, in the air, the first place, Ren Pengby and Tang Chunyan follow him, three people Yujian flying, Quickly go to Jiangnan.

"Jia Chang Lao, the 9-star school said by Shenmen, is true and false?" Tang Chunyan asked some slings. "Do I remember that we don't have a 9 star level?"

Jia Xufei Shen said, "It's actually there, but this is already the legendary thing, and our lower bounds have only 5 star schools, the rest are in the upper bound, and I don't know what is going on, I actually assess it. 9 stars! "

Ren Peng said frowned. "At the beginning, it was necessary to strictly organize this kid as an eight-year old old, but most people can recommend it, but also to the power of starring star. Now it is good! You It's a big matter! "

"I think this is that he doesn't know the strength of the West Lake Academy, is stunned, casually giving a level!"

Tang Chunyan is shaking his head, "can't say that, strict political boy is still very rigorous, I think it is likely that he is robust, or the monument in the hands is taken away by others! Otherwise Will not receive it! "

Jia Xifei heard that he nodded. "Yes, there are two situations that generally picked up, you all know, one is dead, one is in the secret or some special venues! If the West Lake Academy is really The strength is good, that is strictly affected, it is likely to be strouped! "

"But strictly strictly believe in our Wenchang School!" Ren Pengbei's appeared, "Do you have Wenchangpai?" Do you dare? "

Jia Xifeng continued, "Not saying, they are new colleges, maybe in order to improve their own name, even if the strength does not have the strength of 6 stars, there is not good to have 3 stars to 4 stars, suppress strict government It is normal. "

Tang Chunyan agreed, "It is indeed, the sea fish does not know how big the sky, the closed door, think that it is the strongest college under the sky, the key is that the key is to suppress strict political affairs, learn the 9-star school in his mouth, so Come, in order to enhance their college famous, or they simply think that they are the strongest college, using this 9th school title, not impossible! "

After the three people discussed, the heart has a number. Jia Xifei thought of some things, and once again, I didn't know how to avoid hurt the hurt, so we take this time. Huairou's policy! After all, although the old experience is low, after all, it is a genius of our Wenchang, and there is such a achievement in a small age. The future is in the future, so there is no hurt his life! "

Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbo, "understand!"

PS: The door owner and the older and older people are named after the name of my colleague, of course, has also passed their consent!! Don't want to name, the bottle is smart? !!

Chapter 46, the strength of the strong

The main hall of Wenchang School in the human world is more, (now Yuexi County, Sichuan Province), the distance from Hangzhou, can be said to be the distance of chicken butt to chicken breast.

If the ordinary people are naturally turned over the mountain, it is only one or two days for Jia Xu, the three-person flying.

Yue West (after you have been well understood, you will use the west to refer to the area.) Is a mountainous area, Jia Xufei is more understanding for the West West.

But three people have not yet out of the west, but I don't know the situation outside, because Hangzhou is also a mountain, in the distance between Yuexi and Hangzhou, there are several dangerous needs to pay special attention.

Jia Xifei's orders because of the orders of Shenmen, nature is a fast-moving road. Many dangerously knows that they will know twice, but other hidden dangers are directly hard. .

This leads that three people need to spend a lot of spiritual power to fight some risk accidents.

For example, this monkey in front of it.

"Hey! I dare to fly over the head of Xiaoye, don't live!"

A pair of fists in the monkey is very hard, and the two long old and the pendulum and the three elders Tang Chunyan.

Jia Xifei is a positive, the long sword is flying, and the next wave of the monkey is blocked, and she pulled back to Ren Pengbo and Tang Chunyan. He Shen Sheng. "In order to hurry with the same teacher, pass through this place, and Not deliberate! "

The Mao monkey snorted. "Do you say that it is not deliberate? I think you are deliberate! Look!"

Jia Xufei brows, he naturally, he naturally saw the personality of this monkey, obviously deliberately, "I want to fight? Then I will accompany you!"

I only heard him twinkling, and the long sword that was floated to him was split by the first sword of the number, and formed a sword array in the air.

A huge aura has spread from the sword array, and the magnificent momentum will be born.

The Maohe's eyes flashed in the eyes, he didn't expect casualties, pulling them to fight, and played to the iron board!

"Scorpio, old hazyger is fake! Where is the cultivator! Let's play with you! Goodbye!"

The monkey was scared to run, and he ran several heels while running. It is obviously a fate of being scared.

Jia Xu flew coldly and collected the sky in the air.

Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbao paired each other, and they were surprised to hold Boxing. "Congratulations to the long-term practice into a star door sword! Our blends are finally practiced into a star door!"

Jia Xifei did not accept the phone, "Okay, let's go! Hurry to Hangzhou!"

Three people once again flew to Hangzhou, just like this battle like a farce.

However, Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbo I don't know that Jia Xifei is slightly coughing twice when the Yu Jian is flying. The mouth has a hint of blood.

Jia Xifei flew in front, plus the influence of air flow, this sound did not cause Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbao's attention.

After a day, the three came to Hangzhou, and I saw a small town outside Hangzhou, and suddenly flying in the town suddenly flew down to them.

One is the elderly human body Wang Jun, and the other is a forehead, a humanoid monster, who is a red hair, although he doesn't know his body, but it is also the shape of his human form, it should be the big demon level. The presence.

Although these two are not the same race, it can be in the air and stand in the air, greeted Jia Xufei.

"Triple is well! But want to enter my Hangzhou?"

Wang Jun saw the three-person dress and strength, it should be the elders of a certain martial art. After a ritual, he asked.

After the three people were flying nearby, Wang Junli was rejected, "It turned out to be a brother of Wenchang School, with a loss!"

Jia Xifei rushed to Wang Jun, and looked at Wang Jun's clothes. Jia Xufei is some. "The brother is the long life of the breeze? How will it be here?"

Wang Jun smiled, "In the bottom of the wind, Wang Jun, this month is the value of me. If there is no urgent matter, it is better to come to my hut?"

Jia Xifei didn't know each other. It was just a question. It nature was a hand refused. "No, we came to the West Lake Academy to have an urgent matter, the number can't spend, then say it later!"

"West Lake Academy? Go to West Lake Academy to do?"

Now human cultivars can be broken. Although there are a large part of the dean to instill a good idea, there is still a lot of people who don't have the monsters, and some people say that the dean is a fame, so he Those foreign human cultivars don't have anything too much.

Jia Xu turned his head and looked at the squat, nor to talk, the long sword under the feet was directly a sword light toward him.

"Come again! Wang Jun your responsibility!"

After the bodies, a pair of white wings suddenly appeared, just between the blink, he flew out hundreds of meters and flew away from the scope of the sword.

Wang Jun saw this face changed, reached out, a golden big network appeared in his hand, shrouded to Jia Xifei three people.

Jia Xu flew, did not expect Wang Jun to help the monster, actually being a golden big net network!

He glared at Wang Jun, "Wang Jun! Are you not a breeze? How can I be monster! You are ashamed as a breeze!"

Wang Jun is an inexplicable thing. "How? How to make a breeze? Our breeze is also a disciple, and the disciples have joined the West Lake Academy! How do you say it? Are you? Is it because he is a monster? "

"I see that you are like this, and the elders are like this. If you see the monster, you will be able to kill! The college should not have a class without teaching! How can I discriminate against the monster?"

Jia Xu flew, the original anger is gradually dissipated, he remembers the things of other colleges he know, and even slowly calm down.

But Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbo can not dare, although Jia Chang is always shot first, it is because the other party is a monster!

Although they are also within the range of golden big nets, they have not been shrouded by the golden big net, so there is still time to evacuate. When they have retired dozens of meters, now they will come back.

Jia Xifei suddenly smelled, "Stop! This is my reckless!"

Chapter 47 is unclear

Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengby heard that Jia Xifei said, his face hesitated, or stopped attack, but the weapon in his hand was still in the sneak attack.

Jia Xifei's strength is strong, but the role of the golden network in Wang Jun is not, it is to catch people, it is to grab the cultivator who will start, and then put the rules of Hangzhou. Tell them over again.

Some cultivators have listened to their attitudes, but after observing the outside of the town, they will slowly change the concept, which is allowed to enter Hangzhou.

But some cultivators must die, these people will be sent out of a thousand miles and refuse to accept entered Hangzhou.

So this town and Hangzhou will always attach it to some of these practitioners.

Either your face is under, or it feels that the human beings in Hangcheng have reversed the monsters, and they think that it is for human beings to clean up these "betrayal" practitioners.

The other part is the monster, the cultivator has this, the monster can inevitably have this, and there is a lot of quantities, especially there are some monsters and good, but they want to eat people.

So in Hangzhou, now every household is basically supported a monster, whether it is strength or weak, complementary, live together.

If there are other monsters who want to do some hurt people, they will be countered by the home monsters.

The longer it is, the longer it is, the faster the monsters and practitioners are upgraded.

If you are a general monster, it is really not necessarily able to play the monster of Hangzhou.

If the strength is relatively strong, only need to be shout, the local monsters of the Hangzhou around the house will speak, go forward!

If you can't solve it, West Lake will dispatch.

Therefore, the people in Hangzhou have become very trustworthy in Hangzhou.