I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 59

No, not gambling, he wants to pass.

He wants to have a key point, he can arrive at first time, it should be the test of the dean!

Longpin Xuan did not know that he did so many oolong, but let Xu Xian wants so much, what test, know, he must, will recognize!

God knows that Xu Xian will enter the back garden, which will touch the ghost to inform Longpin Xuan.

In this way, when Xu Xian comes, Long Pu Xuan will come and see, it is not just just in time.

"You are good!" Long Pinxuan sang a Xu Xian, this kid once again increased his forces!

It seems that the plan to guide him to guide him should be in advance, and the cultivation of cultivation is not as good as here to guide him.

"I called you this time, it is indeed reason."

"I have two hearts here for you to cultivate, you consider it."

Longpin Xuan finally said the sentence of Xu Xian's heart.

Two hearts!

The dean is really coming to guide him to cultivate, give him a small stove!

Xu Xian only felt that his eyes began to wet, the dean did it to others, he is not willing to give up ourselves.

"The dean said something, what I cultivate!"

Xu Xian's voice with a crying, and said, tone is firm and touched. He will be a person in the West Lake Academy.

If he is in the college before, he is in the college, then this moment, he has changed, except Bai Suzhen, he has another person.

This person is the dean!

Longpin Xuan reached out and touched his head.

Xu Xian "Plop" is kneeling in front of Long Pin Xuan, "Xu Xian Ji Ji!"

Chapter 82, Buddha, X

"You don't need such a big gift." Longpin Xuan looked at Xu Xian, back, looked at the herbs, sighed, "life is equal, Buddha fairy can exceeded, but there is a come back "

"Today, you can't say that you can say that you are in your sleep! When you are ripe, I will allow you to say it, you can explain it."

Longpin Xuan sound is faint, but it is very stable, and the Xu Xian is very excited.

Xu Xian did not stand up, but it turned into a knee, and his head was still respectful, "Xu Xianzhi knows!"

Longpin Xuan returned, see Xu Xian, smile, this Xianxian is not like the TV series, everything is relying on Bai Suzhen, or very smart.

Sometimes, the word love is the most difficult to see.

If there is no atmosphere where the demon is in peace, Xu Xian and Bai Suyi may not have that ending.

As the pillow of Bai Suzhen, do you really know before? Still just deceive yourself, let yourself get simple, don't you think?

Really wait until the facts are placed in front of them, all previous pressures have erupted, may lead to such tragedy.

Longpin Xuan suddenly, looked at Xu Xian asked, "Do you intend to interested?"

Xu Xianyi, then the face is red, muttering, I don't know how to answer.

He didn't think that Long Pin Xuan suddenly asked him such a problem, but when he reacted, his mouth was not so true, "Yes."

Longpin Xuan, "Is it a demon?"

Xu Xianyi, I don't know how to answer.

Longpin Xuan continued to ask, "I teach you the law? Is it your master?"

Xu Xian is also a glimpse? The face is big, and it is fast to sit in the dish again. Head is on the soil? "Benedict, please be worshiped!"

He "" has a dozen heads.

Longpin Xuan continued to ask? "If your teacher is not a person, are you still recognized?"

Xu Xian Peng's movement slammed? But just paused for a few seconds? Then I immediately slammed, "Neward is a demon, all Xu Xian's teacher!"

Longpin Xuan, "Somet? Your future lady should be a good pity!"

Xu Xian Peng's movement once again stiffness again? The mind could not help but remember the hearts of the white clothes, and the face was red and loud, loudly, "I would like to live!"

Longpin Xuan is proud to touch yourself, France Hai, come back? I will see how Xu Xian is flicked!

"Well, now I teach you to cultivate the Roboggong law? Carefully remember my energy in your body, you can't have a mistake!"

Longpin Xuan reached out a dragon force? I haven't joined Xu Xian's body, and I started to travel along the Xinlo Mobi Method.

Xu Xian quickly entered an entries.

Longpin Xuan looked at Xu Xian's cultivation? One waved? Is a herbal in the distance? Flying out of the different colors of flowers, in his palm of his palm into powder, then sprinkle on Xu Xian's head and body .

Xu Xian only felt that his body surface had a layer of gentle and powerful spiritual power was infiltrating, changed his body, but also increasing the breath of his body, not for a while, his body produced a small silk Golden Buddha.

With the walk of the heart method, the small golden Buddha is rapidly increased with the speed visible to the naked eye.

Fasten that Xu Xian's head appeared a vortex, it was a sign of breakthrough.

The refining period is 1 layer.

Buddhism and tao repair are the same in the cultivation level of the human space, but the rank call will be different after the flying.

Longpin Xuan looked at his wrist's watches, his face was slightly shocked.

Scorpio, is this a genius of the Buddha's specialty?

It took only 10 minutes to enter the airfilling period 1 layer?

Although this is the effect of him with dragon to promote herbal assist, this promotion is too terrible!

No wonder the way to get Xu Xian and he went to the Buddha with him, and the other monsters did not dismantle, and they did not want to dismantle Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen. One of the reasons!

Longpin Xuan's heart is a lot of laughter. He has always thought that Xu Xian is just a use, and the Academy is just because Bai Suzhen.

I think of this Xu Xian is also a peerless genius!

However, in the TV series, the Bai Suzhen was suppressed under the Leifeng Tower, when did it come out, and there is no real result.

Previously, the white snake turned into a Buddhist world. Xu Xian was also found to have a peerless capital, if you still love my love, there is no feeling of cultivation, which line.

It is estimated that the probability of probability is because they will be dismantled.

Well, those Buddhism is not a good person!

Longpin Xuan looked at Xu Xian, and his eyes were smoked, because he saw an energy vortex.

This little child is promoted!

Dragon Pin Xuan has a bit of his heart to see his own repair. When did he cultivate the promotion, can be the same as these students!

Bai Suzhen hide in the dark, looked at the ghosts and waited for the door of the garden. Waiting patiently.

Suddenly, she instantly felt that the Buddha seeds in her body were hot, it seems that there is something that is summoning it!

Bai Suzhen's face is somewhat ugly, instantly broke the monsterbus of the monster ablation.

During the ablation, Buddha's seeds actually drained a fine light from the Bai Suzhen's body.

Bai Suzhen looked at it, found that this light actually points to the entrance of the back garden.


The ghost naturally discovered the vermicapo of energy.

The ghost instantly appeared in front of Bai Suzhen.

Bai Suzhen, because it is necessary to suppress the Buddha seeds in the body, take a step away, and was discovered directly by the ghost.

The ghost is slight, and then frown, "It's you, come with me!"

Bai Suzhen listened to the ghost, slightly, then looked at the direction of the ghost, her face showed a slight smile.

It seems that she wants to think about how to pay for the dean.

Because the ghost is going to the entrance to the back garden.

"Dean, Bai Suzhen in the door of the back garden, how to dispose?"

The big ghost has passed from the entrance of the portable space.

Longpin Xuan heard this sentence of the ghost, the eyes of the eyes saw Xu Xian, "For me, God has the beauty of adults! Let her come in!"

Chapter 83 Secrets

After the ghost gave a command of Long Pu Xuan, he turned to make the body that blocked the door and did a hand gesture, "Please come!"

Bai Sui suits, nor hesitated, raise your feet.

After walking into the garden, she saw two people in front of the front, one of the familiar clothes, is Long Pin Xuan.

Bai Suzhen took a few steps forward, then rushed to Long Pin Xuan, "the dean adult."

Longpin Xuan nodded and looked at Bai Sui smiled. "Sure enough, you have a destined, you have a year, the next day, you will feel with him, and guide you."

After saying, Longpin Xuan is striving to get out of the back garden, walking out from the door of the portable space, he saw the ghost is still holding the door of the back garden, "the big ghost, their two can be casual, but they You have been reported in one fell swoop. "