I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean, Sean 47th.

Red lotus is a mirror, the body is a mirror, just because the back of the mirror is in the back of the mirror, it is named red lotus.

Honglian is a little curious to refer to himself, see Longpin Xuan nod, stand up from his position, go to him.

"Dean, what do you call me?"

Longpin Xuan nodded, "How do you think your potential?"

Honglian shakes his head, "It's more than the squad leader, I can only go in the middle."

Longpin Xuan shook his head, "No, you have great potential!"

Honglian is in the same place, she is very potential? She didn't listen to it wrong?

But how can I have a feeling of exciting from her body?

Her potential? ! !

Dean said!

Chapter 65 Refining Valley Dan

Longpin Xuan changing a sentence, "Can you control all the mirrors in the world?"

The red lotus said, "We can only fight some of the functions of the mirror," We temporarily use some mirrors around you. To control all the mirrors of the entire human world, are not too might? "

Longpin Xuan frowned, "No, how can it control all the mirror as the mirror! Your goal is this, what other battles, and you don't match you!"

Red lotus stunned, can she do this in the future?

Longpin Xuan continued, "When you can do this, you can master all the information, you can master all the information, you said that you have great potential?"

Honglian is hit, this way, her potential seems to be really big! But can she really cultivate this step?

Longpin Xuan directly opened the guiding surgery.

"You have such potential, so I will practice, I hope that you can achieve all the mirrors of the entire human world, but includes the fairyland and the Buddha world, and the mirror in the whole world is your eyes!"

Red lotus moved, it turned out in the eyes of the dean, her future can achieve this high level!

Maybe this is also the potential she can enter the West Lake Academy?

The strength of Honglian is actually not high. Especially after coming in, although the realm is rapid, the strength is always slightly lower than the same realm.

This makes her some uncomfortable.

But he heard Long Pin Xuan said that she understood that she should focus, her potential is not only reflected in strength, she still has her own characteristics.

"Well!" Longpin Xuan shot her shoulders, seeing her eyes sparkling, interested in cultivating, giving a nod.

As long as the red lotus is cultivated, he is more convenient!

For example, this task, I don't know why I fail!

If the Red Lotus can reach this, Long Pinxuan can use her mirror to go to the human world to find why the reason why it will fail, and the at least will not be passive like this now.

That's a secret fragment!

Ok, Long Pin Xuan is awkward, it is this.

However, since the mission is failed, it has no way.

He touched his throat, but he didn't lose the taste for a month, it didn't matter!

However, this also reminds him that it is necessary to make a task as soon as possible, otherwise I don't know what the external factors, it is possible to cause the mission failure!

Longpin Xuan wants to think, go to the space of the back garden, pick some herbs, return to their own office, prepare to refine some of the Valley Dan.


Longpin Xuan just wanted to push the door of his office, and he saw the dragon and faster.

He stopped the footsteps, turned around, "What?"

Dragon is rushing on Longpin Xuan, saying, "Dean, Wenchang, Jia Xu Wen, who is going to be strictly returned!"

Longpin Xuan slightly, they didn't have much time?

"what's the situation?"

The dragon shook his head, "asked, did not say, just say you want to see you!"

Longpin Xuan is slightly thinking, "That line, bringing them to my office, let the little ghost prepare some tea and pastries."

"Yes, the dean!"

Dragon has commanded the little ghost and went to lead Jia Xuwen and strictly.

Longpin Xuan sits behind his desk, waving from the cabinet in the side, taking a tens of empty porcelain bottles from inside, and open it on the table.

Subsequently, he stretched his left hand, and his hand took a cluster of golden flames.

"Golden Valley flower 1 plant, full of fullness, ..."

Long Pu Xuan took the same pesticide from another storage bag extracting a good herbal medicine, threw it into the golden flame of the left hand.

Herbs will soon be concentrated by golden flames.

When Dragon Bars took Jia Xuwen and strictly entered the president's office, he saw that Long Pin Xuan was sitting behind the table for refining Dan.

Among the golden flames, the designer of herbal extract begins with gradually blending, gradually dividing, forming hundreds of tanneous medicines in the sky.

"Well, Yutan, complete!"

Dragon is lightly opens the porcelain bottle cover in front of them, putting the refined medicinal medicine.

"Meet the dean!"

Dragon and strict political rigid hose, and Jia Xuwen behind him saw that here, naturally followed the ceremony.

"Well, come, sit!"

Longpin Xuan pointed to the opposite chair, "You don't have to welcome!"

When the little ghost came into the office, after he was squatted, he nodded with everyone, put down the tray held in his hand, and went out.

On the pallet on the coffee table, two cups of hot tea, there are also several discs.

The snack looks very beautiful, and it is very delicious.

Dragon is grateful to Jia Xuwen and strictly sit down, walk to the side of Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan looked at Jia Xuwen and righteousness, a little curious asked, "How did Jia Chang always come back?"

Jia Xuwen laughed, "I belong to Wenchang School's bureau, our Shen Honglei Shenmen owner has ordered, and dispatching the elderly to the West Lake Academy training, so there is no need to take him away!"

Longpin Xuan suddenly, "It turned out to be like this!"

Strictly, it is a look of the heart, "I know that I will not go, my K song competition has not participated yet, and it is now estimated."

Jia Xuwen is a slap in strict junior head, "What K Song Competition! Serious!"

Strict rule: endure! Who let him now fight Jia Xuwen! But sooner or later, this account is going back!

Longpin Xuan continued to make a refining, a good Valley Dan.

However, at this time, his hand suddenly shaked, stopped.

They have just been returned, then their tasks have failed, then will this both will be related?

Still, because they return it, and his mission is originally going to carry out the second comment. Now the two key characters of this first comment are not going back, that is, there is no second comment, so it failed ?

Lying in the trough! This is not the ghosts they do. !

Longpin Xuan raised his head and looked at Jia Xuwen and strict political eyes a bit wrong.

His that is a secret fragment!

The North Wind is floating! The heart is broken!

Longpin Xuan really wants to cry without tears, you said that the landlord is true, it is not to go up with this joint.

Jia Xushen is a smile, "Dean, can I join the West Lake Academy? Although I am a little, my strength is still good!"

Longpin Xuan opened the guiding surgery, got up and down, Jia Xuwen,

Chapter 66 Experiment Class

This look ...

Ok, there is actually there is no colorful place.

Jia Xuwen's qualifications is better than ordinary people, and has not reached the requirements of Long Puxuan.

Therefore, Longpin Xuan Lisao is not politely refused.

"The West Lake Academy only recruits genius, the strength is not good, but the qualifications can't be good ... Sorry."

Long Pin Xuan's words made Jia Xuwen sighed, this result, he had already thought that it didn't care, but it was a little emotion. "Well, strictly returned to the college, my mission is also completed."

He looked at the strict government, and he looked at Long Pin Xuan. He hesitated for a moment or said unknown to the bottom of the heart.

"This time, our head of our company is actively put forward to strictly joining Xihu College, and must hurry over, I guess what the Wenchang is possible, so I will remind the dean here, then I will come again. People, still pay more attention. "

Jia Xuwen hesitated, continued, "and since the dean, may I live in the college?"