I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in Segad of Dean in the Monster College.

Dragon has patted the shoulders of the stalk, "the strength is not as good as others, then work!"

I heard the dragon and said that I thought of my strength a few months, my body was straight.

Although he is not a formal student of the West Lake Academy, the dean occasionally also in the central opening of the West Lake, gives the cultivator and monsters of Hangzhou and some welfare.

is the beneficiary, and the strength has grown a lot.

He nodded, "strive to practice, wait until I also cultivate into Yuan Ying, see I don't give you good look!"

He stretched his hands and flew away.

Wang Jun is a student in the primary class of the family, and I took my own task in the town.

Before you can tie Jia Long's old, you can't leave his help.

Wang Jun looked at the dragon, "Dragon Shipper, what should I do now?"

Dragon is shrugged, "What should I do, you continue your task!"

Wang Jun nodded, jumped to the air, stepped on the long sword, and went to the town outside Hangzhou.

West Lake Academy naturally has task issued, these tasks can be exchanged, and the points can be exchanged for the Torton.

After all, the dragon is now responsible for the comfort of the entire Hangzhou, so most of the tasks are this category. Many students who need to exercise will also take the road to complete the task, fast growth.

Longpin Xuan rid in his office, he hangs a brand outside in the office, written above, "Dean closed, do not disturb!".

He started to get the reward of his mission.

However, the treasure chest did not appear, and the secret fragment did not have bleeding lines, but the appearance of a keyword search bar appeared in front of Longpin Xuan.

"Fixed fragmentation is the input keyword extraction?"

Longpin Xuan wants to think, directly entered the "Jianzhao Mi", then click Search.

Then, there have been pictures of several "Jianzheng Mi" in front of his eyes, and will be introduced below.

"Junior secret, intermediate secret, senior secret, super secret, legends ..."

Longpin Xuan swallowed the water, this actually could draw such a high secret fragment!

He is very clear, level 1 ~ 2 is a junior secret, then the secret fragment of the previous one before his hand is just the weakest secret fragment!

Since choice, it must be the best!

Longpin Xuan did not hesitate to choose the "Legendary Secret"!

Chapter 60 Heartache Anoretical

Legendary level!

Longpin Xuan thinks that it is wonderful!

After the next time, the college has a secretary secret, don't be too beautiful!

"Congratulations to get the 9th Swordsman's secret fragment 1, set 10 legendary swords, secret fragment, can synthesize a 9-level legendary swords!"

"Note: This secret is quasi-in repair for Xianjun!"

Longpin Xuan started to look at the legendary grade of this pan-like, the secret fragment of the priest, that is a heart!

However, the next precaution is directly to the cold hell directly from the warm heaven.


Lying in the trough, the admission condition is Xianjun?

As the Little Jinlong's Longpin Xuan owns the top inheritance of Dragon Ball, naturally, very clear, Xianjun is a similar level.

If the refining period corresponds to Level 1 and Level Level 2, the root period corresponds to the 3th, 4th level of the demon.

So, on the other hand, the Yuan Ying period corresponds to Level 7, 8th! The larger level is a 9th grade demon spirit, and the level 10 can be flying.

After flying, it is a renewal level division.

Level 1 and Level 2 are Xiaoxian, Level 3 4 is Xian Tong, Level Level 6 is a cactus or fairy, and League Level 7 guesses Xianjun.

That is to say, after the human space has been cultivated to the flying rising, then the corresponding upgrade has been upgraded to level 7 before it can reach the level of Xianjun.

The key is that Xianjun is just an access conditions that enters the legendary grade Jianzhao secret.

That is, the lowest repair.

Don't say that Long Pin Xuan's repair is to achieve.

He wants to consider the first college.

If you really want to get out of the legendary priest secret, the college students will continue to go, this Jianzhu's secret is a golden sparkling waste station for the West Lake Academy!

Longpin Xuan only feels that he is a little bit of smoking, heartache is unparalleled!

Now this piece of sword is equivalent to abolishing, it is dusty!

Sure enough, you don't exist step by step!

If the heart is not so big, just the first level of fragmentation before, and then come to 8 pieces to get the most primary swords.

The strength of the college can be on the previous step.

Oh, there is no regret medicine to eat!

Longpin Xuan closed his eyes and relieves the impact of seeing the annotation, and finally sighed.

"Hey! I still think about what to do next!"

Because he received follow-up tasks completed by this task.

"Trigger Task: Star College!"

"Task content: low-key and dust seal is not required, only the best college can recruit the best students!

"Task completion reward: designate a secret fragment!"

"The task failed punishment: lost a taste for a month!"

If the previous punishment makes Longpin Xuan can't bear it. This time the punishment really let him loose.

Just lose the taste for a month, he is not a big boy to eat it!

However, he refused and thought that the result of not completed was a little a secret fragment, and the little heart began to hurry.

Ok, the mission is really a task, which is so easy to complete the task, it is not easy to complete it!

Longpin Xuan is bitterly smashing a blank bamboo slip on the table, and begins to think.

The second comment, what should I do?

Jia Xuwen stepped on the sky above the flying sword, and the left and right shoulders took a person, strict evolution, and then stepped on the flying sword and followed him.

In the rumored mountain range, there is a huge platform.

Jia Xuwen and strictly fell on this platform, they have launched their own flying swords.

Jia Xuwen threw the two of the anti-shoulders to the top of the propan, "This is the second elders and the three elders, all drunk, you put them to your room, give them Point of waking up soup! "

"Yes! Large old!"

Jia Xuwen turned his head to strictly, "strictly, you come with me!"

There are thousands of steps in front of the platform, and there is a hall in the top of the stairs. That is the bureau.

Jia Xushen led a strict effort step to go up.

The branch of the door, the number of disciples respectfully stood there, at the foreure, a beautiful woman wearing a red dress is fixed, and the mouth is also muttered in the mouth.

"How can this? How can I not contact?"

"Shenmen main, strictly brought it!"

Jia Xuwen's first step forward.

Strictly, I will say it well, I will say it well to the beautiful people, "the disciples are strict, see Shenmen,"

Shen Honglei slowly turned around and looked strictly, and the eyes were flashing.

"You are repangingrely a lot!"

Shen Hongle said that it was a sure sentence, she saw a lot of breath in strict political body, and cultivated to the old age.

"Your talent is really strong, it seems that the West Lake Academy is indeed, it can pass the first comment!"

Strict rule is not talking, it is obviously the default.

Shen Honglei did not let him talk, but continue to say, "But the 9-star school is born, but it is not the matter of our bureau. The whole Wenchang School will be involved, you are not wrong, only since you have already Joined the West Lake Academy, then follow-up assessments can not participate, this can you know? "

Strictly nod, "disciples know!"

Shen Hong Lei's slightly thoughtfully, then asked, "In this case, I ask you, you want to continue to stay in the door, or go to the College to continue learning?"

Strictly and surprised, he didn't think Shen Honglei would actually ask.

Also feel surprised, there is Jia Xuwen.

Strictly crumpled and frowned, and Shenmen is said to try him? If he answered the college, how will they deal with themselves?

But I don't want to lying, because he really wants to go back to Xihu College to continue to study.