I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of Dean 45 in the Monster College.

In addition, two disciples rushed to him, "Go, go early, go early!"

Wen people looked at the disciples who took the stomach to the main hall, and didn't care, just smiled and looked at the disciples in front of it.

The disciple naturally saw his movement, unnatural smile, looked at the people apologized, "Wen Chang, this we know, we are here to see the temple, for a long time I will change the post, but you can ask Jia Chang Lao, Jia Chang Lao, but he is strictly returned, he is sure! "

Another disciple also attached, "Yes, yes, Jia Chang is sure!"

Wen people sighed and regretted, "Well, then I will find Jia Long's old!"

When he turned and was preparing to leave, he suddenly lived.

Sheriff suddenly thought of a scene with a young man with a young man.

He turned his head and suddenly he continued to ask the disciple. "Before Jia Chang, I would like to give me a gift. I said that my mind is, but now I am very interested in him saying that it is very interested in sending my gift. You know him. Do you send me what gift? "

The disciple shook his head, "I don't know, Jialong sent what a gift will be said to us!"

However, if the words are just exported, the face of the disciple is miserable.

This is equivalent to the smelling people in front of it, and the elders who have just walked.

In this way, then the people brought by Jia Chang's old man is very likely to be strict.

However, they just said that they didn't know where to strictly, that is, it is contradictory!

Wen people turned into the body, fixedly looked at the disciple, suddenly laughed.

"How did you find it? I think it is a seamless!"

"However, since I found it, then I have left it. If there is any problem, it is not wonderful!"

The people said, but whispered a booming murder.

Those murderous are like substantial, forming a field around him, and presses those disciples who can't say.

These murderous did not know how many people killed it, so that those disciples were pale, and they were desperate.

This fake smelling people are too strong, they are not opponents at all!

However, it must not sit like this!

Those disciples have taken the long sword between the waist and point to "Wen people".

"Wonderful people" huh, smiled, and one of the hands flashed.

It's just a few breathing, and a head is flying in the air.

The blood column sprayed from the neck of the break, sprinkled on the ground, and that a headless body was in the bloody.

"Wen people" took a white hand wiped the black long sword on his hand.

The white hand contaminated with blood colors was dried in the blood of the blood into a blood red, and there was a strange beauty under the beautiful sunset.

"Killing, it is still an art!"

"Wonderful people" sigh, look up and look at the distance.

This direction is Huru Wen with the direction of ruling the rules.

"Jia Chang Lao? Yan Zheng? Hey, I am going to escape, hey! Failure! It is lost in the hands of such a slag disciple!"

"My performance should be perfect! How can I do this!"

"Wen people" was distressed, and the black long sword in his hand turned to the door of the main hall behind him.

Just hear a loud noise of ""!

The door of the hall did not damage the slightest, and even a trace was not.

"Wen people" once again sighed, "Really, even the door is seen, I have chosen this time closed, my acting is really so bad? It seems to be awkward!"

The last sentence of the voice said that he did not have a female, he was very strange to the old man's face.

As his voice fell, his black long sword changed in the air to change the speed of the naked eye, turned into a normal long sword, floating in the air.

"Wen people" gently jumped, and he flew straight to the direction before Jia Xushen.

At this time, a disciple took several people from the other side.

"Yu Men, I dare to pack the ticket, the long life is fake, I will not know Jia Chang Lao and Yan Long, but what he said is showing that they don't know, Jia Chang Lao and the serious and old From his eyes left, then I later asked us where! It is definitely fake. If it is really fake, then the elders are very likely to encounter it! "

That disciple is pretending to pretend to be his stomach pain.

The number of people followed by him is the door of the door.

Because this disciple reports is too significant, it is identified by several long and old people who have a dozen to do their own expensive.

But when they came to the main hall of the Directive Hall, they saw the body in the bloody.

"No! Hao brother! Lin Shi!" The disciple shouted and bowed down, and his face was tears. "I am late!"

The elders who have brought their own faces look at the eyes.

A big event!

Chapter 63 is a strong

Strictly gotting someone wrapped around a circle with himself to a strange mountain, Jian Xuwen flew in the direction of Hangzhou, and some reactions did not come over.

"Jia Da is old, are you?"

Although he is not familiar with the people, he also knows the other party, especially in the West Lake College, the dean of the dean personally greeted.

But what, even if the other party is promoted to the old, Jia Xuwen does not need to say what to give him a gift?

Jia Xu Wen looked strictly, "Have you not seen it yet? The Wenhe people are all fake! Can be mixed into the Wenchang School, but also the big shocking, the problem is serious, don't you use me?"

Strict rule, is it a fake?

He immediately recalled his man's movement, although it appeared exactly on the surface, no matter whether it is a breath or strength, it is exactly the same.

Just unfortunately, memory has a little bit of deviation.

It is also a smart, slightly thinking about thinking.

However, he also asked some doubts, "But it may not be fake, heard the length of him because of the old age, so proudly ..."

Ok, let's talk, he feels a bit stupid.

A old man who lived so long, but he raised from the vice president to the elder, there was anything to be proud.

What's more, the pair of expressions before the previous people have been appreciated.

That is to say, the person who posing as a person should be a long time, or when it is often sent by others, it has developed such a habit, otherwise there will be such actions.

Jia Xuwen is still thinking about Shen Honglei, why is the Shan Dynasty, ordered to join the West Lake Academy?

What is the relationship between this?

At this moment, he and strict hearts were slightly jumped twice, and the back ridge was a bit cold.

They look at each other.

"There is a situation!" Jia Xuwen's expression became serious. "Let's follow the Shenmen Lord to rush to Xihu College as soon as possible!"

And when they didn't think it was wrong, it was the moment that "Wen Taoist" rushed to the mountains stayed before.

"Does Jia Chang have been here with a serious and old? I am looking for them!"

"Wen people" smiled and asked the disciples of the mountain.

Those disciples looked at each other and shook their heads Qi Qi.

Jia Xushen only wrapped around this side with strict political details, and actually did not come to this mountain, so how these disciples may know.

The face of "Wen people" suddenly bluntly, "I don't know, I don't know what it is to keep the mountain. Even someone can't see it!"

The voice of "Wen people" just fell, his white long sword suddenly became black, splitting countless black long swords, slashing towards the disciples of the mountain.

A few minutes later, this mountain is no longer a living.

"Wonderful people" continued to step on the illusory white sword, and began to find it in all parts of Wenchang.

Yu Men's owner has already told other doors, first allowing other disciples to take these deaths, and they start to inspect their elders.

They passed to every peak about finding the task of "Wen Hao", and found that he would immediately report, never move.

However, it is found that there is no information reply on the heads above the peaks, and the disciples under the door have no one reply!

"not good!"

The mainstay of the main trophy of the door is long to the nearest mountain without reactive mountain.

However, it is the blood red.

Because it is a flying sword, so the first thing to see is half mountain waist.

The magnificent mountain ladder is originally bright and white, and now the red blood in the beach is flowing down from the top of the mountain.

The ladder is full of corpses, and one is the head separation.

Obviously, those disciples in these and the door of the House are killed by a person!

And this person is repaired!

Because the disciples of Wenchangpai are all the existence of a hundred miles, if it is not repaired, there is too much, and it is not killed in an instant.