I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 37

However, there is a tree in the town in Hangzhou. He naturally will not jump on the roof late at night, which is not suitable for the current Hangzhou.

However, the night of Hangzhou also has a local lights, and a lot of small stalls are still doing at night, and this place is West Lake.

Because of the rich aura and demon, the most side of the West Lake is built into an open-air cultivation.

Some people naturally have business, especially these practitioners and monsters are part and night.

There will often be practicers at night, ready to find some food.

So a circle outside the cultivation site has surrounded a lot of small vendors.

At first, there were many foods, but there were many cuisine in Hangzhou, especially some of the foreign people brought the food in Hangzhou, so practitioners and monsters would buy some food in the evening.

As soon as I have evolved into a snack circle, I have evolved into a snack circle, and the lights are ignited and the light is lively.

Some people who can't sleep will also come out at night to visit the snack circle and solve the pressure during the day.

There is no too many entertainment activities in this era, and there is this snack circle, but it is changed to drive the night of Hangzhou, so that Hangzhou has added a lot of bright colors.

Longpin Xuan is a favorite, occasionally there will be hanging out on a snack circle. So he used spells with spells on the Xihu Lake, so that the entire West Lake appeared to be extra beautiful at night, and there is a beautiful scenery at night.

Jia Xushen has naturally seen this situation in the window. He drank the waken soup of the table, slightly shake his head and walked out of the door.

"How did the guest offer? Xiaodian's wake-up soup is definitely a round of this round! The effect is not said!" The inn smaller blew over a while, seeing Jia Xuwen looked at the lights in the distance, but smiled.

"This is the characteristics of our Hangzhou, the guests can go, the snacks in Hangzhou are now a variety of kinds, after buying snacks at night, then drink two!"

Jia Xuwen naturally understood that in the bunch of the young two in sales, he stuffed a small piece of silver to him, and walked toward the mating circle of the light.

The inn Xiao Le is squinting, holding the silver bites in his mouth, flying into his pockets.

Obviously shake the night to become a beautiful beauty, and the fun of the game is significantly Lili.

Jia Xuwen is in the crowd, although this population is not pure, there is a demon.

However, everyone of life is full of "happiness" words.

He walked on this road, it feels great difference with the people he cognracted.

The original person and the demon can also achieve this point.

He saw a woman who turned a snioves that was holding a child's hand, warm smile, is it to protect his move, let him have a bit.

He saw a black bear is behind a biscuit stand, and the palm is covered with white flour, which is helping to take a ribbon, one palm, then hand it to the old baked baked.

He saw it ...

Jia Xushen suddenly had a feeling.

Perhaps, strictly and evaluate 9 stars, not to play.

Chapter 51 Zi Shan Night Pearl

Jia Xuwen walked on the street, but the ear is from time to time, listening to the talks next to those practitioners and monsters.

"When did the dean come to open a public lesson! I really envy those who can enter the college!" A cultivator sat on the chair placed outside the small booth and smashed a lamb and sighed.

There are several monsters at the same table, but also holding legs, listening to this cultivator says this, and also attached.

"I have to enter the West Lake Academy in the West Lake College, I heard the cultivation square inside, the energy concentration, envious of the demon!"

"The energy concentration is a fart, the breakthrough is being justified! You did not see the previous dean pointed out, the scene of the scene! Hey!"

This monster that speaking, it should be the first public class of Longpin Xuan.

"Unfortunately, I have passed the time in the past, I only saw them in breakthrough, and later I only got a little demon."

"You have never thought about sneaking Xihu College to see?"

That practitioner has some curious proposal.

The monster of a table suddenly looked at him, then he looked at it, and he got a whisper in front of him. "Hey! This thing is known to know, but don't rush!"

That practitioner took the head of the head.

Jia Xuwen sat next to the table behind them, a little in the ear, listening to them carefully.

"You think of this, I have thought of it, but after they went down the bottom of the West Lake, I found that the bottom of the West Lake seems to be shrouded, and I can't enter it at all."

"The key is that for the bottom of the bottom, it is a scenery on the top, one or two people go down, and the horse will be treated! Having a few people are ugly!"

"If you really want to go, you will go to the two sisters of the White House, one is a white lady, one is Xiaoqing!"

"Of course, the white lady's manager is generally cultivated at the bottom of the college. If you can't find it, you will come to the street from time to time, you may also encounter!"

"Troubled for a meal to prepare a gift, maybe the young girl can take you in that yard, but the door of the college will definitely be invincible."

That practitioner heard here, it was very stunned. "Can the college have a circle?"

"Hey! So it can't be accepted, this is a little girl gives us the benefits, don't pass outside, or you have known it, we haven't even this welfare!"

"Understand! I understand! When I help me refer to Xiaoqing girl?"

"Hey, this is ... you know!"

Several monsters look at this cultivator "" laughs.

The cultivator immediately shouted at the small stall, "Old Bo, come back to four legs! Their account is full!"

The monsters were more than a thumbs down, "refreshing!"

Jia Xushen listened for a while, and finally got up and got up and took a sheep and walked on the side, and walked towards the street.

The building is open, 12 hours, is open, the night is so lively, how can Xiaoqing will not be there.

She is sitting on the window, taste the osmanthus cake, watching some monsters downstairs, and drinking small wine from time to time, shouting.

Jia Xuwen stepped on the stairs.

He spent a lot of money before, asked a lot of people, and heard the location of Xiaoyan, and went to the second floor nature and rushing on her.

"The girl is sitting here, don't you feel boring?" A low voice sounded.

Xiaoyan looked up, I thought I saw a handsome guy, but I found a uncle!

Ok, this uncle is still available.

She picks up the eyebrows, "OK, I am looking for me?"

Recently, she is very much, many people also use different ways to talk to her, so she has already seen it, but she is just some regret.

This low-sighted voice is not long in a handsome man, it is a pity!

Jia Xushen is also welcome, sitting directly in Xiaoyan, said, "I want to go to the West Lake Academy to visit, what price?"

Xiaoqing looked up, "That's directly! Where is it?"

"Zhang Wenyuan!" Jia Xuwen was unfair, and the monster of the previous table of the sheep legs were moved out.

Xiaoyan nod, Zhang Wenyuan is only a big mouth, his mouth is very good, but also introduces a lot of customers, it is not very unusual.

"What can you do?"

Xiaoyan asked unscrupulous, but her words were silent, she was stunned to look at the white palm of the white palm from the small purple coral, on the top of the purple coral The lily of a pigeon egg size, flashing flow.

"Is this Zi Shan Night Pearl?" Xiaoyan has some incredible asked, "genuine?"

She reached out and carefully held in her hand, it seems to see.

She gently slammed a referring, the surrounding light was dark.

At this time, the plexous coral cube in her hand issued a slight purple light, Huaguang flowed, and the white-colored beads also panned faint purple, especially in the dark, the kind of light and no doping A little impurities.

The key is where the light is located, the monster operation becomes more round.

Zi Shan Night Pear is more than just a kind of sightseeing jewelery, but also a peerless treasure of assisting cultivation.

Xiaoyin Babe is in the palm of his hand, it seems that the color is like, "Do you really send me?"

Jia Xuwen smiled and said, "Only see the West Lake Academy! It is best to enter the college!"

The young brow wrinkled, but immediately replied. "I can only take you in the yard. You accept it, I will take you, you don't accept it, then I will give you this!"

She pushed the Zishan night pearls in the hands push it to Jia Xushen, but the eyes are still on the top of Zishan Night, which is obviously cherished.

Jia Xushen naturally saw Xiaoqing's dismistriction, smiling, "Really no longer think about it? This Zi Shan night pearl can be a thousand years."

Xiaoqing shakes his head, "No, even if you like again, I will not make a violation of the college."

Yes, the West Lake Academy only stipulates that they cannot enter the college gate, and the outside yard is considered to be the foundation of the college, but Longpin Xuan does not have to visit.

In the college, after the two elders of the Wenchangpai, Long Pu Xuan is a clear provision and does not allow outsiders to enter.

After all, the characteristics of the cultivation square are too powerful. He didn't feel it before, and later became more and more powerful, naturally didn't want to be known by too many people.

Chapter 52 Visiting College

Jia Xuwen looked at Xiaoqing, his eyes flashed, an monster that had entered the college had such a loyal, Zi Shan night pearls, there is still a lot of things!

However, as long as I entered the bottom of West Lake, he still have other ways.

"Well, then visit in the yard! I promised!"

Jia Xuwen's retreat, let the little green face show a smile.