I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the dean in Segasia. 44


Strictly I don't know if I should answer, I hesitated a word, and I didn't say it again.

Shen Honglei naturally understood what he meant and smiled gently. College, you have to have a lot of gains there! Let's go! "

After I finished her, I licked my sleeve and walked directly into the Hall of the Square.

Jia Xuwen glared over his eyes, and he was incredible to look at Shen Hongle and strictly.

what's the situation?

Doesn't it mean that strictly bring back?

How to bring it back, I asked how many words, let him go back?

It is also from being joined to the West Lake College, was washed by Shenmen Lord, turned into the Xihu Academy?

what's the situation?

The dean of Shenmen, the dean of the West Lake Academy has a relative relationship?

Chapter 61

Shen Honglei stands in front of a statue, closes his eyes, and the mind is in mind, and begged the curse.

For a long time, didn't happen.

She has long sighed, and her face is worried.

What happened to the fairy world? How does Star Jun can't contact?

Or is they already doing?

Shen Hongli thought of strict administration before, all of which started from the West Lake Academy.

Is the West Lake Academy are also one of them?

Shen Hongle can't help but worry, let go of the West Lake Academy, really right?

However, if the West Lake Academy can really let Hangzhou have to live in harmony, then naturally, they will not be on the side. Thus strictly enter the college, there will be a college as a support, leaving a seed for the fate. .

After all, strictly strictly is a branch of the people in the world, not, it should be said that it is a few talents in Wenchang School.

I hope that she is not really true.

Jia Xushen stands outside the main hall, strictly strictly strictly, brows, is guessing Shen Hongle's mind, do not know the specific purpose of her.

At this time, a voice broke the silence between them.

"In the expensive door, the first door is old, there is something to see Shenmen!"

Wen Tao took a few disciples, went to the front of Yan Jiasheng, rushing on them, and as a etiquette, but this sentence is rushing to the disciples who keep watching the hall.

One of the disciples also rushed to the people who gave a hand, "I will wait for the long time, I will let me inform the landlord!"

The people nodded and stood on it.

Strictly gotting to heal the people, the brow, it is obviously to recognize the people.

However, this smelling person should not be the 12th inside door. Why don't you see it in these days?

The key is that he is now seen that he is only arch, it looks like it is not aware of it.

Still it, it's right, it's high, I can't afford myself?

Strictly looked at Jia Xushen, and his eyes were blinked, it was said: Jia Chang Lao, seeing no, then the end of the night is still big, it is just the 12th elders Even your long and old are not in the eyes!

Jia Xushen turned his head, like not seeing strict political navigations, the look of his eyes.

However, it is still very obvious that he can't guess it.

Jia Xuwen looked at the people, I went to the front step. "Congratulations to the old and old to the old door! When I just came back, I have to give birth to the future, I will give my lonrent Haihan!"

Wen said that people smiled slightly, "I don't tighten! I don't care about the gift, my mind is there!"

Jia Xuwen's eyes flashed, and almost wanted to cut the sword to heaven.

He is not a man!

Jia Xuwen as a long elder, power and strength, only under Shenmen, the key is that the whole, including Wenchangpai, is known to know him.

Wen people also played a lot of exchanges with him.

Moreover, the people who have only expensive, the elders of the 12th, and the tube is the right or the deputy, and it is a quarter.

As soon as I came, Jia Xuwen is the old old, two, Jia Xuwen is the bureau.

The whole door is a key to the world, including the fairy, demon world, and the Buddha.

All colleges are also cultivating disciples, students, those institutions that are injected into fresh blood throughout the world, are managed.

Therefore, the long-term older of the fate is high in the entire Wenchang School.

So the real warlord is impossible to talk at all, and the surface looks polite, no gift.

However, it is essentially above, but the words are put Jia Xuwen behind him.

Therefore, this smelling person is not really a true heaters, and this fake man is very likely that the previous status is higher than Jia Xuwen, or is not a person in Wenchang, or may not be a human world!

Jia Xushen suddenly thought of the words before Shenmen.

"In this case, then I will send you to the West Lake Academy to study and study! Go now!"

First starting?

Why do you want to start instantly?

Does the Shenmen owner have guessed someone will come to her? And this person may be strictly unfavorable?

Jia Xushen suddenly reached out, pulled it in a strict government, rushing to the smell, "Smell the old belly, but the gift is still going to prepare, and wait a moment, I will take people here!" "

After saying, he pulled strict people, directly sacrificed the flying sword, and pulled him with his flying sword, he went to a mountain peak in the periphery, it seems that the mountain peak is the peak of his cultivation. .

Wen people saw the direction of Jia Xuwen flying, the destination was actually a mountain peak.

"It turned out to be the elder of the outside, huh!"

The people smiled and no longer pay attention, and the eyes were once again fell on the door of the hall, and I wanted to see the disciple that I went out again.

In a short while, I went out of the Shenmen Lord of the Red Water. "What is the so-called?"

Wen said in front of him, rushing to Shen Hongle deeply, "Shenmen main Wan An, under the people, the 12th of the mouth, the old man, this time, it is for everyone! "

"Who?" Shen Hongye looked deeply of his hand.

"Strict progress!" The people who saw the surroundings heard the voice of Qi Qi, after this name was said, knowing that the person who strictly rushed to be so good, then said, "I heard that he violates expensive expectations." The meaning of the door, joined the martial art without authorization, and also gave a college to be a 9 star, I would like to come back to the divel door, will it be punished? "

Shen Hongfu's mouth hook, it is so fast!

It seems that her previous thing is correct!

In this way, Star Jun is likely to have an accident in the fairy!

Shen Honglei loudly, "I don't know where I have heard the news, strictly govern, but I ordered to let him join the college, and the West Lake Academy has passed 9 star first review, how can it be said to be a Chaosted! Wonder to be old, it is blinded by a villain! "

Wen people heard the breathing and hysteresis, but what was heard, but it was stopped by Shen Honglei.

Shen Honglei smashed the sleeve, "This door is still there, it will not be accompanied, and strict government is me ordered to let him join the West Lake Academy for study, anyone may not be splaished to him, otherwise this Lord is absolutely Can't let him! Ok! I will go first! "

Said that she looked up into the hall.

"This door is mainly closed! The helpless selection of the successor is designated to go to the foreign college, so it is closed at the day! No one is not allowed!"

"Yes! Door!"

The door of the hall has never been closed for thousands of years, at this moment!

Chapter 62 True False

Wen people looked gloomy looks at the closed main hall, and the eyes turned to see the few disciples who guarded the temple. I changed the gloomy and laughing of my face. "I don't know how much time the main shutter is generally watched?"

The disciple of the head, "This is not good, after all, this is the first time I have served since my disciple, it is said that I have never been seen in thousands of years, so this time is really hard to say ! "

Wonderful people have some bad, Guan Hall? Or I have never had a move for thousands of years, what did Shen Hongfei feel?

Sure enough, it is not simple!

Wen said is slightly sinking, and then asked, "In this case, the old man is not difficult for you!"

"But I still have to ask, after the serious gang old, now where? I want to visit, see if this West Lake Academy is really this qualification through the first comment!"

This sentence is asked, don't say that this disciple is headed, even the disciples in front of the whole temple look at the people with a very strange look.

There are two disciples that have been whispering. "This is a bit wrong! How can I don't know about it?"

"Yeah, you also see it?"

"But the door is closed! What should I do?"

"It's better to inform the door owner of your door?"

"Well! I am going, you are careful!"

One of the disciples suddenly reached their own stomach, "No, no, I have a stomach, first go to the toilet, you help me see the position!"