I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 39th section of the Dean of the Monster College.

What did he heard?

singing competition?

What is not willing to go early? Is it necessary to participate in the singing competition?

He knows that this strict government must be a body that has been taken by the evil magic, and may not be taken!

Strictly seeing Jia Xushen's twisted expression and his hand, killing the sword handle, immediately guess what he thought, laughed, "the old old, old, you are not a reward, reward, reward Ling Dan! "

The words "Ling Dan" instantly ignited Jia Xuen.

He roared, "shit!"


"You don't want to go back because of singing games?"

"Because this singing competition rewards Ling Dan?"

"You are this panic, it is a big cabbage!"

"A singing game will also reward Ling Dan?"

"Don't want to go back, don't take this bad excuse to make me!"

"You are not bad, it is controlled! See if you are wary of going to recreate me? Save! Who are you! "

Jia Xuwen hand shakes, the long sword immediately came out of the sheath, Jianfeng pointed to strictly, murdered, and a traitor was like a sword.

However, the long sword in Jia Xuwen is shaking, and it will fall on the ground, and his finger is moving, and some can't take his own long sword.

Because he saw a small bottle in the hands of strict political hand, he kept pouring a piece of Dan medicine in another hand.

Strictly seeing Jia Xuwen's appearance, immediately knew that he made a recognition with himself, and immediately learned Xiaoqing to make this movement.

If others ask you, the best way is to let them have a mute!

For example, it is now!

Chapter 54 New Task

"Have a Dan Ping Dan! This is so much!"

Jia Xuwen's eyes are far away!

So, is it true?

No, the college in the fairyland will have so many panmented Dan, what is the representative!


This means that it is true that the singing competition is true before it is strictly junior.

Is the college in the people in the world?

Jia Xuwen was somewhat embarrassed, then shook his head, "No, this is the order of the door owner, even if it is a big thing, you must go back!"

Strictly reluctance to look at the panmented in his hand, reload them into the bottle, sigh, "Ok, I will go back with you."

Jia Xuwen saw strictly agglomerated, and finally, I finally gone tone, "I am moving, I feel more in a second!"

At this time, a voice rang from them.

"Xiongtai took the students of our college, can you ask my opinion?"

Jia Xuwen heard this sentence, the moment is "".

Sure enough, how is it for a second! I have an accident!

Strictly heard the sound of this sound from the steps standing above, turning around, it is deeply embarrassing.

"Meet the dean!"

It is Longpin Xuan.

Jia Xuwen closed his eyes, turned, showing a gentle smile on his face.

"It turned out to be the dean of the West Lake Academy, long-term name!"

He was arched by Longpin Xuan, but his eyes were got up and down. But when he felt the level of the 5th demon king that was thrown into the Longpin Xuan, the eyes flashed in the eyes.

This dean is just a demon king level, conversion into a cultivator, is the Jin Dan, so weak dean, can you get so many practitioners and demon?

Jia Xuwen did not perceive those who confuse the hearts of energy. Some of his body is just a lot of energy fluctuations.

Jia Xuwen's fingers were light, and a aura was played, showing a small snooping manner.

He immediately, he shocked his eyes.

Jia Xuwen saw the opposite dean is actually full of golden light, this is merit?

His body actually has so many merits?

Jia Xushen immediately thought of the state of the whole Hangzhou, which means that the appearance of Hangzhou, so Xinxin, this merit is all on the head of the dean.

If a big meritor is killed, the person who kills will be very serious.

Although Jia Xushen is unclear why Long Pin Xuan is still so bad, but he does not dare to be too arrogant.

Longpin Xuan naturally saw Xiao Jiujiu in Jia Xuwen. He smiled and nodded at Jia Xuwen. He is in the heart.

If he suddenly gave a task, he still didn't know that there was a power that has arrived in the later period of Yuan Ying, has secretly sneaked into his college.

Today, Longpin Xuan did not go out of the West Lake, but he was concentrated in his own office to make a reward of the K song competition.

He has begun to put the model of the modern school to its own college.

Although the college is learning, it is natural to work and rest.

Although there is no way to open now, it is still necessary to improve resources to students.

But this resource is not white, there is competition, there is a payment.

It's natural to get a game!

So the K song competition came into being.

Singing helps practice lungs, help relaxing, helps class unity, help ...

Anyway, singing is the hobby of most people, especially Long Pin Xuan, this has modern memory.

Thousands of classic songs are not in the words.

He burned many songs to teach the two classes of the Ethnic class and the demon class, let them choose the songs they like to participate in the competition.

Different degrees of rewards can be achieved based on the acquisition of the game.

In this world, there are a lot of skills and pitch.

There are in the cultivator, there are also monsters.

Therefore, students who cultivate the tone in a time will be welcomed and have received many people.

Because Longpin Xuan also stipulates that sharing and communication can improve the proportion of rewards.

For example, sharing and church a classmate, you can get 1 layer of rewards, if you can get 10 PLA, then you can get 11 Lingdan after blessing.

This way makes a good competition success.

Because of the more sharing, one person is 1 layer, 10 people are double, even if the name is low, the reward may be twice as much as a few times, and there is nothing difference.

This will make all students will increase.

The key is, it is powerful, and you will not learn to exceed yourself right away, and you can get a relatively high reward, why not.

Of course, sharing and church also requires another classmate to have a credit card.

Long Pu Xuan is also a broken heart for fairness and unity.

Just he was ready, there were only those rewards, so the system suddenly popped up a task when refining Dan medicine in overtime.

"Trigger Task: The Prestige of the College!"

"The content of the task: Wenchang sent people to sneak into the college, the purpose is to determine the qualifications of the college review! For the prestige of the college, please let the people are sure to review the results of the star!"

"Task completion reward: designate a secret fragment!"

"The task failed punishment: recovered the last task reward!"

Longpin Xuan's first discovery task has a punishment measures.

In other words, this task is still more important!

The key is the punishment of the task failure, which is to recover the last task reward! That is a secret fragment!

One time is two!

Longpin Xuanyi thought that he might lost two swords of the secret fragment, and the liver had to hurt blood, he immediately walked to the college.

The orientation of the people have been labeled in detail in the mission, so Longpin Xuan is easy to find Jia Xuwen, and naturally sees strict government.

He looked at Jia Xuwen, lamented in his heart, the big man in Yuan Ying! There is still a little panic!

But it's okay, Su Qi is cultivating the cultivation of the square today, there is such a strong student, Long Pinxuan's heart is stable as Taishan!

"Daoyou is from Wenchang School, I don't know if Wenchang will ban the disciples under the door to go to the college."