I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean, Sean 42

Jia Xushen saw that they appeared, although the heart was very curious in the case of the gods drunk, so quickly awake, but now it is obviously not entangled, because the opposite dragon said a word, a sentence is about Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbo's words.

It is conceivable that both of them must have already fallen in the other party.

Jia Xushen said to strictly say, "strictly govern, the elders and the three elders have come, now I am a guest, when we go back, take them back?"

The dragon is jumped in the eye angle, saying this.

The two people were tied by their five flowers in the yard, but they became a guest in the mouth of Jia Xushen.

In this way, they not only don't need to bear the mistakes of Jia Xuwen, but they have to apologize because they have tied them!

However, the dragon is not a vegetarian.

He smiled and looked at Jia Xushen. "Although Jia Chang Lao's thing is smoke, it is obvious that it is obviously in the rules of Hangzhou. If everyone is like Jia Chang Lao, sneak in, how can Is it good? Jia Chang is still because there is a cause, but if anyone else tells the cause, but destroys Hangzhou, it is not good! "

"Of course, I will wait until the prevention is definitely useless. I have to prevent it before, after all, this is also out."

"Since I said Jia Chang Lao's thing, I can't repent, but as the other two of the party, I can't let go, and strict students should have a leader as the class leader of the human national class, will not have to take the lead, will not be so right and wrong Is it? "

Strictly polite, listen to the words of the dragon, and where he will not understand what they do.

It is said that Hangzhou restricts the cultivator and monsters to enter, but the old, they don't want to waste time outside, so they secretly go out, so they will let Xiaoyong enter the West Lake Academy, not the big bright Visit.

Strict progress is somewhat hard, this big elders are really true, don't know the last borset, let the dean pay attention to it, don't you tell him? In this way, although I will not let them enter Hangzhou, I can let him go out with the delegation!

Or after a 10,000 step, send a few people staring too, not to get this point, why bother!

Strictly, I feel that this big old is a bit!

Jia Xuwen and others have not been out of the mountain for a long time, and the underdence of the consciousness is to complete, but the content of the order is so easy to disclose.

So even if I met Wang Jun and the , they just said that I went to the West Lake Academy. There was something that is naturally inconvenient.

In this way, how can Wang Jun and

Originally, they intend to report to the dragon, let him see.

But it is being cultivated before the Dragon is negative. After waiting for him to practice, it will come directly to the town inspection, Wang Jun and

But at that time, they were already drunk universities.

But it is precisely because of this, Wang Jun and will be so relieved with the old elderly they drink.

Strictly silence does not speak, let Jia Xu Wen Lima feel his difficult.

After all, the opposite of this dragon is the squad leader of the monsters. He said it is also the reason, so that although he wants to make the second elders and the three elders, but I don't know how to do it.

Jia Xuwen laughed, "this kind of brother, this is not right! I am not stealing, but I am going in!"

"My brother sister did not help me steal, we are very serious, please drink!"

"My wine is good, it should be that I have been repaired, the effect of Shenxian will be weak, so I am drunk, but I don't drunk!"

"It should be that the model is very vague, but I don't know how to go to Hangzhou, after I found a guest, I found a guest."

"After waking up, since it is within Hangzhou, I naturally want to think about the way to enter the West Lake Academy, then find a young girl."

"So, what is wrong?"

"This is just a hacker, I don't know how I entered the Hangzhou! Why will there be a sneak saying!"

Jia Xuwen's speech let the dragon and others.

The facts and hello said that they guess that Jia Xuwen's intention and pretend is guess.

Even if it is true, then it is just guess, there is no real evidence.

Because Jia Xu Wen is too perfect, it is true that "the big light" is coming in, or the special call of the duty is.

I can only say that Jia Xushen will try to figure it out!

"True treacherous!" "" ! "

Wang Jun is also black, he heard it is also understood now, and the dragon is estimated to have no way to Jia Xushen.

Dragon is frowning, thinking about it, but immediately browed.

Because he thought of the dean.

If Xiaoyong is in the college, I really got a conflict, I would like to come out with the strength of the college, Jia Xuwen can't be so easy, or strictly strictly.

The key is that Xiaoqing has not come out, which means she is still visiting in the college, that is, it is nothing to do with the college.

If the dean does not agree, they will not come out.

Since the dean agreed, they didn't make sense.

"In this case, then I don't have much to keep Jia Long old! Your two sisters, we will bring it out with you!"

Dragon looked at the .

I nodded, my hands stretched, the two arms became a pair of wings, directly rushed to the air, flew towards the Hangzhou. This speed is different from the speed of his previous battle, it should be two forms.

Dragon is continuing, "So in order to express our apologies, I will send Jia Chang Lao and strictly class to Hangzhou."

Wang Jun heard the dragon and said that he also understood his potential meaning, then quietly slipped out, turned to the West Lake, he went to the college to see, there is something.

Jia Xushen naturally saw Wang Jun's movements, but he didn't care.

Because his purpose has been reached.

It's all strictly and strictly, and you can take your own two brothers.

And what they want, what they have to do, that is their matter, and there is nothing to do with Jia Xushen.

Chapter 59, secret fragmentation

"It's really mad!"

I kicked a foot on the big tree on the side of the West Lake, shocking a piece of leaves.

Although the big tree by the West Lake is not a fine, it has been slightly confident under the fond of aura and demon, and the trunk is also extremely hard. Under the foot of the , it is actually kicked twisted. Some fear of their trunks are kicked.

However, although I was angry, I also controlled my hardship, which was kicked.

Dragon looked at Wang Jun from the West Lake Lake Water Channel, and saw that he did not have an abnormality and sighed.

"Well, people are taken away by them, how can they still!"

Wang Jun went to their faces, said, "The college is normal, the dean is said to have been closed without anyone to bother, Xiaoqing is still with some people. Other students have not received the impact."

"It seems that they are really just strictly righteous! What are they going to be strict?" Wang Jun is somewhat curious.

"It should be the rating. I don't know if I have given a few stars in the college. When I am strictly giving the school, I am not for this matter!"

Dragon is a strict and strict strict strict effort.

The squatting on the side is still kicking the trunk unfair.

Wang Jun has some doubts to see the dragon, "Vice President, what is it?"

Dragon is smirking, "It's not that Jialong, I brought the two Jia Chang Lao's brother's brother. I didn't want to give them to them, and there is no good excuse, I will directly put forward it. Result ...... "

Wang Jun is a little surprised. "Although the strength of the old man is good, but we have used a rope before, he has served soft, how can you suffer from what skills?"

Wang Jun is stagnant, ok?

Dragon sighed, "Jia Chang Lao is likely to reach the Yuan Ying period, we don't have three people to fight together, and you will be defeated by people, the two of his hands. The elder of the Wenchangpai naturally fell back to their hands. "

Wang Jun continued to be sluggish, ?

"That Jiashang is very angry, although there is a powerful strength, but it is used to fight the enemy, and now I don't know his true intention, maybe I don't want to continue to play, simply show my true strength, direct Take someone. "Dragon guess the road.

But he did not guess.

Jia Chang is the reason for exposing his strength, only one reason.

That is, the is not in accordance with the set board!

The process of this is, it should be the dragon and they send the two hostages. After Jia Xushen leaving, the well is not committed to the river.

But is not willing, do not use the original original committee to pick up, but directly put forward.

In this case, if you don't make your hand, you will not let it go.

Plus Tang Chunyan and Ren Pengbao have been drunk unparalleled personnel. If this time, two siege have, but will not only happen, but will also be suspended by the Xishu College, then they have to pay.

Therefore, Jia Chang Lao directly exposed most of its strength, and immediately crushed the storm, and did not hurt him, and the people were directly strictly left.

This dragon is lifting and where can I don't know the strength of the other party, I can't find them!

Have such strength, only need to be outside Hangzhou, strength, there will be no Dragon Pin Xuan.

It can only be said that people will be limited by the idea before they.

This is also a place where you are angry.

You have explained the visiting of the big bright, not to come with them, and weakened it, and the results fully hit his young heart, and finally abuse him!

He is not angry!

After Wang Jun listened, it was an unusual felection of herself to see the situation in the college.

"Okay, this matter has not happened. The Jiashang will agree with the dean, and we have to do it now is to improve your strength!"