I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 60 in the Monster College.

Longpin Xuan is slightly thinking about it, continue, "Don't let others enter the garden this day."

The ghost is lifted.

Bai Suzhen looked at Xu Xian, who was sitting on the ground, feeling the more and fierce Buddha seeds in the body, just though thoughts, understand the meaning of Longpin Xuan.

The dean must find the situation in her body and will ask her to poinse.

Is he called Xu Xian?

Bai Suzhen discrise the knee sitting on the side of Xu Xian, looking at Xu Xian Junlang.

Xu Xian's skin is very similar to some small white faces of modern, and the face is biased towards the scholar type, which is very in line with some beautiful monsters.

In addition, he is currently a Buddha, and Buddha is echoed with the Buddha seeds in Bai Suzhen, but Bai Suzhen has gone to Xu Xian.

Bai Suzhen looked Xu Xian, I feel that he is somewhat familiar, but I can't remember when I have seen it, and I have a little upset.

After a long time, I closed my eyes and started cultivating.

Bai Suzhen's current cultivation is based on ablation of Buddha's seeds? The monster in her body is more likely to be in the heart of the Taoist.

So although it is attracted to the physique of Xu Xian? It is not obvious.

After a while, Xu Xian's head once again appeared a split vortex, and the refining period was 3!

When he stabilized his own repair? Xu Xian slowly opened his eyes.

But this blink is shocked him? Because he saw the Bai Suzhen, sitting next to him.

Xu Xian's face suddenly turned down, his goddess sat around him?

what is happening?

Bai Suzhen feels the same as the side? Also open your eyes.

Four eyes, Xu Xian only felt that his head became paste? I don't know what to say.

Bai Suzhen also felt a bit awkward? The opening breaks the awkward atmosphere. "The adults of the dean let me point to you later. Is there anything unclear in your cultivation?"

Xu Xian swallowed oral water, the nervous hand trembled? "I? No, no ..."

"No? Well, then 12 o'clock tomorrow, I will guide you here!"

Bai Suzhen stood up? Just left, suddenly thought about? Say, "Here is the back garden of the college? Don't go wrong when you come, is it too fast? You break through 3 floors at once ? Need to be firm. "

"Yes, this is our secret! Can't say it!"

Bai Suzhen rushed to Xu Xian slightly smiled and then left itself.

Xu Xian also immersed in the last smile in Bai Suzhen, and the last time came back to God.

His goddess said, will she directly guide myself directly?

That is to say that he will be with the goddess every night?


correct! This is a secret!

This is the secret of their two!

Xu Xian felt that living in this world, it is really great!

It is really good to enter the West Lake Academy!

A young man sitting on the window seat of the building, looking at the bustling crowd in the West Lake, the face is ugly.

He has been staying here for many days, still did not find a way to enter the West Lake Academy.

He originally thought of replacing those who were admitted, pretending to enter the West Lake Academy, but did not expect that there were a lot of people like him, and the results were taken out.

Fortunately, he saw someone to do his hand, and he intended to look at it, no hurry.

Otherwise, after he is really exposed, he can only kill the ring.

But when he thought of the principal of that dean, he worked.

Even he was blinded by the dean surface, it could not see, the strength of the dean certainly exceeded him.

Plus the words that came before, the youth calculates, "If you use the item, this task points are not much, not worth it! Forget a task."

He sighed, "Sure enough, I am still suitable for killing the mission, the probation task points are small, and there are so many strips constraints, it is really too uncomfortable."

Fairy Tiantian

Tiandi angry is unstoppable to look at the gods below.

"Talk about what is going on? What is it?"

"Who can tell me who is done?"

"Wenchang Emperor and the six-star under the next! Does anyone find a clue?"

All fairy is full of spending.

Too white golden star, step by step in the middle, the trip: "Attach the Emperor, people must be a great force, and it is in a fell, in addition to the strength, the number of people will be able to do it in just a short time! "

The Tiandi is silent, and the great forces of the heavens are not much more, but he can't determine that those people are really hostile forces.

"Erlang Xingjun, what do you think?"

Boiro Shenzhi stood in the back of the main hall, he stepped out, the trip: "Khan Tian Di, according to my guess, this may be related to the company!"

The emperor narrowed his eyes, "Oh? Why?"

Too many old men, I think of what, take out, even busy, "Your Majesty, Chen Chen people think of a few days before, I will come to me to drink, saying that I am in case, put another star monument Put it here, and just before Wenchang Emperor, the star monument is clever! This is the deputy of the star monument, please go to you! "

Too Shang Lao will present a piece of tablet.

The Tiandi waved, the scrumbles floated from the hands of the old monarch, flying into his hand.

The Tiandi fairy is shocked, and the star monument has revealed a word.

He suddenly took a shocking look at that line.

"9 star, the world is chaotic!"

"The life actually assessed the 9-star school in the human world!"

All gods have been shocked by the emperor to be shocked, and they whispering each other.

"Really? The 9th star school is born?"

"No way!"

"The key is in the human world?"

"How can I be in the world? I am joking?"

Chapter 84 New Task

On the entire hall, the sound of the discussion is constant, and the gods know the situation in the college.

However, in ordering, the college star of the human world will definitely be higher than the fairy world, not to mention the 9-star school that has never emerged.

Erlang God continued, "So the minister believes that at this time, I can't get a dry department with the bureau! I don't know why the Siki will evaluate the school of the people in the world. Or SHI is deliberate ... Someone will want to think by this True three trips! "

Too Shang Laojun suddenly looked at Erlang God asked. "How does Erlang Zhen Jun know that the Si Lang Jun rated a 9-star school in a human world? I just gave it!"

Erlang's face is slightly changed, "" His Majesty has just said it, everyone heard! "

Tai Shang Lao Lu squid, "But the Erlang Zhenjun does not recognize this is related to the Si Xingjun? What is it thinking about this?"

Erlang's eyes showed a murder, but immediately disappeared, said, "Because I have long known that there is such a college, and the reputation of this college is still not small, I can get people with the demon!"

The Emperor suddenly asked, "" Is the demon peaceful? "

He immediately arrived in the air, a big mirror appeared in the air, and immediately illuminated a dynamic picture.

The picture is a people in the human world. They are busy. They have a variety of monsters around them, they are helping, it seems to be a peaceful coexistence pattern.

The Emperor's eyes flashes, this Hangzhou can do this, under his rule, and the rules of the Buddhism, allowing the demon, but can only take the generations, need to wash it away from all kinds of distresses. And after the strength reaches a certain realm, the fairy will be granted.

This guarantees the peaceful coexistence of the fairyland and the Buddhist people and the demon.

But the human world is not equal in the case of people and demon strength, they have achieved it!

What a terrible thing is this!

The emperor thinks that this thing has exceeded him.

If it is just a college, even if it is expanded to Hang Hang, will it be extended to the entire world?

In this way, how he still controls the world!

The face of the Emperor is slightly ugly, "I don't know what the college is used, and it will be used to coexist ..."

Erlang gods saw a step again, and he said respectfully, "Your Majesty, the minister will visit the original committee!"

The Emperor looked at the Guli God, and looked at the old man.

Heaven, the old man looked at the look of the Erlang God, was in the emperor.

Tong Di thought? Issued the legal purpose? "Fire De Star Jun, Shundar Jun? First, two people go to the human world to find the West Lake College is fashionable? See if it is guided by a bad means to guide people and demon, speed back!"

Fire De Star Jun and Shunden Jun looked at each other? For the previous step, hold his fist.