I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 58 of the Dean of the Monster College.

Go and see it!

I finally convince my Xianxian? I immediately climbed up, changed my clothes. I took Yurpe carefully walked out of the room.

He walked out of the experimental building? Look at the direction? Trail straight towards the cultivation square.

Above the Square, there are many students in practice, Xu Xian has walked to the periphery of cultivation plaza, but did not step in, but looked at the clock of the square in the middle of the square.

"According to the 24-hour system, three should be ..."

Xu Xian did a time, after the time was determined, turned away.

Bai Suzhen felt in Xu Xian came to the cultivation square, because the Buddha's seeds in her body began to accelerate melting.

She immediately got up from her own position, and she saw it back, and she saw the back of Xu Xian.

"It's him!"

Bai Suzhen's eyes have a joy.

She is determined that people who really lead to such a situation in her body are that Xu Xian!

Will it be his physical reasons? Is his talent reason?

Bai Suzhen felt that she had to ask the dean.

After two days, it was another week, just asked the dean, but what did he come here today?

Bai Suzhen is somewhat curious about this movement of Xu Xian, but it is not too much.

It is not so ordinary tonight.

The night is high, and the bottom of the West Lake also enters the night mode.

However, all places where the West Lake Academy is inlaid with night pearls, but it seems to have exceptions.

At this time, a person came out from the experimental building and was Xu Xian.

He looked at the surrounding, some of them, where is it going?

He first came to the classroom. Seeing that there are still a few students practicing in the classroom, and they have not buddy, and go out.

Some people are definitely will not, after all, this jade is unknovolies into his pocket, and it must not be disturbed.

He went to practice in the square, and the students who cultivated the plaza were also a lot.

However, the clock hanging in the square now shows the time at 2:50 in the evening, and the distance is 10 minutes away.

Xu Xian probes looked at it and turned to the other direction.

"Where will it be?"

He walked in the college, did not think of it at all, and someone keeps him.

Bai Suzhen also cultivated in practice tonight, when Xu Xian once again stepped into the cultivation square, naturally found it.

Here, she was curious and also hooked.

It is still normal during the day to see it. It's still normal. It's nothing to run in the evening, just look at it. What is this guy?

Bai Suzhen quietly followed his body and looked at Xu Xian to the college.

Xu Xian turned for a long time, finally came to a small road without people, he walked forward along this road, seeing an arch, the back of the arches did not have a road, only one energy fluctuation shrouded the arch.

Xu Xian has not stepped into cultivation, but only an ordinary person, in his opinion, the arch is a black wall.

Chapter 81, three points agreed

So after walking here, let Xu Xian have some kind of god.

He is consciously wanting to touch the wall of the arch, "How can I wall here?"

However, when he touched, he touched his head, and there was an unstable body shape and fell in.

Behind the arch is the back garden, in fact, Long Pin Xuan's portable space, planting the vegetables and fruits of the vegetables now, and the herbal medicine of refining Dan medicine.

Bai Suzhen saw Xu Xian walked into the back garden, browbowned.

After the garden is not casual, she is no exception.

Therefore, Bai Suzhen has not followed, but standing on the other end of the trail, waiting for Xu Xian.

The rear garden is made by the ghost. Xu Xian came in and has been discovered by the ghost.

However, Xu Xian is a college person, and the ghost is not good for private, and it will directly gave Long Pin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan slightly stunned, then laughed, and then followed the ghost to the entrance of the back garden.

"Is it inside?" Longpin Xuan as a big ghost.

The ghost nodded and did a given gesture.

Longpin Xuan is slightly thoughts, "You keep it at the door, don't come in."

After that, he stepped into the back garden.

The ghost is obedient standing at the door of the arch, a guardian look.

The Bai Suzhi eyes hidden in the small road have been widely widened, Xu Xian actually has a date with the dean at night?

Or is it not a general man who can enter and leave? What is this Xian?

Xu Xian stands on a wide land, some of the gods, full screen, fruits and vegetables, the gains are very good.

No, there is a herbal medicine.

Xu Xian's nose moved, went to another direction, after a few hundred meters, he saw unforgettable scenes.

That is full of herbs, different types, different grades, the scent of the scent, let him enhance.

"How, it's not bad here!"

A voice scared a jump, but he remembered his own purpose, his heart jumped, but it was ecstatic, he guess it!

"I have seen the dean!"

Xu Xian did not look up, turned directly to respect.

Longpin Xuan is somewhat surprised. "Do you know me?"

Xu Xian nodded, "Dean avoids others in my pocket, Jade is written on the date? And take three times on my shoulders? Meet is that I am alone at three o'clock in the evening. Lonely waiting for you! Three points, Xu Xianru, come! "

Longpin Xuan: ......

Can he say? He gives Xu Xianyu wants him to take Yurmia to practice the classes this morning?

What three points? Is it more than the TV series?


No, this can only say that this is the strategy of his Dragon Pin Xuan's dean!

That's right? It is about three points!

Originally Longpin Xuan is a little unfortunately, let him follow the normal class to practice normal cultivation? Of course, as a special case? I will give him a piece of jade as a letter. He is also a tough will of the tough will of cultivation on the surface.


Longpin Xuan suddenly felt that this secretly opened the small stove. If the experimental class knows Xu Xian to cultivate the cultivation, it is not very good to him.

Well? So this is the potential meaning that he can not understand, good! It's really a good seedllar!

Long Pin Xuan cough two times, "good understanding, do you know why I am looking for you?"

Xu Xian low-headed, attitude and respect? "I don't know, please see the dean!"

But his little heart is a straight jump of stressful plopping.

He gave him a secret number given by the dean? Let him wait for him at night at night.

What does this mean?

It means that the dean of see him.

The entire experiment class is only a good exaggerated quality. Only when he cultivates, he has repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly stressed that he considers it clearly? But he chose the second road.

Is it a dean to see his loyalty? Want to open a small stove?

Xu Xian is not stupid? Especially his understanding is so high, it is very much more.

Or his qualifications, there are other ways to go, before before the experimental break, the dean is trying to test him? Still other reason?

No, it should help him!

His qualifications are not bad. Many students will have doubts because of this. Why can he enter the Experimental Class of the West Lake Academy, and the dean explains, the students in their class have recognized him.

Especially the recent gifts, this can explain this.

The dean is helping him!

So this time come here, no matter what the results, Xu Xian believes that he will have benefit from this.

Especially when he is now just entering here, the dean is coming, it must be followed by him.

Also, now, it should be just 3 points!

Xu Xian felt that he was gambling!