I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in Segad of Dean in the Monster College.

He is qualified, and now is in the experimental class, what will I do if I don't know in the future? Nowadays I want to think the strongest existence of the entire West Lake Academy? It is really not a height thick.

However, this also made Xu Xian a seed under the bottom of the heart, one wants to become a powerful seed.

Originally he wanted to enter the West Lake Academy, it was a sister with his home, because in Qing Yu Tang, when the apprentice was old, he was insulting someone else, let him not taste.

I think that Xu Xian is also a student who participated in the imperial examination? Although it is true to identify herbs to be a broker, but that is also aunt? Now, it is nowhere to go.

But his sister Xu Jiao is not so thinking.

Xu Xian and his sister were quarreled with his sister? Then register directly to the experimental class, think about it rely on himself? If the text is not? He is also a martial arts!

So when his information is seen by Longpin Xuan, because his name is, he will go directly after Dragon Pin Xuan directly, write the first position of the admission.

However, it is well known that this trick can be a very qualified person.

Therefore, although Xu Xianqing entered the experiment class, but also revealed his qualifications.

Therefore, if you have a white lady who has to grab it with the US Tianxian, the quarter of Buddhism must grab it, and Xu Xian may not match the white lady at all.

Xu Xian has a little lonely, followed the three ghosts, walking towards his room.

Understanding the cultivator of White Snake and some spring hearts, there are people who want to meet the hearts of the white lady, but the qualification gap, the gap between strength, let them recognize themselves.

"Yes!" In the corridor, the three ghosts smiled and "Herch" smiled, added, "Even if the white lady wants to be the squad leader, it is impossible to go to the class leader of the nation's primary class. The squad leader because she is a snake! "

Xu Xian joked into his room, a butt was sitting on the edge of the bed, "Snake demon? White lady is a snake demon? Such a beauty is a monster!"

He thought of the monster of the next tofu Xi Shi, and also a beautiful woman, and there were a lot of beautiful women to go to the door. I didn't agree.

Xu Xian did not really put those beautiful women as a monster. In his opinion, they were people, but only some spells.

However, when he knew that his own heart was also a monster, he had a trace of fantasy. If the white lady can be his accompanying monster, then ...

White lady naturally didn't know that there was a small building in not far, some people thought about her, she only felt that the Buddha seeds in her body were somewhat surprised.

The speed of running ablation is very fast, but later slowly.

Harming her at the beginning to maintain the speed of the monster running in the body, then slow down, she has to adjust the speed of the monster in the body, and the ablation of the Buddha seed since the same horizontal line.

However, why is this?

Bai Suzhen recalls the procedure.

When I have a sudden melting speed, it seems that the dean brought a new student to study.

And her Buddhist seeds have recovered the speed of ablation, and the dean took the new student to leave.

Is this Buddha seed ablation rate? Is it related to the dean or related to new students?

What is the dean?

No, it should not.

The dean will check the ablation of their own Buddha's seeds, give pointers, usually there will be such a situation.

So is it related to those new students?

Chapter 75 Bai Suzhen's Decision

Bai Suzhen sat on the futon of the cultural refinement, and the frowning thoughtfully.

"Sister, this is a new dessert shop in Hangzhou recently opened, and the osmanthus cake inside is particularly delicious. I will bring you some points! Do you taste it?"

Xiaoyan sat on the futon next to Bai Suzhen, put a piece of parcel in his hand, put a few cinnamon cakes on it, tender yellow, embedded with sweet flowers, look very sweet.

Bai Suzhen laughed in Xiao Qing, "You know!"

She turned into a piece of mouth, "Well, it is really good."

"Small green, these two days, as the dean, is the classmate who picks up the experimental class?"

Xiaoyan nodded, "Yes, I don't know what the dean thinking is that it is necessary to recruit a batch of qualifications. In fact, the qualifications are good, and the qualifications are not better. Is it better?"

Bai Suzhen thinks, laughs, "But if the qualifications are good, it is not easy to compare and distinguish! If the qualifications are very poor, you can quickly promote it, you think, if you think is the waste material, the strength suddenly flew, it is Not even more shock? "

Xiao Yanyang suddenly realized, "Sister, it is still your most understands! How can I not think of it! This qualification is good, the increase is also increased, or the strength is flying, then our college follows It's a sky! "

Bai Suzhen's smile and continued to ask, "What do you need to pay attention to what people do you have to watch those experimentation?"

Xiaoqing touched the Pakistan to start recalling. , But just talk to the demon? This should be a special. "

"Hey? There is also those who don't practice! Generally, there is no cultural mankind, and the human class selected is not cultivated. Or is the qualification of cultivation is particularly poor? Such people can really practice Master? I am not trustworthy. "

Bai Suzhi nodded, so what should she have such a situation? But in those uniform monsters?

Is it a monster because of being seriously injured, so changed back to the original shape deliberately hiding in the college injury and refuge?

This is also unfortunate that Bai Suzhen will think so? After all, it is related to the Buddha seeds on him. It does not have an influential in the unreasonable ordinary people.

Not as good, what time do you take a look?

Bai Suzhen looked at the clock above the central lecturer at the cultivator. It is now 5 o'clock in the morning.

Since the 24-hour system and 12 hours, the concept of time is prevalent in the college? The same also gradually affects Hangzhou.

The minute can replace the timing scale in more detail.

Only this clock is currently only the college here? Many people just know that there is this word, do not know the specific concepts.

However, as a student of the West Lake Academy, there is a clock, and it is gradually habiting such a time scale.

At 5 o'clock in the morning, there is a bright outside, and 7 o'clock is the time of the West Lake College. It is less than 2 hours.

Bai Suzhen decided to see the new classmates over the experimental building? Look at the new students will not have a lot of things.

At 7 o'clock, the bells have been rang, and the futures in front of the practice hall is full of students.

Longpin Xuan slowly walked into the cultivation hall? Sit down on the centered lecturer.

"The content of today's meeting is combed itself."

"Entering the College for so long, do you have to re-compact your ability and qualifications?"

Long Pu Xuan's words made everyone (including demon).

what? Sir yourself and qualifications?

Capacity new studies say? But is the qualification to re-compact?

Longpin Xuan looked at the bottom of the following is so embarrassing? I changed a question? "The one knows why I don't know why I have enrolled again, and the experimental class?"

Xiao Qingfei raises his hand, "I know!"

Longpin Xuan nodded and let her answer.

Xiaoqing has a little proud to answer, "naturally let everyone shocked, the West Lake Academy can do it, let all the people in the world know the West Lake Academy!"

Longpin Xuan heard this answer, he also glanced, yes, this is a good reason, he didn't think of it, this Xiaoqing is really very intimate! Give her a little!

However, Longpin Xuan can not show it. He laughs and let Xiaoyan sit down, and did not say what she said or said.

But Xiaoqing's sentence is to let everyone have a little big realistic, right, if it is really achievable, it is definitely the whole world, and even the fairy is unique!

"Is there any other answer?" Longpin Xuan continued.

Bai Suzhen has some frowning looks at Longpin Xuan, slowly opening, "Dean This time let us get our own, is there anyone who has found someone to improve the qualification?"

Longpin Xuan's eyes will turn to Bai Suzhen. I am sigh in my heart. It is really a woman who is a woman. This idea is, a word, a word!

He smiled slightly, "Not someone, but everyone."

Longpin Xuan faintly answered, let all people in the field (including demon) all stay again, including Bai Suzhen.

"What? Everyone?"

"Our qualifications have improved?"

"Jun to joke?"

"No, because the dean said, I believe! But I have no confidence in myself!"

"Really fake? I check it!"

Many people and demon have begun to start checking themselves, including their usual skills and deeper means.

"Ah, I seem to have a skill!"

"The speed of my cultivation is getting a little bit!"

"I seem……"

More and more people have discovered their own a little bit.

They looked up and looked more worshiping to the dean!

The original dean said that the experimental class is actually for them?

They learned in the college for such a while, and they have made all of them able to get qualifications, this is not a joke!

But why do the Dean have to say that the experimental class is?

Longpin Xuan is aware of what they want to say, continue to say, "to open an experimental class, it is to find out the specific process and way of improving qualifications! Although you have a qualification is very good, there is a day outside!"

"Those who are more talented more talented, do you want to catch up? And when this improvement method has been introduced, you can get direct benefits, you are now studying in the college!"

"Before this ..."