I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Semir College as the Dean No. 64

But who is specifically, there is no one bit.

Now that the sky does not know what is going on, you can't find out, which makes it now have a lot of guessing.

The world is going to be chaotic!

The Emperor narrowed his eyes. Perhaps the birth of this Xihu College means that many things happen, it seems that something has to start.

The mysterious mysterious mysterious girl of Tianxian College is sitting with the four dean of the four colleges, which is the bride's tea tree, the bride's tea tree, it is rare.

"Marshal Shuai can know the new West Lake Academy recently?" Xuanwu Niang Niang as the dean of Tianxian College, the natural news, knowing these things.

Lingguan Ma Yun Shuai is the dean of the Tianji East Hospital, "Hehe" smile, "jumping a clown, a farce, we don't follow the participation!"

"Oh? Why do you see? That is the 9-star school on the opposite side of the star monument.

Zhao Gongming gave the dean of the northern hospital, "the mother of the mother, the college commented on the star, once the star passed, will announce the world, and once the 9th Xue School is born, the scale It will only be bigger, and now Wen Chang Emperor is an accident, the 9-star school is just a nomination, it is not a real 9-star school. "

"The location is not afraid that the West Lake Academy has the potential of the 9-star school?" The mysterious girl asked again.

Wen Qiong said the dean of the western house, and smiled. "There is a dozens of years, a college that is not established for a year is still in the human world, can be stronger than the school of the fairy and the Buddhism? It is necessary to have the power of the mood of Wenchang Emperor, so, what else is we worried? "

Guan Yu is the dean of the sky, he drinks cup of tea, "What is the 9-star school, you will do your own college, I have patrolled, there is something to call me! This kind of breaking Don't call me! "

After that, Guan Yu took a crimist of the criminal, he left.

Wen Jong apologizes to the mysterious girl to respect the tea, "the mother is not a misery, the feathers have always been this temper."

The mysterious girl is slightly flashing, raising the teacup and respects each other.

"Looking at, you don't want to intervene the anniversary of the West Lake Academy?"

Zhao Gongming nodded, "Ben, the West Lake College did not invite us to participate in this time their anniversary, and then said such a farce, it is really involved in the death of Wenchang Emperor ..."

After the back of Zhao Gongming did not say it, everyone understood.

The Upper Territories believe that the West Lake Academy is related to the death of Wenchang Emperor, but it is inconvenient to say that it is also Ming Zhe to protect, afraid of being implicated.

Although the 9th star school is famous, once it confirms this matter, then it is not just a plaque.

Of course, it is natural to say that the 9 stars in the West Lake Academy are farce, they disdain.

There are many reasons for the actual reasons.

For example, the Dean of the Nanyuan Guan Yu, he didn't care about whether the 9th star school was a 9-star school, as long as his college went up, why bother to the other college! Of course, such a college is also a few.

Longpin Xuan is sitting on a chair and is seriously conceiveing ​​the next anniversary activities.

"Since it is an anniversary, it must be red and fire!"

"Now let me have a long time to have a long-lived dragon who has a historical memory of the next five thousand years!"

This anniversary must be spectacular, because it is not just a person, but also a demon and fairy, once a two two in the school is a teacher, it is Mei Zi!

He took a good preparation directory and personnel arranged on the bamboo tablets and walked out of the office.

Above the Square, a lotus voice rang, "Please pay attention! Please pay attention!" Please pay attention! "

"Please adjust the respective cultivation and out, 30 minutes, all the West Lake Academy students are concentrated in the cultivation! Please notify the students!"

This notice is a release, a demon class, a family class, and the classmates who have the experimental class have rushed to the cultivation square.

Some students have received a notice of friends inside their own class, and they also put down the hand.

"What is this? I feel very important!"

"I don't know! The first time to call all the students!"

Chapter 89, the First Teachers and Student, West Lake College

Classics outside the outside have received notices, even if they have also received the strict administration of the invitation.

However, it is impracting two news at the same time, one is the classmate of the same class, sent him a meeting, another one is Long Pin Xuan sent him to let him continue the task outside, and do not need to come back.

Ok, it is definitely the dean said.

Strictly, continue to put the post on the plaque of the college, and ran.

Hey, look at a message, I almost be caught, my disappointment!


Do not say that the chicken flying dog jumping from this side is full of people in the cultivation plaza, and many of the students in the experimental class are all in the experimental classes.

Longpin Xuan disk is sitting on the center of the central table, looking at the students below, nodding on the little green.

The five ghosts are now standing behind Xiaoyan, and the space of the Dragon Pin Xuan temporarily closed, waited until the end of the meeting.

After Xiaoqing received the hint of Long Pu Xuan, Xiaoqing began to open the directory of the hand, one read the name.

"The junior class should go to 16 people, and it is 15 people, strictly and more than one person!

"The monsters should be 23 people, and they are 23 people!

"The test should go to 50 people, and it is 50 people!

"The above, except for 1 person, the rest arrive!"

Longpin Xuan nodded, "Strictly, I sent it to the post, don't take him.

"I have called everyone to meet today, and it is also the first teachers and students of the first West Lake Academy!

For an important major event!

"The anniversary celebration of the first Xihu College!

Celebrate the first anniversary of the establishment of Xihu College!

The students underneath brightly lit up.

"The first anniversary is it right?"

"No, what should I have?"

"Is that be prepared in advance?"

"How do you open? I am inexplicably excited!

Many students have begun to look forward to Long Pin Xuan next to how to celebrate.

Longpin Xuan continued. "The main purpose of this meeting is to allocate in this celebration, the division of the students, after all, the West Lake Academy is everyone, this time celebration must move the fire, lively and extraordinary, I know that I am giving the squad leader who sent the people's primary class to strictly got all the great powers. I have sent the invitation. Let the world look at the brilliance of our West Lake Academy!

More than just the people, the demon, there are some gods, I hope everyone will treat it carefully!

The students who are sitting in the field have luminated.

What big power will come this time? And will there be a fairy? Scorpio, this time the meeting is so high!

All students are tall, which country and forces can do the first anniversary to invite all the forces and some gods. They can be the West Lake Academy!

Is it to be held in the world's event meeting, can you not be excited?

Many classmates are wiped up, some have been excited to raise their hands.

"Dean, I will do a lot!"

"Dean, despite the command!

"Dean, I will not only be serious, but also treat it very seriously!


The surrounding students heard the longest sentence, they could not help but laughed out.

Longpin Xuan lifted his hand and pressed the stress, continued, "It seems that everyone is very excited, this is a good thing!

But there is a requirement that the assignment to the task must be completed, and it is necessary to excel!

"Well, now start to determine the process of this conference and something that must be prepared.

Longpin Xuan lifted, draw a virtual picture in the air.

"The process is divided into four steps:"

"First: Reception"

"Second: Opening"

"Third: Anniversary"

"Fourth: End Back"

"According to the four blocks, first determine the total person in charge of these four blocks, which is responsible for the ghost, two ghosts, four ghosts and five ghosts.

Because the special talents of the three ghosts are divided by the three ghosts responsible for the overall scene control of the whole event, referred to as the total field control.

"Everything needs to be arranged in the first block to all the reception, guidance, including the seating and distribution of the anniversary, and the specific results, and finally finalized.

"Opening, etc., you will discuss together, how to attract eyeballs, shocked the world, this piece is very important.

"Anniversary of the anniversary, in fact, it is to show the world to the world, the West Lake Academy is really powerful, is yourself!

My students!

"Well prepare your show, we need to screen and make sure, of course, I will give you some suggestions, as much as possible, let the world to see the style of the students of the West Lake Academy, is the other college can't be better!

"Then it is the end of the return.

Of course, there will be some uncomfortable things, such as some colleges do not accept the rating of the 9-star school, then what we need to respond, etc., these issues need to be considered.

"The seats are in the seat, let us work together, build a perfect first Xihu College Anniversary Celebration!

Let the five lakes, the whole world, not only the world, but also the upper world, look at the style of our West Lake Academy!

We are the best!

We are the 9th school!

Long Pu Xuan's voice just fell, and the high voice of the whole student suddenly resounded throughout the West Lake.

"We are the best!

We are the 9th school!

Longpin Xuan looked at all the students who were encouraged by himself, and the mouth smiled.

Is it guided? Must be opened!

"Okay, let's get the specific rules of discussing, the first is the reception!"

Some suggestions can be raised, the ghost you are the person in charge, responsible for record, combing all the processes!

Based on the performance and reception of the students in the live question, you can choose the member of the reception group.

"Our classmates are so, some students need to bear several responsibilities, and everyone will be very busy!

"Well, this classmate ..."

... This time, all the conferences have been discussed, all the students are actively responsive, with Long Pinxuan to complete a complete set of complete anniversary plans.

Longpin Xuan has also played a major role, including joining in various modern elements.

This conference was filled in five nights and finally finally finalized all processes.

The students of the entire West Lake Academy began busy and prepared together to belong to their first anniversary.

The strict rule of strict rule once again uses the upgraded version of the body, escaped the ambush of the college entrance, and wins.

Those colleges naturally have a channel that is transmitted to each other, and also knows that strict efforts to send a post.

But he posted the post on the college plaque, was received by the anger of colleges.

Many colleges that have not been sent to the posts have spontaneously start preparing traps and ambush, want to punish strict government, but they have been hidden by him.

Strict rule: It's really small to see that this Wenchang is the youngest elder in history!

So little trap and ambush, little means!

Chapter 90 is coming to God

The students of the West Lake Academy began to dry the world, and the entire Hangzhou also started to move.

It is important to know that the first anniversary of the West Lake Academy is not held in the West Lake Academy, but in Hangzhou!

West Lake, which is in charge of the dragon, has quickly launched a series of actions under the leadership of the dragon.

The first is the site.

The northwestern part of the West Lake is a wetland, which has not been developed by human beings, but occasionally there are some small villages living in the vicinity.

Longpin Xuan floats in the air, and his surroundings are cultivators of many Hangzhou forces.

There is also a series of officials with a series of officials in Qiantang County, and the Dragon is in half an air.

Their feelings are excited with the silk, to know this, but they first fly to the sky as ordinary people, although they are looking at the venue, but also experience a feeling of cultivation.

Longpin Xuan looked at this national park called "Xixi Wetland" in the future, and his eyes were somewhat complicated.

"This wetland environment is beautiful, surrounded by water, which also has islands, and is a good place without development."

"Use this whole wetland as the location of the first anniversary of the West Lake Academy, how is the position?"

Longpin Xuan reached out in the air, a golden aperture shrouded his scope and let everyone see more clearly.

Qiantang County is holding the head, "the adults of the dean really deeply, the location is also the right place, where the guests used to receive foreign are really good!"

Longpin Xuan nodded, he roughly calculated, and immediately got to see the ghost, "The accommodation and venue is responsible for you, the top of the largest island is directly cut, give me all The marble is the kind of stone found before, how to shock people, this is to see you, you can give it to those who have talents to design and make. "

"The surrounding island sets a reception hall and guiding hall of various visitors. How do you do it in the venue?"

The big ghost is in the side, "the interior is designed, the format outside the outside needs to be designed according to the topography!"

Longpin Xuan nodded, "more references I provide you with your design style, these are not available!"

The ghost is sigh. "The adults of the dean are really too powerful, the design drawings and patterns, so that we are never smelling, we will be improved, create a perfect design!"

After the venue confirmed, Qiantang County Directly used the big print to draw this area, which was divided into the West Lake Academy, and namdo it directly along Long Pu Xuan.

After that, the name of Xixi wetland officially resounded throughout the world and knows the world.

Because this is the opening place of the first anniversary of the West Lake Academy.

The people in Hangzhou are also busy, and begging the auxiliary building improvement in accordance with the sucknown facilities explained by Longpin Xuan.

The first is the renovation of all homes, which will be responsible by West Lake, as a helper from all families and the monsters in which they live.

It is then the overall planning of Hangzhou, as well as some particular equipment devices above the house.

Firedex Star Jun and Shunden Jun are really a rare, and the task given by the Emperor is the virtuality of the West Lake Academy, and it is necessary to quickly return.

But find out that this task is difficult to say, it is not easy to say it is simple!

However, before entering the West Lake Academy to explore, the most insurance and a safe way is to first find around. If you can ask the people around, the view of this West Lake Academy, that is, it is fine.

So their first stop is here.

However, the firedexing of the ordinary people and the Shunde Star will stand on the streets of Hangzhou. Where are they? Is it in Hangzhou? Is the human world that have become this?

I only see the ground of the strip street is unified with the same color stone paving. The road is very clear, and it is not used by the stroke, but it is paved with a stroke, but it is paved with a different color stone slate. Directly paved.

The two sides are the sidewalks, the middle two roads are the roadway, what carriage, bovine, the trolley, etc., all in these two roads.

If the road is wide enough, the middle will be made into four channels, six roads, the most central Hangzhou main road, even made eight roads.

Cleachly, and suddenly the entire Hangzhou is planned.

There are still many streets are still shop, all the people are helping, there are still a lot of monsters.

Because there is a monster's joining, some transportation of the transportation does not need the people to personally move, alleviating a lot of pressure, and accelerate the process of the entire building.

There are still many houses that are outer exterior.

This refurbished action is not removed, but applied to a beautiful paint outside.

The word paint is also from Longpin Xuankou.

In fact, a pigment that is adjusted, can be applied to the house, so that the house looks new, and the aesthetic appearance.

Those of the mama-like, it is directly revised.

There is a helmet of monsters, a monster only need one or two hours to build a house, so the progress of Hangzhou reconstruction is still very fast.

A whole color unified house planning, different cells.

There are also some of the streets to divide the stalls, the establishment of pedestrian streets, so that the whole Hangcheng looks great.

Firedex Star is somewhat curious to look at the people who are building their houses, whispering Dead Jun, "Water German, Hangzhou found a big change? Do you have collapsed?"

Sao Dexing shook his head, "I don't look like it, and there is also a rebuilt."

Firedex Star suddenly became chabrow, "Is it necessary to welcome us?"

"What? What? What do you think, Tongmie give us a lower bound exploration, how can they know?"

The fire is shrugged, "Bored, let a joke!"

He immediately smiled and took his shoulders, "Xiongtai, you are very beautiful! Is it a lot of money?"

The people are happy on the face, and they are struggling brush wall. They were shouted by people, and the brushes in their hands were scared to fall on the ground. "Hey, scare me, you said? Well? You are not local People? Just joining Hangzhou soon? "

Fire De Star Jun and Sao De Star will look at it, laugh, "Yes, see you are renovating the house, curious over and ask."