I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Semir College as the Dean No. 62

"Well, now you have to do, although it is cultivation, but also works, so, give you a task, you will take the 9 star rating of our West Lake Academy, go to the two worlds. Go to the family to send a post, grace, don't miss those colleges. "

Longpin Xuan took a storage ring and put on the table.

"The invitation is in the ring, and every place you have been there, please give it to the invitation, remember all registered! This registration catalog is back to me!"

Strictly standing at the door of the office, holding the storage ring in the palm, still somewhat stunning.

After he reacted, he went to the college.

The dean said yes, he was able to revenge sooner before the West Lake, and it was not anxious to revitalize Wenchang.

Now that he is going to do is waiting, waiting until he is enough.

Before this, he first completed the mission handed by the dean.

The first is to take a look at the material inside that store ring.

Strictly open the storage ring, the things placed in it make him some sweat.

But ... well ... this is a mission ...

But ... now there is a key question, he has not flying yet, don't go to the fairy and the Buddha!

Strictly think about it, right! First go to those majors in the human world, then let them pass the news!

So, strictly organize your baggage and start your own task.

Li Jia, in the human world is a huge family, it is said to be a family forces in the Xianjie Totta Li Tianwang.

Li Jia's owner is meeting at this moment.

The owner of the owner looked at the instructions sent by the upper world.

"The upper world has passed down, and it is necessary to collect specific messages about the West Lake Academy of Hangzhou."

The elders in the seat are all, look at me, I will see you.

"West Lake Academy? Why is the Upper Trenders' information about the West Lake Academy?"

"This college has not heard!"

"No, this college is very familiar, I seem to have heard it."

Have a long thinking, where did he heard it?

Chapter 86 inviting


A family reported loudly at the door of the lobby.

"One self-proclaimed is the West Lake Academy said that I want to send Li Jia to send please!"

Li Biao and the people are looking at each other, and they have seen joy from the eyes of each other.

It's really sleepy, the pillow!

"If you have any! No, or I will welcome it!"

"After all, it is a directive promulgated by the upper industry. I want to come to this college. There should be some famous!"

Li Bifu is so thoughtful, seeing in the upper world, nothing is not very dense.

The old man is also somewhat curious about this college. After Li Biao, I walked towards the door, and they also want to see who is the coming of the West Lake Academy, what is the Xihu College!

In fact, the West Lake Academy is still more famous around Hangzhou. I know, but after Zhejiang, the news is asymmetrical, the news is still relatively slow, and it is possible to pass it to the back. You may know that there is such a college. It is very famous in Hangzhou, which is very powerful, but the name impression of this college may make a discount.

Li Jia's owner is in Chen Tanguan. The famous college is four schools, which are: Heming College, Wudang College, Longhu College, Qiyun College, respectively: Hedong Mountain, Wudang Mountain, Dragon Hill, The four mountain gates of Qiyun Mountain, in which the Wudang faction is headed, the most famous.

Basically, the disciples after entering the martial art will go to the corresponding college training. As a experience, he will return to the martial art after graduation.

Many children of Li's family will enter these four universities, and there is also a chance to enter all major articles.

So they are all very valued for those who have college.

Nowadays a West Lake Academy, although the region is far away, it is also a good thing.

The key is that now the upper industry has passed a new directive, this directive is also related to this college, which naturally will let Li have a look at Li.

When they all came to the door, the people who saw the West Lake Academy were stunned.

Strictly in a red costume, just this costume looks a bit weird.

It's not a cumbersome elegant dress, but a slightly hard dress, buckled the first half of the body, buckle with the button, pants, the inner village is the same simple generous, buckled the neck.

But look at the special elevation of the past, very gas field, it is not an ordinary person.

This is the red suit set made in modern style, and it is better to put it up!

It is also very attractive to Li, and it is also a little attention, it is a huge red banner in the hands of the strict government. The top left corner of the banner is embroidered with 9 golden stars, and the "West Lake Academy" is written with gold.

A long-lived banner, I couldn't help but read it, "Xihu College, Well, is really the West Lake Academy."

Li Biao and other elders are strictly ruled that the weird service and that the oversized flag is shocked, but then I will return God.

Li Benevo, rushed to the top, "Guo Lin door, there is a loss! Please come!"

Strictly rushed to Li, and laughed, "Politics, this is the invitation of the West Lake College, please Luck, please" "

Li was reached out to pick up the post, see the high-altitude of the red atmosphere above, the big words of the hot stamping, looks particularly high-end, can't help but look at the West Lake Academy, but he is high at the Xihu College, which is not met. , But some basic information is still to be inquired.

"West Lake Academy has a happy event?

Strictly laughed, "Due to the many families sent by the post, in order to hurry, please don't be rude, it will be closed, another invitation is still laborious, Li, Help, help!"

Strictly said that I took out a feeding.

This time, the invitation is all hot, the big words are red, more atmospheric than the previous invitation.

Li is picked up, or is it different? What should I have an atmosphere than Li Jia? He is asked to see who this is!

Li was opened by the underground consciousness. At a glance, he saw the head written above, and the hand that was scared to take the post was almost stable.

After Li Bran, the elders came to see the curious probes. What happened to the owner, what is it a big strange?

But when they look at it, please post the invitation written on the top, the chin is so shocked.

"This ... this is, please ... please ..."

I saw the five big words of "Totta Li Tianwang" on it.

Li Yisheng immediately closed, respectfully held in his hand, rushed to strictly, "there is a labor-friendly! Please send it! Please go!"

The old people also stopped straight to the body, rushing to crowd, "Please go!"

Strictly ruling forward from Li, etc., will go to this home.

The scene around it looked at this scene. "Tianyu, the master of Li personally greeted, and the elderly is the old man? What is this college? This is the style!"

"Didn't see the flag, Xihu College!"

"have you heard of it?"

"It seems that it is said that it is a very famous college in Hangzhou!"

"But very far?"

"So far from the time, and please still Li Jia!"

"You don't know, please pay two kinds, and one wants to transfer Li's master!"

"Transfer? What invitable post?"

"I don't know, but it looks very powerful!"

"Is it harder than Li's master?"

"Maybe it is a gods? Is Li's master not someone above?"

"Tell, then you will force! This West Lake Academy must not be!"

"West Lake Academy! I know!"

"Do you know? Listen?"

"The college can be great, it is said to be because of this college, leading to the entire Hangzhou and demon peace!"

"Also, I heard that there is a cultivation of the holy place!"

"I also heard that the dean of the West Lake Academy is very good!"

"So this West Lake Academy is a few stars?"

"I do not know!"

"9 stars!"

"Gear, which is 9 stars?"

"I haven't joked, is it 9 stars above that flag?"


Li Biao and a long old man gave a strict governance to leave the back, listening to the surrounding discussion sound.

But when he heard the problem of several Star College, discussing the final result was 9 stars, the face "" has changed.