I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 48 in the Monster College.

Longpin Xuan did not answer, just looked at the dragon.

Dragon Bulk Horse Answer, "Jia Chang Lao, is really embarrassed, our West Lake Academy will not receive non-participative members, you can enter the college or by our approval, the dean approved, so ..."

Jia Xuwen nodded, "Well, then I will live in Hangzhou to find a house, this still needs the dragon brother to recommend it!"

Dragon is looked at Long Pin Xuan, seeing he has no objection, it should be underway.

Jia Xushen quickly took away from Dragon, strictly planned to leave, but was shouted by Longpin Xuan.

"Strict government!"

Longpin Xuan's voice is a bit heavy, and he has already guess the reason for his mission failure, and it should be a problem in Wenchang.

The content of the task passes the second comment, but if the people of the second comment, there is no one, and this task naturally has failed.

Strictly standing in the table of Longpin Xuan, the brain is also thinking about Jia Xuwen.

"When I just greeted, you heard, what do you think?"

Longpin Xuan got out of direct point, seeing to strictly, he wants to listen to strict administration for this guess.

Longpin Xuan guess Wenchang dispatched, because the task failed, indirect guess.

Jia Xuen is speculated according to the behavior of Shenmen's main behavior. After all, Jia Xuwen and Shenmen main deal have more, and it is more known.

But what is it thinks, Long Pinxuan wants to know, he wants to see what is strictly involved in this matter.

Strictly, he felt danger, but where did it feel, he couldn't say it.

Although he is the most talented disciple of his life, he is the youngest elder. It is also the main support for Shenmen, but after all, it is light, and the time is limited to Shenmen, saying that he can be from Shenmen. From the perspective of action, it is obviously impossible.

So strictly strictly know that he is a bit, and he lifted his head. "I feel really dangerous, so I will leave and Jia Long left, but how to feel, I don't know, I feel ..."

The guiding surgery of Longpin Xuan is still open, he suddenly discovered that in strict introduction page, there is more characteristics above:

Lying in the trough, this qualification can also be improved!

Longpin Xuan understands that as long as it is guided, the qualification is not a constant, or it can be improved, but what is the key point of this improvement?

Longpin Xuan stood up and went around and saw it. "What do you do recently ... Uh .....................

Strictly squeezing, "Special things? Just practice some songs are ready to participate in the competition, there is nothing special!"

Longpin Xuan slightly sinks for a while, and waving his hand, let him go out.

So what is the reason, so that it is strictly about this qualification?

Longpin Xuan has a bit of itchy. If you find this reason, he can make many qualifications that have gradually qualified.

In fact, it is a genius of the genius, and the college is definitely, but if you collect the students who are not genius, they teach them into genius students, that is the truly powerful college.

Longpin Xuan also has such a thought.

Regarding the situation of Wenchang sent things, Longpin Xuan said that he is also very helpless, this uncontrollable factor affects the task, it is really Taibon.

Of course, if the Wenchang Pai really comes, those who kill people will come to strict political, Longpin Xuan said he didn't care.

After all, Hangzhou is not vegetarian, and the demon family is supported behind, there is not much not long, and it is directly in the human world and the demon.

Especially now, Hangzhou into the city's monsters are more and more, the monsters and cultivars "brainwashing" by Longpin Xuan are increasing every month, really want to make, these monsters and cultivators are enough to eat a pot .

Longpin Xuan thought here, he walked out of the office, he was going to use the guide to see other students, or there is also qualified changes.

On the cultivation square, in addition to the early course, the students also have to relax in Hangzhou, but most of the time, the students will practice here.

So Long Puxuan can see that most of the students are basically in the cultivation square.


This doesn't look close, and I am shocked by Long Pin Xuan.

The participants in the field have added their qualifications.

For example, the peach monster, there is more than a skill that is famous for growth.

what is happening?

Why are these students qualified?

Longpin Xuan is happy to envy, how do you not increase?

No, you should find this key points!

However, these are old students, and they can no longer improve their qualifications later.

It is better to choose a new student and easier to do experiment.

If you don't practice, it is not good, and it is not good or bad.

Well, the previous primary and secondary schools did not have experimental classes, perfect!

Dragon's Horn hook, he is really smart!

But who is the experimental class?

Nowadays, the West Lake Academy has an obvious shortcomings.

That is the power of teachers, and now the teacher resources have only one person, as this college, certain is not enough.

But I want to truly let these geniuses, the general people or demon assaults cannot be eligible.

Unless you come to fairy.

Ok, it is not practical for the time being, so this experiment class can only bring himself.

The next day, Hangzhou

"I heard it, the dean has to open an experimental class, recruit a group of new students!"

"Really? What kind of access conditions do you need? Can I sign up?"

Chapter 67 Opening

The whole Hangzhou has set off a wave.

Labondary West Lake Academy will recruit students again this year, and recruiting experimental classes.

This rumor has spread outwards from Hangzhou, and countless cultural practitioners and monsters have been in the outside of Hangzhou.

There are also people with immortals, and they have embarked on the road to Hangzhou.

These people are more likely to enter Hangzhou than practitioners and monsters, but there are more people, and Hangzhou has also restricted and controlled.

A large number of human beings are gathered outside the Hangzhou City.

Inns near Hangcheng, all are crowded with people.

Many monsters habits are all sophisticated and cultivated.

Because once in this period, the surrounding practitioners are enough to eat a pot.

Of course, there are also many monsters and cultivators. Once they take their heads, they will start by the people of the West Lake, attacking around the group.

For a time, the across the entire Hangzhou included the surrounding positions.

And they are waiting for a message.

That is the West Lake Academy, you will have an experimental class!

A young face is Junmei, sitting on a car, and his surrounded by two beautiful women.

And at the bottom of the speed, a huge black big sword is a speed, come to Hangzhou.

There are also many cultivars that are similar to the flying flying. I saw this youth like this. Some people have envied. Some people think this is a playwood, and the cultivation will be clear, of course, some people believe in the only thing, but also Some people envy this youth's repair, not only can put the speed on his flying sword, but also bring two people.

The youth is not to care about what people think.

Just start, there are many cultivars around him. He didn't care, but flying for so long, the surrounding practitioners did not decrease, but also increased, but let him have some doubts.

Originally, go out on the road, encountering a cultivator is often something.

But more and more ...

The youth is curious from the window above the speed, shouting the nearest cultivator, "Excuse me, what is more and more? Is there any treasure for the former?"

This question, not only this practitioner looks at him with a surprised look, and other cultivars who also listened to him have also seen it.

This cultivator has a little surprised to answer, "No, you are not going to Hang Hang City? Hangcheng has such a big thing, I thought it was all going to Hang Hang, and I also asked you as a competitor. ""

Other cultivators have also opened.

"Yeah, I am going to Hangzhou!"

"Must go, the West Lake Academy will recruit students again. It is said that it will be promoted to the West Lake Academy, and it will be promoted!

This practitioner is curious to see youth, "Don't you go to Hangzhou?"

The youth is slight, and then laugh, "No, I am going to Hangzhou, but I didn't expect people to go to Hangzhou!"

This cultivator is somewhat disappointed. "I thought you were not going to Hangzhou, it seems that there is a strong competitor!"

The youth returned to the head, and he has summed up this reason in a few of his cultivars talking to each other.

First of all, all of these people are to Hangzhou, more intuitive, should be to the West Lake Academy! The reason is that the West Lake Academy will recruit students again.

Second, they regard him as a competitor, the reason is what he is now showing.