I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Semir College as the Dean No. 63

He and his old man looked at each other and asked, "What is the star of the banner?"

"It seems to be 9 stars? Or 8 stars?"

The elders are not sure, because the 9-star school is really outlined.

"Please post, in general, please post it."

There is an elderly suggestion.

Li is nodded, once again opened the invitation in his hand.

Chapter 87 Anniversary

"Dear ..., for the first anniversary of the establishment of the college, this invitation ...

Li Zhe: "..."

The old age: "..."

There is an elderly to elongate the neck aiming at the content of the post, answering everyone, "did not read the wrong ..."

Everyone has been silent, and finally someone asked, "The owner, is this the real reason for us to find this college information?"

Li Sheng looked at this person, "It is possible, if so, this time, the report is completed and the upper world."

There is still the elderly, "Do you really have 9 star schools?"

"Wudang College is a few stars?"

The elder grandson just came to the Wudang College.

"It seems to be 4 stars ..."

The old old is silent, "Is it so much? Do you want to take a try to test this college?"

"I let me grandson try?"

"I think it is true that it is true that it is true!"

"9 stars exaggerated, 8 stars? 7 stars?"

"I think it can make me grandson to try!"

The people around the people have repeatedly, and the seven-mouth eight tongue began to tell Li's owner.

More than just the side of Li, strict Zheng Zheng, now I have arrived in another forgiveness.

The same line, the same speaking.

Putting the door, I took a total of half an hour, plus the road time, basically one or two hours can run a big forces.

However, there are a lot of writing in his hand, it is estimated that he will run for two or three months.

It is better than a lot of time, and it is entirely enough.

Because of the strict political visit, plus a lot of families with the upper background have received some winds, making the things he sent to send a lot.

Therefore, all universities also learned that the West Lake Academy claimed to be 9 stars and celebrated the first anniversary of the establishment.

The dean of each university institute gathered together, discussing this Sighty 9 star in the West Lake Academy, and celebrating the first anniversary, I've neglected for them.

"West Lake Academy actually called 9 star school, so exaggerated!"

"The college in our people's community is not forty-five stars, don't use the colleges of the seven-eight stars in the upper world, how to ratio?"

"And one anniversary is full of people, this college has not been there!"

"Who is this 9 star comes to comment? Is this free?"

"Who is you don't know if the person sent to send a post? That is the older, the youngest franchisees in Wenchang, is said to be as determined."

"What is the Wenchang School that is detached?"

"How did he dare, a school-in-law, a school, and a two-three stars, a high look, actually dare to comment 9 stars, is this strict?"

"I don't know, it is said that the fate of the door is old, but the result is that there is no collection of 9 stars, and there is no disarmament ..."

"That is the default? It is no wonder that Wenchang is destroyed. It is estimated that it is not to see them in the upper industry?"

"This can not be confused, the top school of the upper industry is too big, can't afford!"

"So is the anniversary of the West Lake Academy?"

"Of course, I want to see how this West Lake Academy is kicked!"

"Don't say we, it is estimated that those colleges in the upper world will send people?"

"Hey, I have to see, is there really this strength to say this!"

In the strict treatment, the post is actually there are those university institutes, but when he went to the first college, he was calm and filled with a closed door.

The college may not be more than those big families, the big family one is not too clear, the jurisdiction of the star college, there is not much college than the spelling; the second is that the Shang Dynasty specially cares about the West Lake Academy, let them think this 9-star school may be Have their own affairs, the insurance is, in order not to guess the wrong attitude, it is still good for strict administration.

After all, if this is a 9-star school, the strong is of course a good thing. The key is that the strength is really strong, so young, strength is so strong, seeing its potential, even if there is no college, even if there is no college, Strict political itself is also enough to make the forces of those big families.

But the college is different.

Between the college is to grab the enrollment resources. The more the genius of the genius joins the college. The more powerful, the more famous, the more famous, the more advanced the development of the college.

So a inexplicable 9-star school appearance, directly pressure on the head of all colleges, they naturally unwilling.

Strict political disciples are not no, if strictly reducing their colleges, they are welcome, but strict government representatives from the West Lake Academy.

Sorry, stay in the side.

So this leads to strict governance to the college being ignored, being calm, and I have been eaten.

Because those colleges are constructed, they do not recognize the status of Xihu College.

Strict progress is too lazy to entangle, simply possess the call to the center of the college, and go directly.

This practice is that many colleges have been bad, and they are called to give them a look at them in the anniversary of the West Lake Academy.

It doesn't matter if he evaluates the 9-star school, it will have these unfounded situations.

In particular, he has now entered the West Lake Academy, and naturally understands that the potential of the college is really big, but it takes a certain time to settle, after all, they have not fully graduated, and they can't support the college.

But when I was questioned, I was strictly strictly standing out.

Just like this now!

Strictly strictly waving, the strong spiritually broke through the defense line of guarding the disciples, attached to the plaque in front of this college, then directly evacuated.

Let them arrogant! Let them look up!

Our West Lake Academy is good! It is amazing! It was evaluated 9 stars!

You don't pick up your post, I will post you on your plaque, who is looking for your face!

Strict progress is chic, the result is that all colleges in the human world are greatly reduced to the impression of the West Lake Academy.

Xihu College is famous!

The personal question of this famous street pulls can hear a college.

Name is also a subsection.

Such as millions of fans and tens of millions of fans, comparison with hundreds of billions of visits, is completely two concepts.

Including the upper bound!

The great powers of the fairyland and the Buddhist are invited by the West Lake Academy, but those colleges in the fairyland and the Buddhism are not invited to them because there is no way to the West Lake Academy.

And they have been born in the 9-star school, they are looking at a joke.

9 star school people born? Dive!

Chapter 88 is a farce.

There is a 9-star school in the world, and it is still so big. It is a brain to be kicked.

The identification of the intention? Forget it, Wenchang Emperor is assassinated, which is to verify the true and false of the 9-star school, or just take the opportunity to engage in things.

There is Tianmili, find out what the waves are caught, and this 9 stars have to withdraw.

Therefore, the colleges in the fairy and Buddhist bilies are very calm. They can not be so stupid, they don't participate, and then don't invite them, they will put their gestures. After all water leaves, they will not shake their college position.

The Tiandi received the information from the Shenxian Daily on the main hall, which is very interested in this West Lake Academy.

"Amother Ai Qing feels how this Xihu College?"

Totta Li Tianwang answers ahead of the first step, "Kai Jing Tian, ​​this is a human college, it is impossible to have to have passed the universal world and the college, so, or this college is to expand your enrollment estimate Head, or it is rushing to the Wen Chang Emperor.

Taibai Jinxing is attached to the side, "Li Tianwang said that it is too white, and it also believes that it is related to the murder of Wenchang Emperor!"

Too Shang Laojun frowned on the side, and finally said, "Lao Jun did not think so, this star monument is an ancient thing. If it is not a regular assessment, it is impossible to record, so the minimum of the West Lake Academy has become 9 The potential of the Ath School will be recorded on the Star Wen. "

Too white Venus does not agree. "But your hand is not a real star monument, just a deputy!"

Too many old men nodded, but the words that still insisted on their own point of view, "Although I have a deputy monument, there is no such thing as a star monument, but the star monument is free to run freely, but the life is not It is the interpretation and use of the situation, so I still think that the West Lake Academy has its own things, but is it related to the life of Wenchang Emperor, but also to see the two stars after the fire. "

The rest of the gods naturally have a lot of people, some support Taibai Venus's view, some support the views of the old man in the sky, most of them are these two factions.

The Emperor's slightly, he knew that there was a hidden forces that have been working with the fairy and the Buddha.