I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 53

"Yes!" The three ghost shadows were divided into a shadow to find a big garden, and these herbs were more clear.

Longpin Xuan also does not waste time, let Green Liu will continue to look at the second monsters.

That is a white rabbit who has not yet been stigfactory, and the eyes look at Long Pin Xuan, and the mouth is spit out, "see Dean!"

Longpin Xuan is also not surprised, because there are many demon that have not been stigted in the demon trainee in the scene.

He opened the guidance.


White rabbit monster

Potential value: 2 stars

Safety: 2 stars

Strength: Level 1

Special physique: no

Special talent: no

Like the previous greenow, the qualifications are very poor, but the potential value is 1 star, and it is almost 3 centuries.

Chapter 73 Refining

Hu Xincheng, this name is a bit familiar.

It seems to be a little demon on the late school of the white snake, and later because of the sisters around you, but Long Pu Xuan has no remember that it is because something is.

However, since Hu Conscense is here, the other rabbit is fine with her?

Longpin Xuan looked at it, did not see there is still rabbit essence, that is

However, this qualification is very poor, it is no wonder that there is nothing for the TV series.

But now the students of the West Lake Academy, can not be so easy.

"Your qualifications are very poor, but the potential value is better than Green Liu Gao. The same choice, the first, you can cultivate the point of the 6th grade demon king, the second requires more pain, Because you are an animal, green willow is plant, plant's body itself will be more capable than you, so you need to pay more. "

Hu & Hu is nodded, and a pair of gemstone red eyes are all persistent. "My Ama is being killed by Montenegro, I have to become strong, then I will revenge!"

Hu Conscript's voice is very young, but heard the hate of her words in her words.

The students around them were silent, and Long Pin Xuan was also silent. He slammed his hand silently and shot on the brain of Hu Xincheng. "Don't give yourself too much pressure, but there is pressure. There is a pressure, it is not to press too much, learn, your wish will be realized! "

Hu Cene nodded firmly, and the body of chlorinous hair appeared unusual.

"Dean, things sent!"

At this time, the door walked into a three ghost.

The three ghosts respectfully paided a storage ring with Longpin Xue.

After Long Pin Xuan took over, the bucket of two enough to accommodate one person was taken, and a place placed in the greenow, one placed in the position of Hu.

"Although the drugs have been deviated, the total heart method does not change much, and this is divided into another system of this world, name is a refining body."

All students don't care about this suitable for you? Are you very serious? This kind of teaching is an increase in your knowledge and it is not easy to hear.

"Refining? Refining? It can be seen from the top of the name, the cultivation is the body."

"As the saying goes? One force breaks the way!"

"The heavens are the ancient gods, the antique is the ancient god? The legend of this refining is that the ancient god is passed down? It is very powerful!"

"But this kind of cultivation is very short, the first drawback is to consume a lot of resources! And every person is cultivating the herb being different, not suitable for extensive communication."

"The second drawback, the cultivation of cultivation must have a very high will force? Because it will be very pain during the cultivation process! If it is not the perseverer's cultivation? Not only does it have a high strength, but it will not be promoted."

"The third drawback, there is no limit! There is no such thing as the upper limit is a good thing, but it is also a bad thing! With the upper limit, it is actually equivalent to the goal, it will definitely achieve the goal. And there is no upper limit means? It is very likely? When you are cultivating to the next stage, you can't get up. "

"So it is beneficial! Everyone needs a cautious choice."

"Of course, when practicing, the first drawback is responsible for your pre-promotion resources by the college. The subsequent resources need to rely on you to collect."

"Now, Green willow and Hu Charm? You first cross into the bucket and sit down."

Green willow and Hu Hao have joined the wooden barrel because of the very obvious? The two have seen an eye? Then the rules are sitting in the wooden barrel.

Both people are not completely forming? Hu Xi doesn't have to say it is a little white rabbit, and the clothes on the green will will become her own bark, and it is not taken off.

Then, Longpin Xuan took a large barrel of warm water from the storage ring, poured into the wooden barrels of the two, and poured nearly half.

He put the remaining warm water back into the storage ring, and took out dozens of different herbs, the finger was played in the air, and a clustered flame appeared in front of him.

Those herbs flew into the flame in order, then refined into a cluster of powder, and kept in the wooden barrel of the two.

Finally, there are different herbs, and Longpin Xuan has opened a flame in the air, two flames, and two refines start.

Different herbal powders have fallen into the wooden barrels of the two.

With the fall of the last herbal powder, the wooden bucket where the two of the two begins to boil.

A bubble becomes larger, then ruptures, the energy burst is then absorbed by the body of Green willow and Hu.

Their body intensity began to grow up.

At this time, Long Pu Xuan's voice came from their ear, "" According to the guidance! "

Longpin Xuan directly divided two dragon power, did not enter their body, conducting the next operational model of their heartframes.

After a week, Long Pu Xuan's attention was moved from their body.

"Well, they still need to stay in a few days, we continue!"

Longpin Xuan went to the third position.


Time passed in a second, and the time has passed a day. Long Pin Xuan has now solved 10 people's problems, and 40 people have not changed.

Longpin Xuan looked at some tired ordinary human classmates, and thoughtfully said, "The students will go back to sleep first, and tomorrow morning, the hall will continue. Don't disturb the students who are still in practice!"

Other cultivatics have naturally understood the meaning of Longpin Xuan. The ordinary people need to sleep, they have been cultivated, in fact, it is not a big problem, the key is those ordinary human beings. Not.

Those ordinary human beings listened to Long Pin Xuan, and they were very touched. They all plan to be touched, but they didn't expect them to take care of them.

Xu Xian wants to go out of the hall, see the cultivation square of the energy fluctuations in the distance, suddenly asked towards the three ghosts in front of him, "Hello, the three ghosts, the people of the people, the sisters of the people, don't sleep, don't you sleep?" ? "

The three ghosts smiled and smiled at Xu Xian, and the mouth is somewhat big, it looks some seep.

"Because we are all demon, you will sleep less than a few days, the practitioners are the same!"

Xu Xian asked inadvertently, "Is the Bai Suzhen's sister?"

The three ghost's mouth is cleared, "That is nature!"

Chapter 74 Snake Mik

"Little ghost, you look at her!"

The three ghosts said with their mouths.

Xu Xian's face rose to the red, muttered in his mouth, "Three ghost predecessors, you ... what do you say ... I ... I ... How can I ... I have seen it ... I saw a face ... "

Xu Xian said, the more light, the more light, and the mosquito is called.

The three ghosts are not careless, continue to say, "Little ghost, what is your name?"

Xu Xian! "

When Xu Xian suddenly enlarged, although the sound rang, it always felt that he sounded a little guilty.

The three ghosts were "Herh" smiled a few times, continued, "Don't be shy, this is normal!"

"Since the white lady, it is the nickname of Bai Suzhen, because her white is fluttering, it seems like a maiden, it is called the white lady by others."

After the three ghosts explained the title of "White Son", he continued his topic.

"Since Bai Niang Joined the West Lake College, the young elderly monsters in the college are more or less to her, and there are those cultivars, and they don't lane."

"But the white lady is clear, full of brains are flying. The key is because the white lady is strong enough!"

"White lady is said to be strong than the squad leader in the two classes!"

"Two classes know it. A human bean class, a demon junior class, each has a squad leader."

"Of course, it is a strong strength, it is said that the original team leader in the The Ethnic Group of the Enthusiasm. "

Xu Xian heard that he did not help but ask, "Since it is strength who is the squad leader, then white lady is not a strong strength than the class leader of the northern class, why ..."

The three ghosts nodded. "You have been very careful, the reason is naturally the white lady cultivation. It is said that Buddhism knows that the qualifications and potential of the white lady are huge, and if you want to take the white lady to get the past, let The Bodhisattva directly placed the white lady and plant Buddha seeds in her body. "

"But the dean said, the white lady is the best thing to Taoism, so the white lady will give this Buddha seed to the grinding, however, there is time to work, naturally, it is not within the scope of the squad leader. Because if you can't fight, it is said to be very troublesome. "

Xu Xian listened to the three ghosts to say this, there is some worries in my heart? What will the white lady will not have any problems?

The three ghosts saw Xu Xian's way? Nature understood his mind, since there is a heart? Natural is what is the center of people? For her thought, think for her.

The three ghosts are smirked by "Heph". "Don't say that other brothers and brothers are strong, their potential is very good? You are now experimental class ..."

If the three ghosts, I haven't spoken it? Xu Xian thought about his current situation, and his face was white.