I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 65

That is a laughter, "It turned out to be like this! My house is beautiful! This is especially guidance! And don't have to spend money! The most is the outrage, help! Next, Hangzhou must do a big happiness! We also Followed with happy, can still live in new housing! Dean can be big! Waiting for my mother, I will let him go to the West Lake Academy! "

Chapter 91's College

Fire De Star Jun and Sao De Star have seen the shock in each other, this college is not simple!

From the people's identity and reputation from the people, it can be seen that the value of this college.

But Light is not enough.

Fire De Star will continue to ask, "Refurnit of a house, other colleges also help them build new hoveresis near the people, this is not what!"

The people heard this, his face is still not good, but I think that the other party is just waiting for the Hangzhou soon, I have no fire, just put the sleeves, and pull the firedest and sit on the chair of his doorstep. " That is not the same, you listen to me. "

"Other colleges are not clear about the people, but I know that this is not what the college should do, this is the matter of the emperor, let the people have to eat. Why do you know? Don't know, The college is teaching and educating people! It is a cultivation! "

"Only enter the college can become talented, then it is a good college, light relying on relief or money, it is all! So, if you have a child, remember to choose the West Lake Academy! Even if the talent is not good, you can also enter The experimental class, the same opportunity! "

The fire is curious, "said that this is true, but why don't you choose the students who are famous, I want to choose this new way to open a new year?"

Sao De Star did not speak, but he stood next to Firedexing, and his hand was quietly filled with stone.

The people carefully gave them things that Hangzhou people know.

"Do you know the monster? I used to hear the monster. The first reaction was that the monster would eat people! But since the executive opening of the dean, we only know that in the original sky, there is also a monster to fly into an immortal!"

Firedex is nodded, it is indeed, and there are still a lot.

"But why can those monsters can fly into a fairy, and most of the monsters can't? Monster cultivation is for? Isn't it for Chengxian?"

Firedex Star continued to nod, indeed, why?

"Because they go wrong!"

The head of the people is Tao, obviously one of the delegation.

"The Dean of the West Lake Academy is definitely more powerful than the gods. I just got out of the main points. All the monsters in Hangzhou were all rigorously. These monsters no longer eat people, but do things well. , Hard work. "

"Do you know? The dean once an hour, almost all monsters broke through! And those who have been become fairy by us, now should be called practice, and they have broken! That scene,, spectacular!"

"I have never seen such a big scene, that wind, cloud, oh, it should be said to be aura and demon, in the air, a circle of a circle, all whirls, all, all are full Hangzhou. "

"I heard that those monsters will not be able to break through many years, and there is a hundred years of hardship for hundreds of years! However, because the dean is a teaching! You said such a college, who Don't you want to enter? "

Fire De Star Jun and Shundar, you will see me, I will see you, it is shocked.

Firedex Star Jun was rushing to the Shunde Xingjun Nuki, the sound road, "is it?"

Water Dest Jun: "Nature is recorded!"

Firedexing turned to the head to see the people, "Are you seeing your own eyes?"

The people said very natural, "That is nature, but not only to see it! Previously, the dean of each month will be on the West Lake, let some monsters and cultivators who have not entered the college, so Hangzhou There will be so many people. Of course, the dean is busy, the number of lectures is also less, but stay here, always have a chance! "

"You look at the street again, now which home is not raised one or two monsters, these monsters don't hurt people, can also help us work. They are together with us, don't need our blood, I can practice, and cultivate The speed is faster than before, we are also grateful. "

"Of course, there will be some exceptions. At this time, the West Lake will come out. Some monsters eat people to eat habits, they can't get used to being caught in the small towns outside Hangzhou, etc., waiting for them to eat After people's habits, I will not hurt people, they will allow access to Hangzhou, and there will be the cultivator of the West Lake. "

"Since the West Lake Academy is coming, our days have become better, and our children have more hope, the whole Hangzhou will become a cultivation, our body has become healthier, I used to This season is always sick, now there is no small sneeze! "

The more exciting, more exciting, more than drawing your own muscles, "This day is getting better and better, this is not, the West Lake Academy will usher in the first anniversary, we are helping! The house is also refurbished, how good! "

Firedex Star Jun and Shund Ring will once again, "It seems that the people here are very maintenance and identity for the West Lake Academy!"

Shunde nodded, "Let's go elsewhere, see if it is the people in Hangzhou."

The two gods immediately passed a few words, and they quickly gave a speech. I found a street far from West Lake, and I also found a few people asked.

The result is nature.

"It seems that the West Lake Academy is very happy in Hangzhou." Shunde is a conclusion.

"However, this dean actually has the strength of the opening, it seems that it doesn't want to be underestimated. The key is that so many practitioners and monsters will break through, it is really very powerful!" While Fire is all about these people Breakthrough, but most or some breakthroughs are great.

Maybe it is a small part of breakthroughs, the people can not see it in the distance. It is only the changes in the environment, the changes in the sky, and naturally think that it has broken.

"We just asked all human beings, but asked monsters, they should be clearer."

Shunde suddenly said, "Since the dean is able to make them breakthrough, how many successful breakthroughs, they naturally know."

"good idea!"

Firede Star Junli Mara has a black bear who is helping the coal biscuits to handle the reason for it.

The black bear watched a fire of the fire. He couldn't see the depth of him, but observed him, obviously a spiritual fluctuation, thought it was a cultural cultivator.

"You are new to Hangzhou, I want to ask the dean, is it really a breakth?"

Firedex Xingjun and Shund Ring will look at it and take a while.

Black bear smiles, "Look, you will know that there are too many cultivars recently, and you can guess your eyes!"

Chapter 92 Returning

Firedex Star is a little curious, "" Many of your cultivator? "

After the black bear is finished, after the coal is moved well, "I bought a biscuit? Can be fragrant! Hey!"

Firedex Star Jun Silent, "That one!"

He looked at Shundar Jun, "No, come two."

"Good!" The black bear finished the lotion of the lotion, and took the baked biscuit from the skeeper on the side, handed it to the firedexing, "Cheng Hui, 4 texts!"

Fire De Star Jun took a pocket and became a small ingot silver handed a black bear.

The black bear is holding the silver and then confirming that it is true, then handed it to the owner.

"Since you are so sincerely asked, then you will tell you, but you can! You are not like!"

"It is all the practice of the problem outside. It is not to hear a class here. Otherwise, do you have anything?"

Firedex Star Jun took a bite, graceful, "Can you break through?"

The black bear is laughing, "I can't, you are right! Listen to the dean lecture, but it is also able to break through! But can, still want to see your soil, as long as you understand one or two points, even if you can't break, growth Less repair is that it is sure. If you can't break through there for a long time, this, you can't break through! "

The black bear sneaked into the ear of the two people, said, "This secret is generally not telling others, seeing your good, I bought a baked cake, I said to you, first listening to the dean The cultivator and monsters can all break through! One did not pull down, all broke through! "

The fire is full of biscuits in the fire, but also chews, the branches of the chin, the baked cake furnished.

what? All broke through?

On the side, I also took a biscuit with a biscuit, and I took a biscuit in my hand. He glarely hammered two punches in his chest, pulling the biscuit. Ask the black bear, "Really fake?"

"Nature is true!" The black bear strikes the chest guarantee, "If you lie, let you get it will be promoted! This is always, every time you ask, you have to ask the true fake, is a fake , ! "

How many times have been shocked by the fire to Hang Hang, he thought of the things of the video, turned to look at Water De Star Jun.

Sao De Star Junli Ma jun said, "" Recorded, when do I work! "

Firede Star Junmyon tone, two people spend the black bear and continue to walk toward the West Lake.

"Water, then we still go to the college inside to explore?" Wus De Star Jun asked.

"Go, don't go, don't go, at least what kind of student is repairing, the dean is repairing, always know?" Shunde Xingjun swallowed the last bite, this biscuit is still very delicious. Waiting for a point to return to heavens.

The two gods threw away the remaining lotus leaves in his hand, and it was a stream to explore the bottom of the West Lake.

"Hey! There is Shenxian Sneaked Academy, please pay attention!"

Longpin Xuan is busy preparing a variety of issues of anniversary, and suddenly sounding the system's prompt sound, shocked him.

What, is there a gods sneak into the college? What do you want to do?

Longpin Xuan deeply took a deep breath, calmed down his mood, did not know anything, but he opened the guiding surgery, released his own knowledge, if there is a god near, maybe there will be some different places .

His strength now, plus the strength of the entire college, it is impossible to be a fairy opponent.

But the other party is not a big bright, but sneaked, it means that the other party does not want to contradict him, or just to explore what, still don't hit the snake, first look at the other party.

Firedexing and Sao De Star have been covered by a round cover, and the light is on the road, watching the surrounding environment.

This cover is named Qiankun, with stealth features, is a manner of Sao Dexingjun.

"This college tastes good, the construction is pretty." Firedexing looked at the pavilion chart, garden and various recreational facilities outside the college, excited.

Sao De Star will pointed to the front. "When I arrive, I saw many students in it, I went to see."

Two people walked towards the college, seeing the students are busy and preparing, many students celebrating the anniversary of the anniversary.

"Hey, their strength is good! These can't work, the strength is too bad!"

Fire De Star glanced at the college, immediately saw the strength of those students, "So bad strength, general colleges will not be charged? It seems that this West Lake Academy enrollment is the same!"

Sao Dexing is not so thinking, "But you don't have a few people in the middle of the students, if you are so bad, how do you only have such a few people? Do you want to send your son's grandson? ? "

Firedex Star Jun listened to Sao De Star Jun, I also felt strange, "This is, they are strength ... , you see them!"

Two gods have already come to the door of the test class, just seeing that there are several monsters that are absorbing the medicine cultivation in the wooden barrel.

"The roots of their qualification are poor, but they see the way they cultivate, it seems to be in practice." Water Dexing looked at the wooden barrel, "and smell the medicine, the formula is quite complicated, this I know that I only know that there is such a cultivation method, I don't know who is there. Is it a big energy of this college? "

Firedex Star Jun thought, "It is possible, let's take a look at other places."

"The strength of these students is not bad, basically all the peaks, there is a demon king, um? There is also to break through the demon, the strength is good, I don't know how age."