I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 57

Bai Suzhen shot her head, "Don't talk, take a look, learn more!"

She put the attention again in the three in the field, which one did they go?

Longpin Xuan mouth hook,

Chapter 79 The college is so good!

The students around them were shocked, but they immediately calmed down, select the second kind of decision to send death in most people, but in the West Lake Academy, if they become their choices, they will choose the second .

They are actually more careful why this Xu Xian classmate is not bad, and will be selected into the experiment class.

It is necessary to know that the adults can say that the qualificates are not bad, then the qualifications of this person will definitely be poor.

Longpin Xuan naturally saw the eyes of the students, continue to ask, "You have to know, your special talent is specializing, that is, you can only cultivate these two kinds of hearts, basically there is no possibility to go to other hearts. The possibility of the law! If you really transfer other hearts, you are likely to be indiscriminate, and you will waste your qualifications. "

Xu Xian did not at all, the results of the Ilong product, naturally, "So I will pick up the experimental class!"

Longpin Xuan stunned, suddenly laughed.

In the eyes of the students around, they have brought a little.

Xu Xian said that the answer directly explained why the dean chose his reason.

Not because Xu Xian's qualifications are too bad, but because his qualifications are good, only the two kinds of hearts can only be selected. If he diffuses, it is unsolicited, and natural cultivation is unsuccessful. It seems that it is very poor.

But under this situation, Xu Xian also abandoned the cultivation of these two hearts, and chose to participate in the experiment, equivalent to abandon their own qualifications.

You must know that unless you know these two hearts, you will not be a waste.

Now some people know these two kinds of hearts, and they can also teach him free, but let him withdraw from the college.

But he didn't choose.

Many students are caught in pensive, if they are in this situation, how do they choose, will you choose to stay in the college?

No answer.

Because they are not Xu Xian.

Longpin Xuan did not see Xu Xian's qualifications, just written according to his name.

The list of Xu Xian is really screened to the choice of Long Pu Xuan, and naturally, his qualification is really poor.

Because these two kinds of heart methods are very precious and rare, others don't know Xu Xian to cultivate these two kinds of heart, and they are still very fit.

Including his Buddha, if it is not the leader of Longpin Xuan, it is estimated that there is no one in the West Lake Academy, no one can find.

In addition to ... Bai Suzhen!

Bai Suzhen only feels that the Buddha seed in his body is still continuously increasing, but this speed is slightly slow.

Her eyes once again observed these three, except Xu Xian, now in Longpin Xuan, outside the conversation, another is a humanity, one is a demon? Is the people who have not been guided? It is a pity that it is a pity that it has been guided? Some unfortunately.

I can only pray that this reason is not from the double snake.

Longpin Xuan reached out three times Xu Xian's shoulder, "Is this determined? But I still have to ask you again. Did you really have it? Because your physique is very suitable for cultivation, you can time Less physical fitness? Cultivate these two hearts of the world! "

Xu Xian's eyes were inadvertently looked at a bit of a lot of Bai Suzhen, and he nodded seriously.

Longpin Xuan, a two of the dead brains, when you love this situation, really let him encounter.

Since this is this? That is still all them, he has this question is to scare Xu Xian.

I still want to see the face of Bai Suzhen, but I didn't expect that she actually gone in the god, I didn't know what I was thinking.

"In this case, then I will pass a tough one of the hearts of your own will? You first cultivate and see, see if you are tough, can you get started."

Longpin Xuan wants to think, in the forefront of the spirit of the people showing it? I chose a heart method such as the willingness to practice.

Long Puxuan's guiding surgery has brought a lot of benefits? Including a large number of exercises and heart laws, and running lines for each exercise and heart method.

Although it is not necessarily to fit this person? But everyone will have different degrees of skill and heart, although some will be repeated, but will be remembered in the brain by Longpin Xuan.

If the merits and hearts in Longbin Xuan's brain are more and more, he really will become the kind of power that people say in the mouth, becoming a mobile encyclopedia that truly understands countless ways and heart law.

Of course, this time this time this time this cultivation will, Longpin Xuan does not think he will learn, this is pure crushing only to show someone.

Xu Xian started the knee repair after getting the heart.

This time, Longpin Xuan did not use spiritual to help him, but pointed out some points in this heart, "because this is just to exercise your will, you don't fit, so I will not use energy. Go to help you guide, everything can only see yourself. "

Xu Xian nod, he just used the way to think about the start of the heart method, just started to imagine the first painting of the pair of pictures, I felt that the head pain was abnormal.

However, he thought that Long Pin Xuan said before, knowing that he is not cultivating other people's methods, these pain is to stop him from continuing to practice.

In order to exercise your own will, Xu Xian bite his teeth.

The surrounding students looked at Xu Xianzhi's mouth and grinned, and the eyes were unbearable. They immediately thought of themselves, and they were afraid in their eyes.

However, the late classmates are not as Xu Xian, all of which are given to the refining or other personalization and exercises.

After they realized their own practice, they all made tones, but they were not as Xu Xian.

But think of it, they are more sympathetic, and I don't mind if they are very qualified, but I have been elected to the experimental class.

Have such a person, there is a good practice method, choose a painful abnormality, there is a good qualification, I have to choose the practice of cultivation, they also think that Xu Xian is eight to be broken.

But can stay in the West Lake Academy, they are actually willing to get.

Therefore, many students have left some fruits and snacks when they eat, and when they are empty, they will give Xu Xian, let him make more complement.

After Xu Xian, I feel that I have received the attention of the whole class, not only received a lot of gifts, most of them are eaten, and many students also patted his shoulders, let him make more supplements, pain will consume a lot Physical energy.

Xu Xian is also very touched, the West Lake Academy is really good!

Chapter 80 Unknown Jade

Bai Suzhen observed the whole class, did not feel anything, can only make it.

However, after leaving, the ablation of the Buddha seeds in the body suddenly dropped the speed recovered to the previous state, which made her also definitely, must be related to these three.

So after the few days, after doing early in class, Bai Suzhen will take a small green to go to the experimental class.

This also leads to the experience of the experimental class to become a familiarity for Bai Suzhen and Xiaoqing.

Strictly can't stand it, I really can't help it. "Su Yan, how do you pull a small blue experimentation? What is there?"

Bai Suzhen saw a strict government, truthfully said, "No, there is nothing fun."

"No, it's still fun!" Xiaoyan was inserted in the side. "I like to look at the mouth when Xu Xian is cultivated, and I am going to die!"

"Decomprehension? ?" Strictly and more curious, put your head and put a string of sweet gourd in the hands of Xiaoqing, "What is going on? He is trying to grin?"

Xiaoqing saw the sugar gourd in his hand, his face smiled more, bite it on the top, "that, you said that Xu Xian is unilateral, clearly, you have to die, I will tell you ... "

Xiaoqing said that Xu Xian was about five or ten.

After listening to it, I didn't laugh, but I admired this person named Xu Xian. "It's presence, in order to enter the college, it is a pity, if you can directly enter our people, after all, let the hospital Long said that it is very good, so I will think about teaching him. "

Strictly sigh.

There is also a person to interface, "It is indeed special talent, special physical fitness, specializing, this talent will feel very powerful, directly abandoned other cultivation methods, so if the practice of cultivation is strong What look! Oh! It's a pity! "

Strict political and Xiaoqing nodded, but immediately felt wrong, they turned around? I don't know when I was surrounded by a large group of people.

They are all students of the people.

"Lele is not as good as everyone!"

Xiaoqing smiled and laughed. He said that others were heard by more people? It's really a bit ...

However, because of this episode? The entire West Lake college knows that there is such a person in Xu Xian, in order to stay in the West Lake Academy, give up his peer-sized Tianshui? For a time, many students have admired.

After that, Xu Xian only felt that he received a gift.

He is lying on the bed? Look at the jade in his hand? Some people are.

This jade is back to the room after the first day, and he found it in his pocket when he changed his clothes.

I don't know when his pockets have been such a piece of jade. And this jade wrote a date.

Xu Xian is not allowed? What is this jade is going on.

And these days of cultivation, he even the entrance of the heart method is not included, but it is said that the first one of the depth drawing is not completed.

Under disappointment, he took out this jade.

"Tomorrow is the date written on this jade, so where is it? Do you want to go? When do I go?"

Xu Xian can't help but began to recall the case of the first day? If you have encountered his own words that day, then only ...

Xu Xian is a spider sitting in bed? It is shocked in the eyes.

No way?

Will it?

No way?

Do you want to see?

If this is a chance of a thousand years?

Anyway, go see what is not something, what will there be in the college!