I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 49th in the Monsters College.

Originally, he just thought about his harassment on the road, taking this way.

Of course, it is also more comfortable along the way.

However, the current result made him a little surprised, and the West Lake Academy enrised an enrollment, and there would be such a big impact, and so many practitioners will tease.

This West Lake Academy is not simple!

He wants to get rushed from the West Lake College, it is estimated that it is not so simple.

That's right, this youth is the person who predicts "Wen Henture" before.

However, this face is not his true face, and it is not known.

Youth followed people to the most peripheral in Hangzhou.

Because there are many people, we have also set up many temporary places, and there are some small vendors.

I don't have a bad couple, I am not afraid of death, I want to make money.

Especially now, Hangzhou has a monster as a helper, so in addition to those who are not afraid of dead human beings, there are some little demon acting as a vendor. Of course, some is to help others, some are what they want to make money.

The entire Hangzhou people have never been so busy.

Young people stand on the speed of the car, watching the people and monsters below the next dense, the scalp is a numb.

Although most of the cultivators and monsters are not his opponent, but people can bite more than, let alone the college with such a big appeal.

You can't help but appear such a picture before yourself. He also grasped strictly in the face of the college, and then all the cultivars and monsters kill him.

As a result, he killed half of the cultivator and monster, and he was exhausted.

too frightening!

Youth shakes the head.

Low-strobe point, see if you can sneak it, it's going to be strict, if you can't do it.

The youth has undergone this decision, first take a look, don't positive a patriarchy!

"Out! Go out!"

"Hey! Don't talk, the delegation came out!"

A golden clouds in the central air of Hangzhou flashed, and Xiang Yun flew out.

Many of the cultivators and monsters warned each other, and the sound immediately turned down. The whole whole Hangzhou was quiet, only the sound of the rubber and friction, and some daily animals called.

Longpin Xuan Qing has clear his throat, opened the guiding surgery, then stepped on Xiangyun to the air, under the eyes of everyone, he had a huge golden humanistic vain behind him, allowing everyone to repair It's still not repaired, you can see it clearly.

"Hello, everyone!"

"I am very honored to see everyone here today!"

Longpin Xuan politely two sentences.

However, it comes to the entire Hangzhou explosive applause.

Longpin Xuan reached out and pressed against it, and the applause gradually went.

"Everyone gathers here, they must be coming to the school!"

"West Lake Academy is originally adhering to students who have enclosed qualifications for students, to tailor-made exercises for them, let them grow rapidly, become peerless genius!"


"There is only a few minority, most people and demon, qualifications are certain."

"So, I want to create a way, a method of improving qualification!"

Dragon Pin Xuan said, let people and monsters in Hangzhou and monsters are stunned.

Chapter 68 Registration Conditions

Enhance qualification?

Is the qualification not born?

Can you improve?

Is this dean be against the sky? !

No one or the demon suspect Dragon Pin Xuan This dean is really able to create such a way.

Because Longpin Xuan uses guiding surgery.

Of course, the strength is stronger, although I always feel that there is no right for these words, I don't think about it, I have to stand out and ask.

So although everyone is stunned, there is still no one to stand out to talk about it.

Longpin Xuan is very satisfied with the current effect, he continues to say, "This is a very difficult process, so the West Lake Academy decided to open an experimental class, recruiting the experimental class, will conduct test teaching on these students, find out that Method method of qualification. "

"Of course, this will have a risk, it is very likely that the qualifications will never improve, and it will even be ruined, but if it is successful, there is a genius from a qualification!"

"The risks, don't use more to say that it is yourself!"

"Registration is full of voluntary!"

"The experimental class recruits 50 students, half of which can be recruited, and the other half of the students are recruited, and the cultivation is only the following!"

"The registration point is the landiece building inside and outside the Hangzhou, 10 days later, registration is deadline!"

Longpin Xuan has finished, the golden light is closed, and the waters of Xihu will sink into the West Lake.

Many people in the inside and outside of Hangzhou looked at each other, and some people didn't intend to ask. "Do you sign up?"

But then, the entire Hangzhou instantly boils.

"Register! Original qualifications, then practice, now there is a chance to improve qualification, why not sign up?"

"But the improvement is very likely to fail!"

"Yes, failure is not hurt is the disabled, saying that I have lost my life ..."

"Where is the practice of cultivation, which is afraid of death! I am afraid of dying to practice!"

Many scattered refers to experimentation, for them, they don't care about this.

"It's all died in the morning and evening, why don't you fight, then, the West Lake Academy is so powerful, maybe it is successful!"

"Well, then I will try it too!"

These are cultivators, of course, there are also a lot of monsters.

"Your human body is not working, the experiment is definitely in our demon, the success rate is high!"

Many monsters feel that this is right, including many people think so.

So some qualified monsters, if the physique before the formation is very good, I feel that I can try it, I also regret.

There are still some monsters to be quite too bad, can't make it, or very worship the West Lake Academy, I feel that the dean will definitely be realized, and they have also signed up.

The ordinary people who have not been repaired are more.

Originally, they did not cultivate qualifications. Life is short for decades, and many old people, poor students, people who are not old, and they have registered.

In particular, people in Hangzhou have seen those cultivators and monsters to cultivate breakthroughs. It has a blind self-confidence in the dean, and the people of almost many Hangzhou are registered.

The people and demon inside and outside the Hangzhou are registered.

There is a good qualification, specially caught, but caught up with the difference in recruitment, naturally, I won't enter the test class, waiting for the normal recruitment of the next Xihu College.

In addition, it is good to think that it is good, and I want to try the next recruiting student, or I am afraid of death. After all, this is an experimental class.

Young people look at the surroundings, he naturally impossible to register.

But he also misses, this kind of thing that is unlikely, how can there be so many people to register?

He sometimes wants to pull an individual asked, but whenever there is this idea, there is always a sound in the brain to let him not go.

After 8 days, youth suddenly suddenly, but asked a question, when did he become so eager?

Youth I don't know that his reaction is the result of the use of guiding surgery.

If you are not strong, he is impossible to wake up in 8 days.

Longpin Xuan still doesn't know, his guiding surgery is also limited, because the people he encountered so far, the strength is not very strong. Of course, even the strength of youth can be affected 8 days, and it can be seen that the guiding surgery.

Young people pulled a person in the street and asked, "Are you signed up?"

The man nodded, "report it!"

Young doubts, "Isn't it afraid of death?"

The man asked, "It's just possible, then I have entered the college, I really have a matter, the delegant will not manage?"

Youth: ... It's so reasonable! He actually wate!

In fact, most people think so.

The dean is so powerful, after the college people really have something, the dean will definitely want to protect!

Risk is also to look at it is very college!

Youth continued to ask, "Do you believe this West Lake Academy?"

The man asked, "Don't believe it, what are you doing? Ah, no, don't believe it, you don't sign up! Right right!"