I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Semir College as the Dean No. 61

Erlang's face is black? Standing there.

Heaven, the old dragon, see the Gods, there is no pair of gods? It is loose tone, and the doubtful eyes are still unable to play the Guli God.

The sky suddenly asked, "How do you know this news?"

Erlang god hook a step back? "Yang Yu is still united in class? At this moment, in Tianxian College, this news is Yang Wei to Chen, and it is said that the name of this college has been known by many colleges!"

Tong Di nodded, "Hey, you can understand it now?"

Too Shang Laojun is unfolded at the Erlang God. "Erlang Zhen Jun is angry, and it is a bit suspicious."

Too many old judges smiled and smiled. Even if he passed, he looked at the doubts of Erlang God did not remove it. But it is deeper.

If the Boiro God starts this reason, he still believes? But not to say? Don't you have to ask so many? Only Yang Yu said out, this, what is not good, there is any kind of cat!

Too many old kines set up ideas, waiting to go to Tianxian School to ask a clear.

At this time, there was a slight shocked two times, and he immediately took out.

I saw a piece of turtle shell on a slap in which a few words appeared above.

"Well? New task? I have a look?"

"Go to each university hospital to promote the Xihu College people and the demon peace together by the branch of 9 stars?"

"Lying in the trough, the West Lake Academy is determined 9 stars by the bid ?! Why don't I know!"

Youth is shocking the whole person jumps up.

If I know that the West Lake Academy was rated as 9 stars, he also came to pick this task!

However, this task is not tricky, the key is that there are a lot of points behind!

The youth immediately reached his hand to the turtle shell and took this task.

He looked at the West Lake. "Goodbye, Well, it is best not to see, the potholes are even 9 stars, but fortunate!"

To know that the dean of the 7-star school is already the level of the Buddha, 9 stars, huh, he still didn't do it, otherwise it is to die!

The youth flashed out of the building, and the flying sword directly flicked directly.

The dragon appeared in the air, and the eyes flashed, "the man ..."

Dragon is certain that he is the first youth.

Every day, you must patrol the dragon around Hangzhou. Everyone in Hangzhou has an impression, but this youth is not.

Only the strength is far more than him, in order to block his knowledge exploration.

Generally, these masters come quietly, quietly, or not let others know their existence.

It's just that this is a little high.

Dragon Bulk Hummer returned to the college and reported this to Longpin Xuan.

Longpin Xuan touched the Pakistan, thinking.

Now his college reputation is the bigger, there will be many colleges or strong people to find out.

If the strength is general, it can also rely on the students to pass, but it encounters strength.

Light is not good at Bai Suzhen.

The key is that their colleges have been asserted into 9 stars, and they also have retained the genius disciples of the fate.

So how to remove this crisis?

In this short time, you want to fly fast, it is unrealistic, but there is another way to try!

Just when Longpin Xuan thought this method, the long-lost system prompt sounded.

"Hey! Trigger the task - Enhance the integrated competitiveness of the college!"

"The content of the task: I want to be the world's first college must have a powerful teacher! Please recruit the college mentor!"

"Task completion reward: randomly secret fragmentation"

Wait, this task reward is a bit different!

Chapter 85 Strict Goggling New Tasks

Is the random secret fragmentation a reward for each recruited?

Dragon Pin Xuan after determining the task reward, the whole person is very excited, but the tutor's request is a little crash.

"Task Limit: The minimum strength of the college mentor is gold Xianluo."

Now his West Lake Academy is still in the human world, it is necessary to recruit Jinxian and Luo Han, is that heaven?

But the reward of the task is too rich, and he has a balanced three feet.

Longpin Xuan quietly thinking, then how to operate, stir the three, how can the West Lake Academy stand out?

Or, change?

Use the 9-star school that uses the Si Dynasty?

Strictly study this moment is cultivating the square cultivation, the early course is just over, and he will take care of everything.

A few days ago, strictly and the long and old Jia Xu flew a head, and learned from his mouth.

Wenchang is detained.

In addition to some disciples who have implemented tasks outside, there are only disciples studying in various universities, only the door owners who have closed the temple are still alive, others include the head of the Wenchangpai to be killed once a day.

And that day is Ju Xushen with a day that rushed to the West Lake Academy.

So when strictly knowing this heavy news, it is a stress of the anger and revenge.

But I don't know who is doing.

Jia Xifei can't find it. The whole world is not known that the murderer is.

Now Jia Xifei all hopes are strictly strict.

Strict policing as a genius of the new generation, naturally should carry a more heavy burden.

So he is now fighting the cultivation, there is no previous laughter and dull, more is silent and more cultivation.

Longpin Xuan slowly walked to strict administration, strictly felt the people, opened his eyes, and full of blood.

Longpin Xuan looked at him slightly frowned, "Come with me."

Strictly stood up and silently followed Long Pu Xuan into the office.

"Sit, this is my tea with causal bubbles, drinking meditation."

Longpin Xuan has a cup of hot tea and placed in front of strict administration.

Strict judgment holding a cup of tea and watching the red petals floating on the water, the fresh aroma, let him mind, a slightly, and the face has become a lot.

"What is it?" Longpin Xuan plays a matter of thinking about the 9-star school, but seeing his current state, then there is no export.

Strictly silent low head, a tear quietly dripped in the tea cup, ripping the silk.

Long Pinxuan looked at him so that he did not speak.

For a long time, strictly open, "Wenchang School is gone."

Longpin Xuan is adding some hot water in his tea cup. "You are still there, you are, how can Wenchang sent?"

Strictly rushed up, looked at Longpin Xuan, "Yes, I am still."

There is no tears in his eyes. Although it is covered with red silk, the colorful brilliance makes Longpin Xuan slightly.

"Dean ..."

Longpin Xuan continued, "But no matter whether it is still a revenge, you need strength, but the strength is not a bury, you can achieve it."

Strictly hanging down, he knows the meaning of the dean, but he can do anything else in addition to hard work.

"Is our college have been rated as 9 stars? Can you tell me what this 9 star school does it mean?"

This transfer topic is just right, first strictly strictly need to do things in the future, then transfer the topic, let him not be so uncomfortable, but the topic also fits the content of this conversation, Long Pinxuan feels that he is a genius.

Quickly replied that it is not thinking.

"The 9-star school is a human world, no, it is the highest rating from the whole world!"

"Including the fairyland and the Buddhist world?" Longpin Xuan also poured a cup of black fruit tea and drank a bite.

Strictly nod, "naturally, it will not have a big longevity before you come to me! So ..."

Longpin Xuan nodded, "So, what are you worried about, we are 9 star schools, 9 star schools, and even this revenge is uncomfortable?"

Strict rule.

"There is no such school in the fairy and Buddhism, you are here, the best way to become stronger is already in your hand, you only need to wait, wait for your strength to be enough, kill it back, worry What do you do more. "

Longpin Xuan took his shoulder and said this.

Strict rule is like an electric shock, sitting there.

Yeah, he is now in the strongest college across the world.

9 star school, so he must revenge!