I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in Segad of Dean in the Monster College.

Youth natural will not register.

The man learned that young people won't sign up, "Not signed up, less competitors!"

Youth: ... These people are crazy!

Yes, it is not very understanding that the people and monsters of the West Lake Academy have been seen. These people and demon are crazy, but they have heard the people and demon, they will envy and regret, and of course, there is also a grape and say grapes. .


Because they know the results of qualified qualities.

The youth suddenly responded, he seems to have forgotten something, forgot to ask that people have seen it in Hangzhou.

Youth has been pursued again, "Xiongtai!"

That person is vigilant, "How? Have you repent? Also register?"

Youth: ... Heart is tired, swollen!

Longpin Xuan sat in his own office, looked at the registration information sent by the dragon, shocked, but the face is still light, it seems that this is very normal, he has long expected.

"There are a lot of people registered, a little trouble!"

Longpin Xuan's heart is a crit out of 100,000 "lying troughs"!

Although he does not really engage in the human test in those students, the most is the kind of primary and secondary school experimental classes, but the people here don't know.

Many current experiments are some dark experiments, what is the body grafting, the human behemoth.

In Long Pu Xuan, he said that after tone, the person who at least half of the person will not sign up.

This is still a good time, it is easy to control, and to reduce the pressure of his screening, but did not expect that there are so many people to sign up.

Chapter 69 Xu Xian

Longpin Xuan opened the information registered.

Hey, it is quite qualified!

Oh, it's not very bad, it is the genius of the Bi West Lake Academy.

Thick bamboo books have grown into a thin piece, and each piece writes a registered name and information, it seems to be compared.

Longpin Xuan looked at dozens of bamboo books on the table, this is almost tens of thousands of people?

10,000 people selected 50,, more difficult than the University!

Longpin Xuan did not come from some pride, 50,000 people selected, that is, five thousandth, which is 2.

The college, now opens the modern 211, 985 students!

Yep? The name of this person.

Longpin Xuan saw a familiar name.

Xu Xian!

Xu Xian, the word Han Wen, is the legend of the legend with Bai Suzhen?

Longpin Xuan is intended, this Xian is said to say that the qualifications of Covence Buddha are very good, but they have also signed up!

He looked at the information he filled in.

The information is written above is not repaired, although there is an application for the science, but the list is.

There is no detailed information on the bamboo book, but it is still a possibility that this is probably the Bai Suzhen.

Longpin Xuan touched the Pakistan, if Xu Xian entered the college, under his tube, even if there is anything Bai Suzhen, it is estimated that this situation is now to be unemployed.


Longpin Xuan, took out a blank bamboo book, the first line above, and wrote the name of Xu Xian.

Xu Xian didn't know that the dean helped him got a small back door and was selected directly.

Longpin Xuan continues to look at the registered information, Well, so many information, when is it going to see when you look!

It is time to show real technology!

He stood up, reached out, the tens of bamboo books in the table, flew to the air slowly, and made a huge text wall in the air.

The text is dense, and the light can make the head.

Longpin Xuan has a big hand, and bamboo books have begun to change the position, divided into two.

All of the registered registrations are cultivated, and all of the following registrations are not repaired.

"There are 24 remaining, and there are 25 left left."

Longpin Xuan fits, draws 49 circles in the air, after chaos, followed by huge text walls in the air.

Soon two pieces, the above 24 circles, another 25 circles, all appeared on the text wall.

Longpin Xuan took the pen and flew the name and number of the circle and fill the bamboo book in his hand.

He proudly looked at the selected student written on his own book, he is really smart!

Sure enough, randomly extracted is the most fair choice!

Xu Xian was just arrived at the sake of the joy of the joy, and there was one or two tree demon and herbal monsters in Qing Hutang. Xu Xian is a book in the book, and there is a sister. His sister is already married.

His brother-in-law is called Li Guofu, which is a catch.

Because now Hangzhou is stable, only need to solve the small things in neighborhoods in neighborhoods, basically don't have to go to the court, and Li Gongwang is also easier.

According to the reason, Xiangxiang, Xiangxiang, Xu Xian, will have a lot of happy screen monsters to accompany him.

But Xu Xian didn't know how to agree, there is always a voice telling him that it can't do this.

So, in addition to his sister Xu Jiao, he did not agree with him with him.

Later, I heard the Xihu College opened an experimental class. After the business of my sister, Xu Xianli was registered.

Although it is not necessarily selected, it is also a chance.

Xu Xian was tsing the medicine while thinking about God.

"I'm coming!"

"It's the people of the West Lake, they are to notify the selected person!"

"I don't know who is so good, I can be selected."

"Really, I don't know how to choose."

"Experimental class, maybe there is any request, it is estimated that it is as required!"

"Come! They walked into a pharmacy!"

"Yes! Celebrate Yu Tang! They walked into the rest of the house!"

Dragon is collar in Xiaoyan, personally informing these 50 people.

The young hand holds the roster of the person.

This is the requirements of Longpin Xuan, let them confirm the candidates in the door, let them sign the top of the roster to distinguish between true and false.

If people do not match the name, signature is naturally not signed.

And the sign is, it is the people of the West Lake Academy.

Dragon and Xiaoqing stood in front of Xu Xian, looking at him to look at the front of God.

Small green dramatic reach out swayed in front of him.

Xu Xian returned to God, and suddenly he saw two people in front of him, scared, and the hammer in his hand was almost.

However, when he finally saw the two people in front of it, it was in the original place, and the hammer in his hand was still getting off.

When the hammer will have to smash his own feet, the hammer is stagnant in the air.

"I am so scared! I am clearly like this beautiful and cute! The eyes really need to treat it!"

Xiao Jieqi did his mouth, and his finger got some hihal hammer, so that after the hammer floated, he grabbed it, placed on the table.

Xu Xian finally returned to God, walked out of his desk, rushing to the dragon and Xiaoqing, deep, "In the UK, I saw the Vice President and Xiaoqing girl."

Dragon is nodded, "Congratulations, Xu Xian, won the qualifications of the experimental classes of the West Lake College!"

Xiaoqing sometimes became more and more, no funny, respectfully hold the roster, turn it over to the contract page, let Xu Xian sign.

"Please sign your own blood!"

Xu Xianzheng went to take a pen, but he heard the dragon said.

He biting his teeth, bit his index finger, wrote his name on the contract page.

Long Pinxuan In his office, I only felt that the two Dragon Bosses in her body suddenly had a conversion speed. It seems that your air transport seems to have added a lot.

He picked his eyebrows. "This time the experimental class has a relationship with my own repair?!"

"That is, then you can't play, I have to go see!"

Longpin Xuan pushed the office door and left straight to the college.

Dragon and Xiaoqing looked at the signature of the bloody dragon flies, and then looked at Xu Xian, a smile, nodded.