I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 51

"Please set it in the West Lake before 5 pm tomorrow, you only need to report your name!"

Xu Xian excitedly on his chest, "Good! Must! I said that I will be on time!"

Chapter 70 honesty

Longpin Xuan came out from the passage of the West Lake and came to the place where the new student collections.

50 new students stand together on the West Lake and keep talking.

50 signatures are smooth, but the collection is not.

Because the first written in the roster is Xu Xian, the first stop of the dragon is to celebrate.

After this stop, the people and demon in Hangzhou know the location and time of the new student of the West Lake Academy.

Many people have started to move their brains and demon.

Several people who have not been repaired are behind the dragon, and they have been smashed and changed to their appearance. Prepare to pretend to enter the college.

Longpin Xuan slowly walked to the front of these new students.

He has publicly exposed it, causing all the people to recognize him.

So Long Pinxuan came out and was respectful in respect of everyone, including those new students.

"The dean is good!"

Longpin Xuan rushed to nodded.

It is now 3 o'clock in the afternoon, Long Pu Xuan believes that he is coming so early, but he did not expect that these new students have reached the field.

Dragon and Xiaoqing are naturally waiting here, and it is to prevent some emergencies.

Longpin Xuan did not speak, then there is a rushing from a street, shouting on the West Lake, "Someone pretended me!"

This person was scattered, and the clothes on the body were a little messy. The face was very anxious.

But everyone is clear, the face is exactly the same as a person in a new student.

The new student's face "" has changed!

He rushed to the side of the way, and used the dangerous eyes to look at his other students shouted. "No, I don't, I am really!"

Seeing them some don't believe, the new student turned to look at Longpin Xuan, "The Dean is wise! The man is framed!"

Longpin Xuan picked his eyebrows and looked at the dragon.

Dragon is busy, "It is my negligence, I am working out!"

Said, the dragon broke out of a big momentum, and an angry raised from him.

However, he has not spoke, and he was interrupted by Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan took his shoulder, "I am coming!"

Longpin Xuan rushed on Xiaoqing, "Xiao Qing, you started."

Xiaoyan nodded, holding the list of experimental classes, "Xu Xian!"

Xu Xian took a step forward and reached out his own hands tall, "to! I am here!"

Longpin Xuan directly opened the guiding surgery, saw the words next to Xu Xian, sure to nod, "Next!"

Watching the lively people and demon, see this situation, and discuss it.

"Dean can tell the true and false by the name of the name?"

"You are stupid, it is estimated that the dean just wants to meet the new student, see the name and people do not match!"

"You think too much, I mean that the dean has long seen which people are pretending! Deliberately let them pass the horse!"

"It's hard to say, maybe it's just a scorpion, what is it surrounded?"

"But those people are really, posing as a person who does not deal with that person, leading to such a situation, I want me ..."

"Get it, you are really stupid, every time the West Lake Academy will be signed on a roster! I heard that this rookie can be artifact, just like some big garthes you want to soul light, for It is to confirm the life and death of the students. If the new student is dead, the West Lake Academy has already found it! "

"Just, there will be no one will do so, unless it is a fool! But the fool can't think of such a good way to pretend to go in."

"Yeah, I am not discovered, I said that I really want to enter the college, I will have the following policy, anyway, I have not hurt my life, I have found a punishment."

"It makes sense! Sure enough, it is a college class, and you are teaching!"

"Accepting, good quality, before I exported some indecent, don't mind in the brothers!"

"Nothing, nothing, people are a demon!"

"Zheng Hui!" Xiaoqing is still in the registration, Long Pin Xuan also looked at the past, and quickly reported to the students who said to pretend to be others.

The student said very calmly.

Longpin Xuan glanced at it, and his eyes flashed.

This student has no abnormalities!

He turned his head to standing opposite, the miserable youth of the ragged clothes, he was still talking to the surrounding people said that he was attacked.

As a result, the name of the information that appears in the youth is completely different.

Longpin Xuan hooks the mouth of the mouth, nodded by Xiaoqing, "Next!"

The people around this suddenly suddenly became a moment, and they all broke out in an instant.

"What did the dean adult just say? Next?"

"You didn't hear wrong, I also heard it is the next!"

"In this way, the one just called Zheng Hui is not pretending?"

"Is it here?"

Many people and demon brushing on the side.

"False Zheng Hui" has changed, and the eyes that can kill people can kill people, and asked the gods and stress of the adults, "I am really, why ..."

Longpin Xuan is just a touch of attention, "It is good to be a demon. Honest and trustworthiness is morality, there is a morality, there is ideal, there will be a future, don't let others look down!"

These words are Dragon Pin Xuan's use of guiding surgery.

"False Zheng Hui" stunned there, full of brains were repeating this sentence, and a shades rushed to the cheek.

His figure has begun to change, a thin monkey appears in front of everyone, it is squatting, rushing a few heads, standing, standing up, the face is red, and the last few words, " I am sorry!"

People around them are shocked, and they are also admired.

The university said, there is really true! Say he is fake, he is really fake!

Many people and demon, whether there is still a cultivation, still not repaired, and it began to ponder in this sentence.

"Jin Yu Liang Yan! This is the Jinyu Liang Yan!"

An old man wearing a student's robe, excited shouting, "If people all the world are honest and trustworthy, this world is not peaceful!"

Followed by it, suddenly there are several kinds of sound, there are several cultivars and monsters, directly on the floor, their cultivation is because of the comprehension of their own products, it actually stepped out a big cut. Consolidate the repair in place.

The people around also consciously reduced the sound of his speech, waiting until those people and demon consolidated the repair to stand up.

Everyone has deeply embarrassed to Longpin Xuan, "Xie Dean Guide!"

Chapter 71 has a thousand miles to meet

Flame small bottle reminds you: look after the collection (), then look more convenient.

Long Pu Xuan is uncomfortable to wave, turn his head again to see Xiaoqing, "Next!"

At this time, in the new student, there were several people who came out, and they have changed their appearance, and they rushed to Longpin Xuan, and immediately disappeared in the crowd.

Longpin Xuan looked at 42 new students present, silence.

He also doesn't have any other movements, just standing there quietly.

The people around them have been waiting, and the dragon and Xiaoqing are no exception. Although Xiaoyan is anxious, it is not much to say like Dragon Pin Xuan.

After two quarters, the remaining 8 participants have been released and brought out from their place.

Some people who are pretending to bring themselves, some are left around the place where they are closed, let the people around them or demon rescue, and they are directly detained the door lock dropped, tied The rope is loose, running out.

In short, 50 real students finally gathered in the collection point.

This next Hangzhou has once again set off the name of this dean.

I know that this thing is before the consequences and demon, no one is admiring.

There is no movement, there is no long story, there is no other means.

Just a sentence, let the people who are pretending to automatically appear, let the students who are tied, they are released.

Who can get it?

Only the dean of the West Lake Academy can get!

For a while, the famous school is more far, many colleges know the original Qiantang County. Now Hangzhou has a new college. It is called the West Lake Academy. The college's dean is deep, and morality is high, so many monsters They are all fade, and Hangzhou has a similarity of people and demon.

Longpin Xuan can not know that he is in this one, bringing such a good effect, if you know, you may have a happiness.