I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the 40th of the Dean of the Monster College.

Longpin Xuan suddenly asked a problem that the cattle did not have a horse mouth, but the Ju Xuwen was mad.

Jia Xushen looked strictly, and immediately understood that Longpin Xuan is worth stronger, I want to say can't be betrayed, but I thought that the West Lake Academy is not a martial art, just a college, naturally, the majority can be studied.

He sighed and finally understood the potential meaning of Longpin Xuan.

Chapter 55 is expected

Jia Xuwen shook his head, "Not prohibited."

Longpin Xuan, "So, Wenchang School should not be difficult for you, strictly and strictly follow it, then there will be, the martial art is more important."

Jia Xushen originally thought that Longpin Xuan will say anything to stop strict efforts, because Long Pin Xuan asked questions look obvious, but in fact, it is not the case, let him look at Long Pin Xuan, but feel satisfied Extremely.

This dean looks unsuccessful, but people still know how to know, people who can have such merits is not low.

Jia Xuwen is now looking at Long Pin Xuan, and the heart is also weakened in his heart.

Strictly somewhat is lost, since the dean said this, he seems to have not hoped to stay in the K song competition.

"However, there is a problem in the next question." Long Pinxuan does not know that Jia Xuwen is in Wenchang School, but it is definitely not low, and the existence of Yuan Ying is not the main door. It is a much higher status, which is definitely much higher than that of strict government, so he uses two words of "Gourmen" to reflect his respect for Jia Xuwen.

Jia Xuwen is very satisfied with this call, so hidden compliment, so that he is still very comfortable.

Such a college dean of the college can be controlled throughout the city, but not only the ambitious anger, but also respecting him for everyone, it is not humble, really can't make good feelings.

Especially if you pay attention to it, you can strictly bring back, the task can be done directly, asking a few questions nature is a little meaning.

"Dean, please don't have to be so polite!" Jia Xuwen's attitude has also become a kindness and resistance to the beginning, as if the two have met for many years.

Longpin Xuan is still like the smile. "Strictly Zheng Zheng now also the students of the West Lake Academy, so I asked if I was responsible for the students, I still ask for a few words, whether the score of this college will make him suffer some ... ... ... '' Punish '? Because I understand, strict government comments are slightly unprocted. "

Strictly and suddenly widened their eyes, looked at Longpin Xuan, and it was incredible in his eyes.

Because he has already evaluated star, but because of various reasons, there is still nothing to tell, and now Longpin Xuan actually comes out. The key is to ask questions or ask him to go back if it will be punished.

Strictly political eyes began to moist, perhaps in the college, the dean of the school is aware, but he has concealed no report.

Because he knew that his reviewer will definitely have twists and turns.

Although he thinks so, he is thinking that the West Lake Academy is 9 stars, but the 9 star review will definitely attract the guess of the martial art, maybe it will cancel the qualification of the star, and there will be punishment.

But the dean found before he left, and asked this question, it was obvious that he would want to protect him.

Strictly moved in the heart, it is really good to join the West Lake Academy!

Jia Xushen listened to Longpin Xuan so asked, there is no mistake. In his comment, strictly righteous comments, this dean will definitely know, but can take the initiative to admit that his students are not appropriate, let Jia Xuwen for Longpin Xuan The good feeling rose again.

It seems that this star is completely the result of strict political impulsive, and the West Lake Academy has no big ambition.

"Since the dean asked, I am not hiding!"

Jia Xuwen's answer, "Review the star is the most stringent item in Wenchang, generally said that after three stages, strict political guidance as a star meter in the first stage, need to consider many factors, plus him The young is still light, the original position is also a breakdown, but I think of him, after I want to go back, I will have a certain punishment. "

"After all, the level of 9 stars cannot be asserted, don't talk about the human world, even if there is no 9 star in the fairy and the Buddha, I can't comment 9 stars! So this point looks forward to the dean. understanding."

Strictly, I heard here, the face "" is black, "When I gave me the time to grant me, I got the license of the star monument. I had to swear, but I was clear in the oath. According to the real assessment of any star! As a star of the star, I think that the West Lake Academy is 9 stars! So the star monument will pass the words of the 9 star! If you just want to assess 9 stars, Instead of originating from the heart, the scrub will not feed back, and the 9 star assessment will not appear in the martial art! "

"So I am assessing 9 stars, it is 9 stars! The first stage is 9 stars!"

"If you want to overthrow the assessment, you must carry out the second stage of the second quarter and the third comment!"

The words that righteous righteous words make Jia Xuwen's face black, this kid is so stubborn.

But what he said is not unreasonable. Because of this, Shenmen Lord will bring him a small child back.

Originally, the stress that they believe may be induced by this child, or simply transferring the star monument, of course, although this possibility, but small, Sanmen Lord will order let them strictly bring back.

Side people may have doubts about this order, but they will not be very old, which is still very complicated.

Longpin Xuan eyes slightly, I didn't expect that there is so much in this! Al still the star monument? This is definitely a piece of artifact!

It seems that his mission is full!

"So, in this way, strictly do what you should do, just because he did something horrific, or the world's world, including the fairyland and the Buddhist world, let Wenchang sent a lot of disputes. Therefore, it is possible to be punished, is this? "

Longpin Xuan's first-handed blood pointed out the reason why strict political circumstances should be punished.

If it is more than 4 stars, it is even 6 star 7 stars, and it is estimated that there is no need to have a similar star, which will lead to so much.

Jia Xuwen smiled, he can say something, strict political tribute does not have the rules of the Star Wenquan, this college seems to have no more forced or spell-induced things, this is the 9 star Really comment on this college?

Jia Xuwen shook his head, wrong, this is just the surface, the key is to strictly govern the 9 star to Xihu College!

Jia Xuwen almost was taken to the ditch by Long Pin Xuan.

He turned, he was strict, "" I originally planned to return to the school, since the dean asked this place, then here! "

Chapter 56 First Review Results

After that, Jia Xuwen's hands crossed, and fidelity made hundreds of gestures in the chest.

A fluctuation of energy, with a complex trajectory, portrayed a circular blade in his chest.

Strictly see this circulation, stand straight, the expression is serious and serious.

The flyer slowly released from Jia Xuwen's chest, began to become bigger and bigger, and the full pavilion was shrouded, and it was directly in strict administration.

Strict policing did not escape, but standing in the center of the ball, solemnly closed his eyes.

Longpin Xuan is shocked, but the surface is like one.

Very good, what he wants is this!

But this effect is too strong!

Originally, he intends to use the language to touch the VIP of the Wenchang School, reach a few purposes.

First, let him realize that it is not wrong to strictly make mistakes, and go back to receive penalty.

Second, strict Zheng Zheng is also a person in the West Lake Academy. It is not an alien, so when punishing, it is necessary to look at the face of the West Lake Academy. Of course, give not to see each other. So starting with various good words, I will have a good feeling of Jia Xushen, so that he is embarrassed to face.

Third, this case will inevitably have twists and turns, but the college is not likely to look at the word of such a star. So Long Pin Xuan guess must have a way to distinguish or confirm the results of the star. And he wants to let the other party say at least this way, let him see the machine.

How can I know that the other party is directly putting a big trick!

But look, this is the way to confirm the commentary.

After listening to Jia Xuen said the next sentence, Dija Xiwen has identified his guess.

"The first review confirmed that now, the star is invited!"

Jia Xuwen hands staggered, the fingertips floated with a slightly large monument, and a piece of tablets were also fluttering in front of strict administration.

Strictly standing in the center of the blade, holding his own scrissal up, floating to the center of the ball, standing opposite the slightly big monument.

Longpin Xuan is very light, but it is a bit nervous.

Small words, this task is full of you! Originally, I still want to see the machine, I didn't expect the God!

I was confirmed in front of myself, as long as this time was confirmed, then the task should be completed!

Specify a secret fragment! Ah!

The secret of the Jianzheng completed can be further stepped forward!

Small words come!

Longpin Xuan shouted in his heart.

Of course, no matter how much is his inner play, the surface is still as a spring breeze, and it is calm.

Strictly closing his eyes, the two scrubs on the top of the head mapped the light column in the blastper.

Then, Jia Xushen is aware of the first review of the first review of the strict government that closed his eyes.

"Review the star, please swear with the star monument!"

Strictly said, "Star Wenmon is before, I am so solemn, all the words I have said are true!"

Jia Xuwen: "Review the star, please tell the story of the star college is 9 stars!"

Strict rule: "The first point, the star college has the world's most well-proclaimed president, which can make people with different physiques to play their best! Not limited to the people, the demon family is also the same! I believe, by knowing The dean has exceeded the boundaries of the race! "

Jia Xuwen is slightly stunned. Inadvertently, I accidentally read the monument on the plane. I didn't have a whit, it was really true!

His hearts can not help but look at Longpin Xuan under the eyes of the eyes, and want to see what is seen in Long Pinxuan.

If there is a half of the sentence, if there is a half sentence, then there will be an interest, if not, it will explain that it is true.

Strictly and continue to say, "The world, the people are first, no matter what the fairy is a Buddha is a demon, the dean is in all kinds of physical fitness, including the fairy and Buddha, it comes to the demon repair, for this, Why can't you race a star 9 star? The second point, the dean I am at least the alchemy teacher, the spiritan, the college resources are not lost! "

"Third, the college has a huge potential, strong strength, but in just a few months, all the students in the class have exceeded a first-order, more than a few orders! In addition to white classmates, the strength is too strong I don't know if I have a breakthrough! The reason why the college is a college, it is to be a good college, and the professor is a peerless genius, naturally worthy of 9 stars! "

The strict political discourse is getting more and more embarrassed, and the scrub on his head does not move.

Jia Xuwen's eyes are more and more, Nima! What is this kid say true? !

Such a college is really a West Lake Academy?

This world is very illusted!

At this moment, a slightly large monument appeared on the stars, absorbed the little breath that was strictly disclosed, and then strictly crushed the monuments of the stars glitting, gradually fell back to him.

The ball is also slowly narrowed, with the slightly large monument, falling back to Jia Xuwen's hands.