I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 55

Chapter 76 Counting

"Before this ... Opening an experiment, you can make me quickly research and master this process that can improve the qualifications, but also can help them improve the strength, and can be beneficial to you in the future."

"But now your qualifications are passive, I don't know why, causing the improvement of all of your qualifications, so you need to find this reason, you need their help."

"During this period, they will be completely different from your cultivation time! Don't put your now on them, will destroy their own practice, maybe you occasionally, very good May caused their lifelong regret! Do you understand? "

Longpin Xuan warns all the students below, first, let me know how to do this, it is for them, before they graduated, it will give them the best, the most perfect result will do this.

At the same time, they also ask them to abide by discipline, and some things can't do.


The genius is always a genius, soon understand this experimental class for the importance of their college.

After getting satisfied, Long Pu Xuan continued. "Of course, they are also a member of the West Lake Academy, although it is coming to the experiment, but it is the one of you, so I don't I hope that you have anything else to treat them. "

"Talking, they have become your pioneers. In order to better enhance your qualifications, they have to enter the college, so strictly, once you have completed the improvement in the future, you still need them! I What more want to see is that you love each other and join hands! "

Long Pu Xuan said that it is very straightforward, but it means that he hopes that the West Lake Academy is peaceful, positive, and friendly, rather than distinguishability.

But this time, I have answered these Tianjiao's son? Why do you have to recruit students who are qualified?

The reason why the genius is genius? It is qualified, but it is also because of the smooth water. It protects very well. It will produce a sense of superiority, and this superiority is likely to give them a significant impact.

Longpin Xuan is in front? But he saw that many students know the importance of this, but still don't think about it. The eyes flashed a sly.

Sometimes I have the necessary competition, it is also necessary.

Nowadays, although there is no view of the new student who seems to be a new student, they know that they are even important for the entire college, but the bottom is still despised.

Because the qualifications of the new classmates are too bad? In this strength, the strength is poor means low status. This is actually nothing wrong.

But these new students entered the West Lake Academy, this is different.

If these students get the very important classmates, in a short period of time, they have more than these so-called geniuses, do not know that they still laugh.

"So, I will spend most of the time to use them in them? After the early course changed to 7 days, divided into 4 weeks a month? 7 days a week, every week? Every week? I will personally come to the earlier lesson, the rest, if there is a problem? You can ask questions about strict political and dragon? There is Bai Suzhen, if they can't solve it, I can mention it when I was earlier. "

"It also because of this early course, then the time in the earlier class will increase accordingly, it is only one hour earlier, an increase of 5 hours, from 7 to 12 o'clock." Longpin Xuan continued to say .

Well, he is looking forward to seeing that these students are surpassing by those who look down on them, they must be very exciting.

"Well, some changes and explanations are here, and then start today's theme ..."

Longpin Xuan's early course was so fast, he walked out of the cultivation square, let those students cultivated and comprehension.

Bai Suzhen looked around, sitting around her is the top genius of the entire college, pig three nails, Ge Chang, Xiaoqing, strict political, dragon, etc., every Long Pinxuan is finished after the early class, They are actually harvesting the most, after all, so as awareness and potential are also the strongest.

So now, they all have eye to digest the contents of Longpin Xuan's early classes.

Bai Suzhen originally wanted to get up, after seeing their appearance, then closed his eyes, then stood up after the digestion of the things learned.

Xiao Qing listened to the movements of the side, opened his eyes and saw Bai Suzhen's movements, and asked soil, "Sister, where are you going?"

Bai Sui smiled, "I have a little curious about those new students, I want to go to the experimental building."

Xiao Qing listened to this, and excitedly stood up.

Said this, she turned into the arm of Bai Suzhen, and walked to the experimental building.

The two goes with the two, it looks like Xiao Qingli's happuy.

Dragon opened his eyes and looked at the direction of the two left, closed his eyes.

Strictly see the dragon, I can't help but laugh, "I don't worry about them. I am not afraid of them ... The dean can just say ..."

Dragon did not open his eyes, just slowly said a word, "I am worried, she is better than me."

Strictly Zhengguan miniature, naturally understand who the dragon is referring to, his eyes turned to the white back, "it is really strong, but it is not surpassed, negative brother, we work together!"

Dragon said faintly, "Yes, you can help me today."

It's strict and widened, "" Calling you together, but also to patrol? Don't bring this! "

Dragon is open, "Then you have worked hard to catch up, my goal is not her."

Asked strictly, "Who is your goal?"

Dragon is silent, just closed his eyes.

Strict judgment "cut" said, feeling some borsing, and closed his eyes to continue cultivating.

Bai Suzhen walked to the experimental building with Xiaoqing, this time has been 8 o'clock.

Near 9 o'clock, there have been many students waiting above in their own position.

Bai Suzhen and Xiaoyan approaches the hall, you can see the situation in the whole hall at the door.

The people who rely on the leftmost monsters are sitting in a wooden barrel, and the wooden barrel is empty, but they have to have a monster that suddenly diffuses, and should be cultivation.

Xiaoyan slightly fanned the wind, "sister, their wooden barrel should be installed with medicinal solutions, should now be absorbed, see the situation of the hospital, to give them medicine! This is to improve qualification Is a way? "

Chapter 77 Beauty visit

Bai Suzhen shot shot Xiaoyan's hand, "Don't talk! The dean just mentioned in the morning, you forgot?"

Xiaoqing vomited the tongue and made a lovely face, did not continue to say.

Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing, a white, two beautiful people standing at the door of the classroom hall, immediately attracted many people's eyes.

Many people have a whisper.

The courage is more than the greetings.

"The sister is good!"

Several demon people who have completed cultivation are the first to stand from the wooden barrel, and say hello to the two.

Bai Sui nodded, indicating that they continue, continue to observe the whole classroom.

The people in the classroom are the most complete, because most of them have been cultivated last night, there is also part of the people, the people in the middle, some of the people in the middle are also sitting in a lattice in the ground, there are many People also saw Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing, and after standing up and greeted, he continued to practice.

Following the people who have not been repaired, surrounded by Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing, asked some questions.

"Sister, how come you come here? Is there anything?"

Some people have already asked questions that everyone wanted to ask.

They did not confident before entering the West Lake Academy. If it is, many people will only look at such a beautiful teacher, but after the dean yesterday, many people have confidence.

Here they can improve their qualifications, but also become their previous envy, get the strength of their desire.

Therefore, many people are full of hope, mood and attitude have also changed.

Before the cultivation square, they may have no speech with Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing. Now the students will take the initiative to come to the classroom, maybe what is needed to help, that is a good opportunity!

Sometimes, this opportunity will also change their many things, such as some rules and systems in the West Lake Academy.

If you want to get strength, you will get more extra chances than others, and there will be some extra chances than others, and there is a way to enhance your feelings in front of you. Now you only need a little bit a little bit.

People who want to go naturally will not let this opportunity.

So, the monster is simple than people, it can be seen from this point.

The cultivation of cultivation is very bad? But it is the difference between people and demon? So I have not fully integrated into this college at the beginning, I don't take the initiative to find a monster. Sister is also normal. Things.

Bai Suzhen looked at her people around her? Gently smiled? There is no feeling in the body, so it is just a reason to find a reason.

Xu Xian did a little insomnia? He listened to the different ways and heart laws set by the whole day, although he didn't know the specific heart method? But there was a monster to advance the monster on the spot. There is also a monster. Dean has prepared materials to help them promote strength.

The key is that the next day is likely to turn him, so he is a little excited.

Xu Xian rushed on the right one, but the row is still very in front? So according to the speed of yesterday? No problem, today may turn to him today.

So when he walked to the door of the dark circle to the school, the whole person was dull, because he saw a figure.

A first eye is deeply impressed in my heart.

Bai Suzhen suddenly felt a shock of Buddha seeds in his body, and the speed of melting quickly became up.


Bai Shui's head is looking around? It is definitely impossible in the classroom. She has always stared at the classroom. If there is special circumstances, she has already perceived.

And so many people in the classroom? She has not been strange for so long, indicating that it can't be in this factor.

But now? Suddenly appeared? Is it getting more and more urgent by one start?

So who is it?

Bai Suzhen saw 3 in the stairs.

The last one is Xu Xian.

The first one is a cultivator of a family. The second is a double snake, and the third person is Xu Xian.

Bai Suzhen observed the three, remembered their appearance, and the small blue retired.

Xiaoyan took the steps after the abundance step and let these three entered the classroom.

These three times have different times, especially they are near Bai Suzhen, the faster the Bai Suzhen's body is the faster.

This makes Bai Suzhen look at these three eyes revealing a flicker.