I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the dean in Segasia. 52

He was walking step by step by step in this time.

"Because our experimental class is different from other classes, it is mainly whether the qualifications of the experiment itself can be improved, so everyone will give the skills to be tailored to it, and after the experiment, after the specific class, I will detail Introduction, now let's take a look at your brothers and sisters. "

Longpin Xuan came to cultivate the square.

The top of the cultivation square, dozens of cultivators and monsters are sitting, but many have woken up from entries.

Because I know today is the day of experimentation, they also want to see new brothers and sisters.

Longpin Xuan glanced at the cultivation plaza, except for one person in the middle of the year? The rest have stood up? Look at this side.

He nodded slightly, showing satisfactory looks? His students are still very polite.

Longpin Xuan looks at the most in front of the cultural refinery.

The man is fluttering, black long hair dance? With the beautiful appearance? Unparalleled moving.

She closed her eyes, slightly frowned, and the breath continued to climb, it was Bai Suzhen.

Longpin Xuan slightly eyes? Whozai's body is rapidly ablation? I don't know how, at this time, the Buddha seeds in her body began to vibrate, and they became very fast, Bai Suzhen's strength Flying quickly.

The new classmates of the experimental class looked at the various beauty guys in the field? There was the most prominent white beauty, and it was shocked.

They are all defined. The morphology in the monsters is also limited. Some are only the appearance of themselves is not bad. They can't make changes in the change, and some people are very qualifications? Or simply do not practice people Nature cannot be more similar to the cultivator.

I have to know that there is a saying? One white cover is ugly, the practitioners generally have a very poor look, the reason is that there are many toxins and impurities in the body, which is equivalent to being trained by the body. It looks naturally.

And Xu Xian is standing in the same place. There is only the white beauty in his eyes. The beauty is slightly frowning, let him feel pamper, want to smash her brow, do not want her to be hurt .

Destiny is like this.

There is a thousand miles to meet.

Longpin Xuan did not have a trace of Xu Xian, seeing him seeing the direction, Hede is Bai Suzhen, his mouth slightly outlined a smile.

He has to see, there is him, there is a college, how to dismount these two people!

However, if the law is also entered into the college ...

I can try it later, but the step is still a step by step, and I don't know how Bai Suzhen still can't see Xu Xian.

Longpin Xuan did not immediately introduce the experimental class, but let them stand, and suddenly go to Bai Suzhen, with guiding surgery, look at her current body monster operation.

In the discovery, it is only a speed of ablation, and there is no other sequelae, I just nodded.

When the Buddha's seeds in the body, the speed of the ablation was finally stable, and finally slowly opened his eyes.

Her monster rose a big trio, maybe she has finished all of the Buddha's seeds, and it can be flying.

Bai Suzhen stood up and worship the Long Pin Xuan.

After Longpin Xuan, I rushed to her, "Okay, I brought your new brother and sister, let's take a book!"

Bai Suzhen naturally knew his situation, it should be waiting for a lot of time, and smiled and took the lead, rushing to the new student of the experimental class, "The new classmates, I am really sorry, I am Bai Suzhen, I have just cultivated to the critical juncture, I don't get up to welcome everyone, forgive me. "

Xu Xianlian looked at the red, and he didn't say a word.

Still, several other students have no relationships.

There are still many girls who are still red, and they are called white sister.

With the head of Bai Suzhen, the other old students have introduced themselves, and the scene is full of time.

Longpin Xuan gave them a half-hour time, then took the person in the experiment to another direction after cultivating the square.

That is a single-family small building, the central room is the most wide, there is a hundred rooms in the top, living in all people.

"I will choose a room for 10 minutes. As a place where you live in the future, after 10 minutes, in the first floor, it is the collection of your future cultivation."

Longpin Xuan stands in front of them. "Everything needs everything in the room can be said to the three ghosts, and the three ghosts are responsible for everyone's living!"

Three ghosts suddenly emerged from the air, rushing to many new students, then differentiated dozens of black shadows, with them went upstairs.

Chapter 72, the growth needs efforts

Three ghosts naturally got a lot of benefits because of Long Pin Xuan.

The energy in his body is much more ghost. After combining the demon, there are several new capabilities, one of which is shadow.

The three ghosts can be brought to shadows according to their own ghosts, with the demon, have the same wisdom as him, and they can pass the information to the main body.

Now the strength of the three ghosts is unknone, it has been promoted to the 4th level of the demon, and it will be able to promote the demon king. According to the monster strength, it is very fast.

Many of the experimental classes under the leadership of the three ghost shadows, choosing their own room, and then returned to the laboratory hall in the specified time.

The hall is empty, in addition to having a table in front, there is no stool and chair in the lobby, only one painting is a checkered lattice, five rows, a total of ten rows, divide the whole hall 50 square lattice.

Longpin Xuan stood on the top of a little higher, said in some students who stood at the door of the lobby. "Come in, everyone selection a checked."

When I heard Long Pu Xuan, all the students were only in the hall, and they chose the checkered standing.

Early students have chosen the nearest lattice from Long Pin Xuan, and since the urgent psychology they want to accept.

Longpin Xuan saw that after all people stood, they will open the mouth. "All cultivated people raise my hand, do not include demon!"

The rare range in the field has a few hands, a total of 5 people, that is, the remaining 20 cultivation are monsters.

In the entire experimental class, the cultivated people and the demon are 25 people, but all of them are all people, 25 people.

Longpin Xuan nodded, "So need to change, all of the monsters are changed to my left hand, the cultivation of the cultivation is in the middle, and the rest of the rightmost is not cultivated."

The students have changed their choice of position in accordance with Long Pin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan nodded, "

The students around them nodded, and some envyed the classmates of the monsters.

The classmates of the monsters one by one is stringing for the guidance of Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan stood in front of the first demon.

This is a tree demon can be seen, and there are many branches and vines made a lot of branches on the clothes. Although the face and the body have changed to human form, the main body is still a tree demon or A female tree demon.

Longpin Xuan opened the guiding surgery, and she watched her qualifications carefully.

Greenow woman

Willow monster

Potential value: 1 star

Safety: 2 stars

Strength: Level 1

Special physique: no

Special talent: no

This qualification can be said that it is really possible to have a rare in the millennium.

Longpin Xuan suddenly opened up asked "How many years are you practicing?"

Green will will say some shy, "1000 years."

Longpin Xuan silently, the millennium tree demon cultivated to level 1 mini demon, and the talent can be seen.

Ok, what does he have to do?

Guidance surgery is also different from dozens of cultivation methods, and different cultivation methods can be different.

It should be the worse qualification, the more methods suitable for cultivation.

Longpin Xuan swept an eye, since it is necessary to choose the strongest.

But there are two kinds in the strongest cultivation of Green Liu.

Longpin Xuan hesitated, asked "I am suitable for you to cultivate it, which one is to cultivate it."

"The first kind of heart method can be improved after you practice, and you can upgrade to the demon king."

"The second kind of heart is not cultivated, but the practice is extremely painful and practiced is very slow, and a lot of limitations need to be hard and effort. It also needs strong mind to support, generally cultivating this kind of heart method The results of cultivation may not meet the level of the demon king. "

Green Liu hesitated, then the eyes were firm, "I choose the second!"

Longpin Xuan is curious, "Why? The first kind will be more relaxed, and to ensure that you can cultivate the level of the demon king, you must know that the West Lake Academy can practice to the demon king level. Classmates are not too much. "

Green will will consider the language. "After exchange of the teacher, I found out that I am far from their qualifications. For them, the demon king may be just a starting point, but I am the end, I don't Wensheng. Now there is such a chance, I can break through the choice on the demon king, even if it is hard, I also want to try it, this is not the purpose of our experimental class! "

Longpin Xuan, "There is this consciousness, as the experimental class, now the qualification is poor, but it does not mean that your qualifications are still poor! But efforts and growth are not someone can bring you, I only Can give you the law and suggestions, the rest can only rely on you! "

This sentence of Long Pu Xuan is said to all people of the entire test class.

Everyone's heart has a touch, many people's eyes have been red, and the corners have already shed tears.

The same batch of people, the same experience, and come here to get stronger strength!

They also want to become stronger!

Longpin Xuan looked at the greenow, "Oh, the second kind of heart can not be carried out immediately, three ghosts!"

A shadow of the three ghosts appeared in the shadow of the lobby, respectfully heavily in the shadow of the hall.

Longpin Xuan took a merit to the three ghosts and entered a lot of herbs into his brain.

"Go to the back garden to find a big ghost to pick a coincidence, we should have, then moving a big pot!"