I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 38 of the Monster College.

Xiaoqing's love did not release his long-awaited Zishan Night Pearl. After receiving, Jia Xuwen came to the small courtyard of the White House.

"We are ..." Jia Xuwen said yet, several figures came in from the gate of the White.

Jia Xuwen is tight, but it sees that there is no one Zhang Wenyuan, but it is loose.

Because he guessed, Xiaoqing would take him to visit, bring one with a belt, bring a few, and it is definitely a few together.

The few people have practicers, and after entering the White House, they have a gift from Xiaoqing, and the rules of the torque will be behind Xiaoqing.

Xiaoyan's current strength is already the peak of the 4th large demon, because the qualifications and heart methods, the repair is very fast, but it can break through the demon king than how long it is not used.

These cultivators and monsters are basically refining and planting, and the little demon and big demon have, and the strength of Xiaoqing has exceeded them. Naturally, it will not show the arrogance.

The time of a tea, there is a lot of people.

Jia Xuwen has a number of numbers, and there are more than 30 people.

When the last person entered the White House, Xiao Qing smiled and said, "people are all, then let go! Remember to keep me! Don't be lost, when you encounter one or two my classmates, I don't guarantee how they will be for you! I have to know that I am still ranking in the entire class. "

The last half of Xiaoqing made Jia Xuwen more shocked.

Strict progress is a genius that Wenchang is a thousand years. The strength is naturally a batch of top, but the Jin Dan is cultivated, but Xiaoqing breaks through the demon king, but it is about to step into the golden Dan, but still After the student is relying on, what is the strength of other student strength?

This is really just a college?

Such a college 5 star is definitely a low, plus before his guess.

This task is really not simple!

Xiao Qing flew to the West Lake with this 32 people.

At this time, I have been close to the early morning, although there are some people from the West Lake, but there are many ordinary people, and the rest is a cultivator or monster, some monsters are still helping to put their stalls at night.

Xiao Qing took them to a pavilion on the side of the West Lake, which opened a platform.

She is in hand, and then a little platform and the junction of West Lake.

I saw a slow opening of a passage and appeared in front of everyone.

This channel is about Mo three, can accommodate two people into and enter, the platform is a ladder, extending to the bottom of the West Lake.

Xiao Qing took the passage with everyone.

There is no slight water in the channel, and it can be clearly seen from the fish and shrimp in the West Lake. It is very interesting.

Jia Xushen has a little surprised this place, so there is very new ideas, and there is no feeling that it is done, but he can feel, with the closure of the channel behind them, his information should be passed. .

Is it a place that the bottom of the West Lake under this passage has become a place similar to a secret?

Still whether the Dean of the West Lake Academy moved the secret to the bottom of the West Lake?

He took doubts and followed Xiaoqing. After a long time, everyone finally walked down, but embedded on a promenade, the gallery was complex, and there was a construction from time to time. Platform Pavilion, there is a pavilion, there is a rest, and there are plants of different colors. Some are aquatic, some of the plants on land, but lush, look very beautiful.

"This has already entered the scope of our West Lake Academy, we call this as the yard!"

Xiao Qing smiled and said, "The pavilion is one of the places of Li Changsheng's favorite place. He tastes with Guqin to see the scenery!"

Some people have doubts. "The classmates of Xiaoyou girls like to stay here, then here can be the back garden of the West Lake Academy?"

Xiaoqing shakes his head. "No, it is still not a real place in the West Lake Academy. The posture of the college is natural, but it is a little witch, a big god, it is not more than, of course I Can only take you here, don't think about it! "

Everyone heard a better in the West Lake Academy, and the eyes were revealed.

The aura and the demon here are so rich, and there are so many places, they are not as good as the West Lake Academy, so how beautiful it is in the West Lake Academy!

Now, the West Lake Academy is a holy place in their hearts. Some other holy places in the human world have to be behind the West Lake Academy.

Xiaoqing took the crowd to the past, and after a while, it came to a mud.

"This is the place where the pig three nailing students is like, there is no one, she often wears a swimwear to roll! Of course, this is her racial characteristic! The talent of the pig three nailing students is very good, she just came to the school, It is a Level 1 Xiaofe, and now the strength is no weak, it should also be able to promote 5 demon kings. It is also very powerful classmates. "

Xiaoqing continued to take all people, and Xiaoqing continued to introduce some of the characteristics of the yard.

These people behind them are very unusual, and they are surprised. These students who enter the West Lake Academy are very big. The strength is so fast, they are both envious and worship, it is really too powerful!

Jia Xuwen after listening to a moment, somewhat crying, always thinking that Xiaoqing was fighting him.

He left a division and continued to follow Xiaoqing, and his own quietly showed the law, and began to find the gate of the West Lake Academy.

"Some hard to find it! This is went around!" Jia Xuwen passed another place, there is a different gallery, some speechless, his direction is very good, and the result is fascinated by the bottom of West Lake. This is a bit awkward!

"The sky is waiting for the rain, and I am waiting for you!"

A song suddenly drifted into Jia Xuwen's ear, how is this voice so familiar?

He stepped on the sound and saw it on a central platform that planted full of floral grass. One person took a wooden stick in the mouth, and I was inach intoxicated singing songs.

That is ... strictly?

Chapter 53 Mute

The stick holds the stick in the hand.

It's not a stick, but the way he is very strange.

It's not acted to your own lips, nor is it a lot of mouth to your lips, but like a bottle that is drinking, there is a small distance.

"Snack the smoke rising, the river is 10,000 yuan!"

A burst of singing came out of his mouth, and his face also revealed intoxicated.

Jia Xushen has a little bit of blinking, listening to this voice, seeing this appearance, is strict and true!

But the two people are really strict?

He stepped up, some hesitated.

Will it be the intention of this Xihu College?

It's okay!

They don't know what they come here!

Jia Xushen tangled for a while, or decided to appear, because he felt that the opposite is strict, it should be the strict government he know.

However, there is also a skill.

For example, this appears!

A green grass suddenly is generally a arrow, and goes to strictly fly.

Strictly sings singing, this song is a favorite one, and the dean is coming out.

It is said that the dean adults have built singing rooms in the college in order to avoid cultivating boring. Ah, no right is K song room.

Have a lot of songs.

Strictly have a unique momentum of this song.

Moreover, the family class and the demon class should jointly hold a singing contest, winning people can get Dan medicine rewards, many people and demon are actively prepared, strictly, and he also wants to get the medicinal reward!

As he practiced, a green grass flew over his head, passed through his hair, instead of his jade hair, plugging the above silk.

Strictly gotting a stagnation of the jade scorpion that was thrown into the ground, and the undergmity of the next consciousness touched his head and touched a grass that has been re-enlarged. .

"My hair!" Strictly strictly took the grass on the head, re-took out the comb and new hairpin from his storage bag, and start combing.

He said while combing, "Go out, what is it? But can I enter it is still very powerful, is it like Xiaoqing?"

Strictly said that he has guessed, and 80% this person is coming to find him, it should be the people of Wenchangpai, which may be a long-term level.

Jia Xuwen saw strict political exercises, naturally understood what, looked out from hiding, "seeing your look, unlike being imprisoned!"

Jia Xuwen said that he had a new definition in strict governance. His hands have gripped the sword handle, strictly politically, maybe?

Strictly seeing Jia Xushen's moment, in an instant, he wanted his eyes. He didn't expect Wenchang School to send this.

He has a good bun, and then he stood up and stepped up to Jia Xuwen, "" strictly saw the old! "

This is the old man of Wenchang School, not the old age of a certain door, that is the strength of the complete two grades.

Jia Xuwen saw stronger from stronger, holding the handle of the sword hand, is hard to make him not to guess?

"Strictly, the door is let me ask you, what is the 9 stars? Do you have been held?"

Jia Xushen asked very serious, his words were very serious, serious to strict governance, was shocked, "No, I am thinking about the subjective assessment for a long time, I think this world, no college It can be better than the college, so it is natural to give the highest level of assessment! "

Jia Xuwen looked hard, "You can know that there is also a fairyland, the Buddhist world, there are still many colleges! These colleges are not low!"

Strict political expression is also serious, "I know! But I think that the colleges in the fairy buddha are amazing again, but they are not more than the West Lake Academy!"

Jia Xuwen looked in a strict administration of "brainwashing", and he raised a homogeneous premonition.

"This thing you still have to explain with me and the door of the door!"

Strictly heard here, but the face has emerged, "Can you wait for a while?"

"Well?" Jia Xuwen saw the expression on the strict government face, and there was a lot of guessing, "Why?"

This West Lake Academy is absolutely not a good college. The dean may be evil gates, not only putting the people and demon of the whole Hangzhou, but also the best genius in Wenchangpai is also "brainwashing"!

When Jia Xuwen's heart just raised this thought, strictly crushed his three views directly.

"Can you wait until the end of our class's singing game? I still want to take a prize!"

Jia Xuwen's heart is like 100,000 grass mud horses.