I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Monster College, Dean Section 36

Chapter 49

Wang Jun heard here, laughing two, "Hangzhou's wine is really famous, but green tea is famous for the world, the most famous is Longjing, and the snowy clouds and green featings are also very popular A famous gas. "

Ren Pengyi shook his head and shook his eyes. He souseed a drink in his own cup, then took a bottle of crystal bottles from the storage bag. "Since there is a food, you can't forget to have a good wine, Hangcheng didn't, I have! The famous wine named Wenchang is! 999 herbal essence is made, Shen Xian is drunk, it is easy to drink! Hey! "

Ren Pengbao is very smart, some words cannot be lying, especially the gods are drunk, this wine is too iconic.

But telling the truth, there is the benefit of telling the truth, so that even if it is drunk, it can't be said to be their pot, because the gods can't be drunk under the drunk, nature is not their subjective will.

The is a beautiful taste of the West Lake vinegar fish, and heard Ren Pengbei said that his eyes immediately looked at the crystal bottle. If the fish is his favorite, then the wine is his heart, and the two cannot be contrasted, but it can't compare.

I saw the transparent crystal bottle, and the pink liquid flashed with the fascinating rays and looked unusually tempting.

Ren Peng promises to pull the cover, and a thick wine incent will float throughout the restaurant.

Ren Peng said that there is no donkey, first give your cup first, then some of them will give the bottle to the , "said it really, if you eat such a good food, I am really not willing to take come out!"

He is intoxicated, heard the wine in his cup, holding a cup, ready to drink.

Wang Jun, I was not intended to drink. He called the , There is no blocking.

However, when the wine is fragrant, Wang Jun smells the wine incense, it is really delicious! It is definitely a good wine in a hundred years.

Wang Jun did not have doubts about them? Nature is there! However, Ren Peng said that this wine is not like fake.

At this time, I have already poured a cup of myself. I also learned Wang Jun's look, and I started to eat a small wine.

Jia Xushen is a laughter, reached out, took a bottle on the side, and fell a cup to the rest of the table, including himself.

"To drink natural, everyone is drinking together. I haven't drank the immortality for a long time. This is really rare. It is estimated that it can only be a brother to steal a bottle!"

Tang Chunyan's mouth, really, one two, holding her wine in chaos! This is her wine! She is hidden! There is no relationship with Ren Pengby! Humph!

Tang Chunyan was angry to pick up the wine glass and drunk a big mouth, intoxicating his eyes.

She is reluctant to drink the last bottle! Heartbead! I was gave a mess by these guys, she wants to drink more!

Jia Xuwen also raised the wine glance in the past, "Wang Xiong, before, here, I will give you a gift!"

Wang Jun saw that two people were drinking this wine. Jia Xuwen also held this wine and others. The key is that this wine is really fragrant!

He thought that the procedure in the city, put down the concerns of your heart, picked up the wine glassed.

After a fragrant, the five people on the table were drunk and slept.

Ren Pengbao hugged his hand without sluggish, a head on the floor;

Tang Chunyan is still holding, squatting on the table, Wang Jun handed his head, looked at everyone and slept, and the eyelids also closed.

Jia Xuwen also fell to the chair.

The key is that it is not only five of them, this wine is fragrant, so that you will float in the window, a lot of cultivators and monsters will follow the taste, just find the restaurant, they are not from the autonomous flood. .

The entire town is filled with a wine.

Shen Xian is drunk is a fairy drunk!

After a few minutes, Jia Xuwen slammed the stood and left.

"What about the latrine? Where is it?"

However, the smoothness and champion of his eyes, exposed his true situation.

Yes Jia Xu woke up!

In addition to eating the kind of colorless and inert-free anticipants, he also wakes up the medicine.

If you really do it like Ren Peng, uncertain factors are too much.

The effect of Shen Xianlu is really very good, and the town is quiet.

The streets are full of people and monsters.

Jia Xuwen looked tidy, but did not step on anyone, so it went to the exit of the town.

In the opposite side of the small town, I can see the entrance of Hangzhou.

The night is coming, and the lively Hangzhou is gradually quiet.

Jia Xuwen is very happy, Wang Jun every time, it is time to stay before dinner, so it is basically coming after dinner.

The key is to act in the night.

He didn't use the use of spiritual power, but he used to walk, spent half an hour.

As a result, Shen Xian is drunk, and it will never wake up half an hour!

Two, he wakes up or take time, and his steps on his road are not full.

The key is that he also needs to wait a better time.

For example, now

Hangzhou is some special, its entrance is not an ordinary soldier to guard, but a cultivator and monster.

The name of Hangzhou is also called so shouted. The ordinary people prefer to call Qiantang County, and Qitang County's county has already joined the West Lake, and the success of a breeze is old, enjoy some Special treatment, such as upgrading your life.

In fact, Qiantang County is guarded, now called Hangcheng County, and prefer to repair the fairy, but repairing is also qualified.

Hangzhou in this cultivator and monster floating on the surface, also received more and more people.

Of course, such a thing, the county must not be reported, once reported, maybe the county is going to change people, maybe the city will move to Hangzhou. And this is also the need for the cultivator and monsters of Hangzhou.

Jia Xuwen walked into the city wall and was spit with some disgusting.

His body, repairing did not reveal at all.

A few minutes a few minutes in the city wall or a cultivator, but now it is replaced with a monster that is growing with green head.

Jia Xuwen, etc. is the time when this is changed!

Chapter 50 West Lake Snackcast

The green cattle glanced glanced at Jia Xu Wen, the brow wrinkled, but did not say anything.

At this time, Jia Xushen raised his feet, walking outside the city wall, and still tagged in his mouth. "How did I go home so far?"

The green cat demon is first glance, then laughs.

This guy is applying, and even the direction is unclear. Maybe this guy is originally going home, and then walks out of the city.

The green cattle demon is not visible from another city wall. Naturally did not see the paragraph of Jia Xuwen from the city, only saw him stood in the city wall and constantly vomiting.

And Jia Xuwen is about this illusion.

The green cattle laughted for a while, looked at Jia Xuwen and still walked forward, or couldn't help but grab a stone, throwing him with him.

"Oh, that ap ¥ Take me!"

Although Jia Xushen converges the whole body's repair, but the soul is still strong, naturally feel the sound from the brain.

However, if he walked without anything, he made the stone to finish his head, with the louder, he shakes the son.

In the eyes of the green cattle, this person was smashed, but the wine was a little awake, see the scenery of the unfourly familiarity, standing in the same place, looking around, finally discovered that he actually Going away, I am busy and running back. Although there is still some shaking, it is much better than before, it is estimated to be scared.

The green cattle is laughing and laughing in two sounds.

Jia Xushen has entered the Hangzhou!

His eyes are surprised, and the people and demon in this city are really peaceful!

And the pattern of this peace is not ordinary, you don't commit me, I don't make you, but help each other.

His plan is like this, the worth of people see him drunk, shout him, let him go home so that he can enter Hangzhou.

But he didn't expect it that the worth of the monster!

However, it is a monster, his conspiration is still realized!

Because of the monsters, although I feel that he is so funny, the stone is still shouting his way, let him wake up, go home early.

The monsters of Hangzhou are so human thinking!

Jia Xuwen was surprised, but it was therefore a strong vigilance and worry about the dean of the West Lake Academy of Hangzhou.

The dean of a college can make the people and the monsters two races forget the squad between the races, what?

Sometimes, strength is not the only answer!

He is not clear, he is a person sneaked into Hangzhou, and it is correct or wrong.

But now I can only take a step.

After Jia Xuwen walked away, I found a pub. It is also a drunken wine, and I throw some money for Xiao I, and I was supported in the room.

At close, he sat up from the bed and standing on the window, looking at the night view of Hangzhou.

Everyone has a breath in every paragraph, and it is absolutely not lower than the golden Dan.

The key is that those strong people are not just human cultivators, as well as demon.

Before the monsters and practitioners also thought about drunk people or demon, I wanted to sneak in, but why didn't it succeed? It is because there is such a procedure, and the people who do those who want to speculate directly or monsters.

Smart cultivator and monsters, always, can't stand, especially those with purpose, such as Jia Xuwen.