I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at the dean of the Dean in the Monster College.

Look at the sword mark on the body, it should be a group attack skill, and one blow must kill, directly cut off his head, so that these disciples have not reacted.

The head of the door is unstoppable, but it is immediately seen that the flare of the horizon broke out.

The mountains in the distance, the light of various spells illuminates the clouds, spells and swords and collides, causing a burst of flare.


There are dozens of strong people on top of hundreds of peaks, and go directly to the front of the battle.

Yu Men also took the elders to the position.

"Wen people" standing on the black long sword, lazy commanding other black long swords and the countless long-standing in front of them.

Below, the seventeen eight falls in the body of dozens of disciples.

"I know that I will be discovered, but this speed is somewhat fast!"

"Wen people" licked the lips, and the old face appeared in the face, "Unfortunately, I didn't find someone, but I am always in Wenchang, it's okay!"

He looked up and looked around, "Are it all?"

Yu Men flew to the vicinity, there was a huge fireball in his hand, and he went straight to "Wen Tao", "the big thief, dared to kill people in Wenchang!

"Wen people" immediately squatted, "So stupid idiots must not be the person I want to find, then kill down!"

The black long sword under his feet once again split the number of black long swords, and slammed to taste.

It's cold, one hand holds a sword, open the black long sword, but the other hand is to control the fireball to the "Wen Tao".

The number of the surroundings is the same as the same top, helping to have the rest of the black swords, and they are cold and cold.

"Wonderful people" is not afraid, and smiles.

A scene around the shock appeared in front of everyone.

I saw that "Wen people" actually reached out, simply put it directly to the fireball of him.

Have a long hand, block the fireball, and use its spiritual force to directly compress the original red fireball into the dark red fireball of crystal ball size.

The quality and power of this fireball dozens of times even hundreds of times the huge fireball before the previous!

"Wen people" is so easy to take a fireball, and also cut off the fireball and the taste of the taste, and the direct system has made its own skills. This is not ordinary cultivator!

There are still other gorses who have other gates and others.

This person is so strong!

Chapter 64

In the fairyland, in the Wenchang Temple, a transparent album floats in the hall.

Wen Chang Emperor sat on the chair and looked at the original bead in the hall, and the brow was quickly.

Because a red silk is hidden in the original bead.

"Come out!"

Wenchang Emperor suddenly said to the air opening, the eyes did not look away.

Silent in the hall is often, there is no movement.

For a long time, Wen Chang Emperor finally took the eyes from the original bead, stood up from the chair, slowly walked to the original beads, and immediately went to take the original bead.

At this moment, a golden light opened the hand of Wenchang Emperor.

Wenchang Emperor is not intended, and it is cold, "" finally came out, I thought it was, but I didn't expect it to be you! "

A vain appeared slowly from the other side of the original bead.

If the hidden body covers a golden light, people are not clear from the true face of the people.

Wen Chang Di Jun smiled, "Even if you put on the neon, you blocked your appearance and body, but your spell energy, others don't know, I still don't know!"

Come did not speak, just reach out slowly to take it.

The Wenchang Emperor suddenly drifted a long pen, flew to the edge of the original bead, and blocked the man with Jin Guang's hand.

However, after the Wenchang Emperor, there was another vain that covered the golden light.

The vivid shadow slammed into his body.


Wen Chang Emperor turned his body shape, even the pen of the air flying was dropped on the ground.

He slowly lowered, looked at the hand of his chest penetrated, and his blood flowing out of the bloody blood.

That hand is just a sharply retreat, just listen to "" again.

That hand, I pierced the chest of Wenchang Emperor.

A golden energy begins to spread to Wenchang Emperor's whole body from the two pierced cave.

Wen Chang Emperor said, "I didn't expect, you still learned the skills, no wonder ... It turns out that you are rushing from the original bead, it is rushing on me!"

The man did not speak, but she took her hand from the chest of Wenchang Emperor.

I saw that Jin Guang completely spreads to the body of Wenchang Emperor, suddenly fell.

The body of Wenchang Emperor is instantly turned into energy dissipated in the air.

At this time, the raw beads floated in the air suddenly rushed down.

Animated a shadow in the place where Wen Changmijun stands, it is the soul of Wenchang Emperor.

The original bead "" took the soul of Wenchang Emperor, and suddenly disappeared in the air.

The man stretched out, and wanted to grasp this original bead in his hand, but there was no use of slightly, because the original beads were inexplicably disappeared in the air, and I didn't know where I went.

Human world, Wenchangpai.

"Wen people" on the old face, suddenly emerged with a strange fantasy face, he smiled and looked at the strong play in front of it.

"Too good, the province, I will go to one by one, I will see, I will got the door, the time, the door, ... Well ~~ In addition to the door of the diverse, it seems that all are all!" "

"Then send you to the road!"

"Wen people" smiled and said something a little shocked.

His voice just fell, and people who tried all the strong crises and escaped.

However, the black sword under the foot of "Wen people" flew straight, but after the "Wen Tao", a huge black sword broke through the clouds, suddenly swept it toward the surroundings.

The sound of the digital blade intersect!

It is shocked that all the weapons in the hands of Wenchang School are cut off directly by the black sword, and they have their bodies as they are cut off together.

The air is like a dumplings, and the body of dozens of strong people have been separated.

The masters of the whole Wenchangpai are between this trick, and it is dead!

After a taste, I retired thousands of meters, and I can enjoy this sword.

He quickly pulled a bit of red eyes, "No, we can't play him, run! Wenchang party! Leave seeds, in the future!"

"Wen people" saw the corpse that fell from the high altitude, fell to the ground into the ground, can't help but "" ", it means unfortunately.

Look at the remaining ten people, continue to laugh, "Reassure, can't escape! There is no one to escape! Who will not let me take a strict government!"

Haven't finished it, "Wonderful people" suddenly appeared in front of it.

Jia Xushen took a strict effort to Hang Hangzhou, and their two of them had a very fast, a very bad feeling in their hearts.

Strictly and hesitate, "Jia Chang Lao, should we return home?"

Jia Chang was shaking his head, "No, listen to the landlord of Shenmen! Shenmen main is the door of the door, but it is not more than the other door, she has a certain foresight, so strictly according to her words. Executive, now you are ordered to go to the West Lake Academy to learn! And don't stay in the martial art! "

Strictly crowned, what will it be?

Longpin Xuan sat in front of his desk, who is considering how to pass the second comment.

The sudden system has a prompt sound.

"Task: Star College"

"mission failed!"

"Punishment loss taste a month! Timing start! 29 days 23:59:59"

Longpin Xuan:! ! ! ! ! ! !

what's the situation!

He hasn't done anything, just sitting on the chair and thinking about it. This is over for a long time. This task has failed!

what is happening? !

Longpin Xuan is a heartache. Heart's painted a secret fragment is so flying away, and then it is curious.

What is going on, causing his task to cancel this?

Longpin Xuan opened the door of the office and went out.

He walked to the cultivation square, many students were sitting on their own cultivation position to talk about learning.

Longpin Xuan went to the student and saw a tribute student, "Honglian, come!"