I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 35

So in order to make yourself, you get better and better, the upgrade is getting faster, the monsters and cultivars living in Hangzhou will not let the foreign people and demon break this balance. After all, practicers they own. The family is also an ordinary people. Sometimes, it also needs the obstacles of monsters.

And I didn't want to be too guilty and monsters to avoid too many enemies, and the props such as Golden Network will be born.

Jia Xi Fei heard Wang Jun's introduction, and Tang Chunyan also revealed the unbelievable look in the eyes of Tang Chunyan.

In Hangzhou, there has been a balance between the practitioners and monsters as the fairy world?

The key is that it has not yet spread to those ordinary people?

More importantly, this is just because of a new college?

Is this fake?

He is a crane in the city of Tongjunshan, Hangzhou, and it has not been killed, but because of the talents not being selected into the West Lake Academy.

However, I have been able to spend the president's opening altar. After the West Lake, I met several kinds of spiritual swirls. The strength growth was very fast. Now it is a level 5 demon king. It can be said that it is fast to achieve a demon king level. A monster.

Just unclear that he is not selected into the West Lake Academy.

In fact, don't say that the faster is upgraded, and other students in the West Lake Academy are upgraded faster.

Just just a short time, Dragon has already broken through the 7-level demon, which is also the reason why he doesn't need to find Long Pin Xuan to help the cultivator and monster who enritacy in Hangzhou.

Level 7 demon is equivalent to the cultivator's Yuan Ying, in the human domain, the number of days is one, and the town is naturally not in the words.

It's hard to learn Long Pu Xuan. His strength has just exceeded the level 4 big demon, reaching the level of 5 demon king, far from the 6th grade demon king, it can be said that it is a lot of practical strength than many students in the college. difference.

Dragon is still in the case of constant treatment of Hangzhou, there is such a repair, let alone other classmates.

Many students broke through the goldenan period and the demon king. It was originally strictly strictly rigorous in the golden Dan. Under the guidance of Longpin Xuan, I re-cultured my heart, and I actually broke through the Yuan Ying period, repair In an instant, I caught up with the dragon!

"Sure enough, it is the pride!"

Long Puxuan is very satisfied with a strict breakthrough, because he brings a secret fragment to himself, so Long Pinxuan is a love house and Wu, which is not on his own offense.

Strict polism is no longer arrogant before Long Pu Xuan, the rest only, only respect and worship, a refiningant teacher, can see the unreasonable place to practice, and also directly sent a more advanced and more suitable His heart method makes him break through the Yuan Ying period in such a short time.

This is impossible to achieve in Wenchangpai!

So he think he considers such a long time to star, finally determined to write 9 stars in the first two days, no mistake! And it is definitely not wrong!

The academy of this potential is definitely impossible for the fairy world!

At this time, the Golden Network on Jia Xuwen is already unsained.

The three people lived in this house for the time being, and they were personally inspected by Wang Jun and .

Because Jia Xushen learned from the stone grind, he immediately said that he would not shoot again, and would not shoot the monster, and also let Tang Chunyan and Ren Peng said.

After the three people swear, Wang Jun saw the golden network, so that three people resreate here.

"Jia brother, do we really want to stay here for a month?" Tang Chunyan asked some eyebrows.

"Yeah!" Ren Pengbei is also anxious, "Shenmen is the best, but now we ... can't you strive?"

Jia Xuwen said with a brow. "Do you haven't heard the current situation of Hangzhou? I know that I am so reckless!"

"Don't say Wang Jun and just the monster, the demon weird is estimated to at least the existence of the demon king level, the Wang Jun will not be poor, affirmed is also the strong man of Jin Dan, and you didn't hear them The dragon is old! "

"That dragon is very powerful than they, what are you talking about?"

Tang Chunyan asked some strangely. "Isn't it said that Yuan Ying period? If it is a general yuan baby period, Jia brother You can deal with it?"

Ren Pengyi looked at Jia Xuwen, in fact, for them, except for the golden network with a great tieman characteristic, unable to break free, other people's strength is actually hit.

Just defeat them, there is no role in the golden network.

But why do Jia Xuwen wants to succumb?

Chapter 48

"No! What is our purpose?"

Jia Xushen suddenly changed a topic.

Tang Chunyan stunned, "amount ..."

Jia Xushen did not wait for her to answer but continue, "It is true strength to assess the realistic strength of the West Lake Academy. If you encounter strict government, take him back! Is it?"

Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbang have nodded, it is right, they receive this task.

"The task can not say that we have to host the West Lake Academy, directly rushing, and kill the people inside. What is it? We are not a scorpion!"

Jia Xuwen said, let Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengben have a glimpse, this is true, but it is too frightened! They can be the elders of the Yuan Ying period!

Jia Xuwen sighed and continued, "And I estimate that the strength of the dragon may not stop Yuan Yue period!"

"Dragon is what surname, I think you all know, a monster, surname dragon, have you not think about it?"

Tang Chunyan thought of a possibility, revealing the appearance in the eyes, "Is it really a dragon? But it is not recognized ..."

"No more surnamed Dragon!" Jia Xuwen said slowly, "A Yuan Ying can calmly calm a city, but this Yuan Ying is just a student in the college. This college is enough to guard a region. ! This is why I don't choose a hard reason! Is there a problem? "

Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbang shook his head. Their thoughts did not have more delicateness of Jia Xu Wen, and even the women like Tang Chunyan were more than, and they were terrible.

Can be succumbed, the low head is low, does not increase more uncontrollable factors to hinder the task.

So the brother is a brother!

Ren Pengbao is a bit no fine, "I have to wait for a month here?"

Tang Chunyan is also a bit helpless. "Shenmen is said to be as soon as possible ..."

Jia Xushen was shaking his head, "Not hard, does not mean that we have to wait for a long time, we can sneak into the way!"

"Secret sneak?" Ren Pengyi eyes "" will be bright! " Snoving sneaks! His special!

Jia Xushen looked at Ren Pengbo, "Teacher, this time, look at you!"

Ren Pengbo nodded, his mouth revealed a confident smile, "Of course! But you also need Tang Si's sister to bleed blood! The bottle of the fairy can come out!"

Said that he also licked his lips, "I am looking forward to a long time!"

Tang Chunyan helplessly nodded. "Not I refused to take it out, you have to know that the martyr industry is too difficult to set, 999 herbal essence, it cost too much energy, and a total of 5 bottles. I have already went to 1 bottle before, plus other delivery, I have the last bottle here! "

She sighed a small bottle from her own storage bag, which is made of transparent crystals, and the liquid is filled with pink liquid, which looks particularly beautiful.

Ren Peng said that he took the bottle, and he kept swallowing the water in his throat. He was slightly blurred.

"Cough!" Jia Xuwen saw two people talking about it, interrupted the recall of Ren Pengbo.

Ren Peng said back to God, and quickly took out a porcelain bottle from the body, unplug the fairy drunken plug.

In addition to Ren Pengbao, Jia Xuwen and Tang Chunyan instantly reached out to cover his mouth.

Ren Pengyi also slammed his breathing, and immediately poured the liquid in the porcelain bottle into the fairy bottle in an instant.

Three people left this room with a flashes.

There are several spiders and cockroaches in the corner of this room, but they are swaying behind the ground after a few seconds. It seems to be drunk.

Ren Pengbei standing in the yard, looking at the deep wine bottle in his hands, showing a smile.

Tang Chunyan opened this time, "How to do it? If you drink together, we will drunk together!"

"Drink? How do you go!" Ren Pengyou flashed in the eyes. "If we sprinkle this in the water, the people and demon here have fallen, we may not sneak into the end?

Jia Xuwen's brow wrinkled, and then said, "But you can't guarantee that everyone is all, have not taken into account!"

Ren Pengbei's face suddenly squatted, "Ok, let's take medicine first. When they are drunk, the time we are drunk is short, we grab a time difference!"

Jia Xuwen nodded, "This is not bad, even if it is not successful, it's all drunk, but everyone's alcohol is different, or we are drunk, don't know what you are going to go to the city! "

Tang Chunyan nodded, "This is good! Can be refundable!"

Jia Xuwen nodded, "Since this time, this time is sneaked separately. After all, the three people are drunk, I am not right, I have been high, the amount of alcohol is better than you! After all, you also drunk with them. "

After the three people were completed, they began to ponder the excuse to give Wang Jun and the buds.

Three days later

"Wang Xiong, is there any food here? We are also quite yearning for Hangzhou food, what is the like vinegar fish, I don't know if there is any place here, let me satisfy my brother."

Jia Xushen and Wang Jun standing at the door of the yard.

Wang Jun and they couldn't live together, saying that I live opposite, but Jia Xuwen felt someone in the time. Someone was monitoring him.

Wang Jun is to visit this time every day, and today he is ready to leave, he heard Jia Xushen said.

"West Lake Vinegar Fish? If you want to eat authentic naturally go to the West Lake, but there is also a restaurant in the town."

Wang Jun's words let Jia Xushen Dadi, "That Wang brother takes us to eat? This is what we ask Wang Xiong, before meeting us, there is some recklessly apologize, this meal is apologize. ! "

Wang Jun was just a slight thinking about it, after all, I was here for a month, I want to go shopping outside and eat food, still normal.

However, in order to prevent, Wang Jun also called the .

"You have to eat the West Lake vinegar fish? Well, the guy is not bad." Eat fish, the attitude is soft.

In the restaurant in the small town, five people sit around the round table, and the table is full of various foods.

Ren Pengyi wooling a glutinous rice plug into the mouth, "Sure enough, there is Su Hang, the food here is too delicious! I have eaten the pig food! Every day is a Valley Dan, eat My mouth is faded out of the bird, but your dishes are good, wine is not as good as me! "