I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the dean of the Dean in Section 41 in the Monster College.

"The first review of the West Lake Academy, 9 stars in the morning!"

Jia Xuwen sighed and announced the result. He saw the monument in his hand, which is full of 9 stars in his hand.

It turned out to be true, the first comment actually passed!

It's great!

Longpin Xuan listened to the "task completion" tone of the "mission completion" in the brain, and he had already been happy, but he did not immediately get rewards. He is still outside, not anxious, the secret fragment will not run!

Strictly, I opened my eyes at this moment, I collapsed the monument in front of myself.

His expression is relaxed, laughing and saying, "the old old, I am not a star raising, I can think about it for a long time!"

Jia Xuwen's mouth pulled, rushed to Longpin Xuan, "Dean laughed, the Xihu College was 9 stars, after this, there will be Wenchang sent people to carry out two comments! That is with it Strictly, leaving! Say! "

Longpin Xuan also rushed to Jia Xu Wen, rushing to the strict government, and nodded.

Strictly organizing the original assessment, they don't have to go back, and the result is still going back.

He has some fuss that follows Jia Xuwen's body.

Long Pu Xuan's voice rang again, "should it be difficult to strictly?"

Jia Xuwen turned his head and looked at Longpin Xuan's eyes and thoroughly, he had completely believed that the Longpin Xuan he saw was the strength of the demon king.

Now people like to play pigs to eat tigers?

"Dean, please feel relieved, strictly passed the results of confirmation, so there is no mistake, there will be no punishment, bring it back just ask."

Strictly, heard here, I am ignorant, and I am grateful for Longpin Xuan.

"That's good!"

Longpin Xuan smiled and looked at the two people.

Well, go a little more, he will go back to the mission reward!

Chapter 57 is not awkward

At first, Jia Xushen took the strict government walked forward, but she walked, he found himself like some lost!

Jia Xuwen looked at it and was strict and strict, and the meaning of the eyes was obvious.

Strictly rushing Jia Xuwen laughing, telling the truth, he really doesn't want to go back, but ... The dean said so, go back, and can also look at the meaning of the door, and some information about the second comment.

"Large old, this is not, you still follow me!"

After strict political ideas, stepped forward and started to lead the way.

Jia Xuwen is not a sound, following the strict government.

In the confrontation, the lively voice is far close, and the familiar people are coming.

Xiao Qing took her "visitors" just got here. After seeing strict political, Xiao Qingzhu waved his waving, but then he saw Jia Xuwen.

"Hey? You are not ... how will it be there?"

Xiaoyan, and then look at him behind him. She also saw that person in the crowd, how did I go to the opposite?

But when she turned his head again, it was found that Jia Xushen in the posterior crowd had gone.

"you you……"

Xiao Qing pointed to Jia Xuwen, what was said, it was strictly interrupted her.

"Xiaoyan classmates, this is the old man of our Wenchang School. This time came to find me. We still have something to do, you will leave, Xiaoyan students goodbye! Next time I will bring you there next time. Tool special product! "

Strictly rushing on the little green, and then walking toward another position.

Jia Xuwen also nodded in Xiaoyan, followed by.

Xiao Qing listened to the three words "native products", and the eyeballs clearly understood. I want to strictly want to use "native products" to seal her mouth.

She smiled and put his hand, "Well, Ok, then I am waiting for your native product!"

Xiaoqing's answer nature is agreed.

Strictly swaying, with Jia Xuen, came to the end of the promenade.

His finger moves, and a spiritual force is played, and a passage appears in front of the two.

Jia Xuwen is sigh, but it is good to have a road. This is a maze with a maze under the West Lake.

Two people walked out of the passage, standing on the side of the West Lake.

Jia Xuwen returned to the ground, some sighed, he heard a blurred voice of a blur of it immediately.

"Jia brother can let us find!"

This voice is somewhat familiar!

Jia Xuwen smashed the head, where did the voice heard? How is it so familiar?

"It's just for a while, I don't know me." That voice took cold ridicule.

Then there is another familiar voice call. "People have a hard work, seeing us not afraid of answering!"

Jia Xuwen, looking around, finally saw two familiar figures.

Wang Jun and , I also followed one person, three people standing on the side of the West Lake, just here.

Jia Xuwen's heart hit the horse, they even woke up so fast!

Shen Xian is drunk, it is very big, in general, this kind of cup of belly, Jin Dan to Yuan Ying period, not drunk, 178 hours will not wake up.

But now they have already standing in front of themselves!

The reason is naturally the third person standing next to them, and this person's appearance is that it is strict and slightly.

After being joined in the West Lake Academy, because of the power reasons, naturally served as the squad leader of the human junior class. And now standing in front of him is the squad leader, dragon and dragon.

"Dragon classmates, you are also!"

Jia Xuwen is a migrant, surnamed dragon? Is it that the previous one of their mouths breakthrough to the demon?

Dragon is coming to come, smiling and smiling, "Yan Classmates and ..."

His eyes look to Jia Xuwen, which is obvious.

Jia Xuwen did not speak, this time is better to strictly.

Strictly and argue, "This is the long-distance old man of Wenchang School, this is to find me, I don't know if I have entered the West Lake Academy. If I don't see it, please see it in my face."

Dragon is righteous, it is not difficult, just laughing, "Since the classmates say this, then, only two people ..."

He has a smile with his mouth, which is obviously not going to let go of Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbo.

Before the Dragon, he was routine to go to the town outside the town to turn a circle to prevent in case.

But it was stopped by a store Xiaoqi, saying that Wang Jun and , I don't want to wake up.

So the dragon went naturally to discover this scenario.

If it is someone else, Shen Xian is not solved.

But the dragon is different, he is the eighth child, and the body has been cultivated.

Loading under the guidance of the dean, the practice of cultivation is completely different from the past.

If the previous negative is a killing and fighting dragon, then the current negative body has not had the feeling of killing from thousands, although the strength is strong, but the feeling of people is calm and wise.

His Dragon Ball has a new ability to wash under the new heart method, which is clear.

This capability helped Wang Jun and the earliest to wake up from the drunken state.

Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbao were still a state of drunkenness. They were tied up by the rope. After finding someone, the three people came out to find Jia Xuwen.

After repeated confirmation, they finally determined that the people who went out in the beech monsters were Jia Xuwen.

When Wang Jun and , I also believe that Jia Xuwen is drunken plus luck, but the Hangzhou, but the dragon does not think so.

He feels that all this is premed.

Leaving Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbao is to reduce the call of Wang Jun and the , then through the chance to change the duty, pretend to be drunk into the Hangzhou.

And this guess is the best answer. Some people saw Jia Xuwen to enter the West Lake Academy.

Xiaoyong will not take a drunken people to visit the Academy.

Xiaoyan's action is actually the dragon is still a matter.

Because Xiaoyi received a variety of gifts, they will be trapped as class fees, and students with different physiques have the opportunity to get better cultivation resources.

The monster is a race that is a variety of species in it.

Some trees made of bracelets, maybe you can make some plants' monsters increase the speed of cultivation.

So Xiaoqing's movement, the dragon is a closed eye.

But she won't be stupid, and it is unclear.

So the three were in the suggestion of the dragon, and came to the West Lake, it was prepared to enter the college, and they saw the channel opening, and those they were looking for appeared in front of them!

Chapter 58