I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the monster college as the dean section 66

"Hey, this ... you come and see, I didn't see it wrong?" Firedex Star Junrah Luo Shunde Jun.

Shunde Xingjun looked at the direction of Firedexing, seeing a white beauty, and the eyes are far away, "That is a demon spirit level? Isn't that flying fast?"

Firedexing saw that Sao De Star said, muttered, "It seems that I have not seen a mistake, this is said, this college five or six stars can also be assessed. But 9 stars are a bit exaggerated. "

Water Dexing Jun also agreed. "After all, this is a human world, those practitioners and monsters have not seen the colleges in the upper world, and naturally do not know the true strength of those students, those students, natural strength, nature. "

Fire De Star Jun nodded, I looked at each other with Shui De Star, "I am almost?"

"Well, go back to report!"

After saying that two gods into a stream of streams directly broke through the bottom of West Lake, go to the sky.

Longpin Xuan listened to the prompt of the gods in the mind, showing the contemplation expression on his face, it seems that he needs to do something.

Chapter 93 returning to the sky

Fire De Star Jun and Sao De Star will return to heaven, quickly go to the main hall.

As the saying goes, he has 10,000 years.

However, in fact, the heavens and human space are a layer of separation, this layer is time-space, which is equivalent to different speeds of the two borders.

Of course, the flow rate of this time has not exaggerated, but it does exist.

"Attacking the Emperor, Chen and Firede Our down-border exploration, find information is as follows, please come over!"

Sao De Star will thrown his own magic treasure, projection in the air out of the picture he recorded.

Firedex Star Jun and Shund Ring Jun stopped to the side, and also watched this picture together.

The Tiandi and many gods died on the recorded picture.

The first thing that appeared first is the one who started the fire of the fire. The people said all the words, especially when there is a monster in the fairy in the heavens, many gods nodded and recognized. .

And the following words, let these gods are one of them.

That is the way the monster is really cultivated, not to eat people, but merits.

Although the people say the words are not such a strict, it means everyone understands.

Many fairy eyes have exposed a shocking look.

This is the secret of the promotion, and the human world is even one of ordinary people, so flying is not very easy?

However, I really know this way, I can not do it.

"It seems that this dean also has two kings, is it what gods?"

Some gods have begun to whisper.

"It's hard to say, let's know ..."

"It's not fairy and it is."

"The key is to let the people know that it is a matter, and the convincing is another thing!"

Yes, everyone includes their own thinking, but knowing and trusting is really different.

The Dean of the West Lake Academy can get the support of the people and demon of the entire Hangzhou within a short time, and it can be seen that it is not simple.

In particular, the back recorded pictures showed the influence of this Xihu College in Hangzhou.

Especially the black bear refined a picture, making many gods have different views on the monsters of the human world.

"This black bear is still very savvy, knowing that the intelligence should bought a biscuit."

"I heard that many monsters are eating people ... The mounts are not ..."

"Okay, I'm all colleagues ..."

"I am afraid what he does, anyway, we will not be right!"

The gods are still talking about, but the words of the black bear will directly stop all the fans.


They didn't listen wrong?

I thought I had a bad fairy before I was dead, all of them stared at the picture, looked at black bear, listened to him to continue.

"This secret is generally not telling others, ... I first came to listen to the dean lecturers ... I have broken through! One didn't pull it, all broke through!"

There is a fairy that is not coming to her own, "all broke through?"

The whole hall is awkward!

"Jun to joke?"

"The opening of the altar, every cultivator and monster have broken?"

"One does not pull?"

"This Buddha can't reach this extent?"

"This black bear is definitely talking!"

Many fans are thinking so.

But next, this black bear has an affair.

"If you lie, let the will never promote! ..."

The gods: ...

But they still don't believe it.

Water Dexing Jun suspended the play of the stone, "Your Majesty, this is the question and fire of the people and the people who are in the monsters and the monsters, and the most shocked is these words." From these people and monsters, after the opening of the school, as long as it is a card in the bottleneck or to the promotion stage, it can be directly broken, and there is no biggest growth in this degree. "

"But what they said, I also have been asked, it is the top one or two open altars, the cultivator and monsters are not much, but all one is the bottleneck, or in the promotion stage, That is, they all have gains and will break through. "

Tong Di nodded, "Even if it is in the bottleneck, it is possible to open an hour to make everyone have a breakthrough. This person will inevitably be a mediocrity, what is the name of the dean?"

The firedexing will reply to the side, "The dean is known as Long Pin Xuan, it is said to be a demon, but the body is unmanned, but it is said that according to the name of the dean should be related to the dragon."

The Tiandi's eyes show a slight surprised look, "Oh? Dragon, the dragon is not very prominent, unless it is ancient ... those inherits are shared to the demon, the cultivator will not break through. Unless this name is fake of."


The people of the gods suck the tones, yeah, naturally it can be used in a pseudonym!

In this way, no one knows what this dean is sacred.

The key is that powerful big energy is impossible to silently.

At first, Firedexing and Shund Ring can use the people to see all the cultivators and demon convinced themselves, but the back of the black bear is swearing, this can be seen, they are The heart is recognized, all the cultivars and monsters are broken.

And under the eyelids of Firedexing and Shundar, they did not find that black bear and those people had confused.

"Will it be a illusion?" There was a goddess that suddenly made questions. "The dean showed illusion, let them believe that those people have broken, after all, will not verify it."

Sao Dexing will shake his head, "It will not be illusion, because all the broken cultivators and monsters are not the students of the West Lake Academy, they are outside the outside of Hangzhou, and these foreign people, especially monsters, all because this Things stay in Hangzhou, get along with the people of the people. "

"Everyone saw it, in Hangzhou, almost every household raised a number of monsters, relying on each other, and the strength of these monsters can not be lied."

"The Dean of the West Lake Academy has to make this skill and the cultivator and monster who do the play together, and now so peace now, then this dean is in my opinion, there is a matter of this!"

The words of Shunde, let many gods will be meditated.

I have to say that there is a difference between the words of Water Dest.

"One way, this forces don't match the hidden forces we have discussed!"

Erlang suddenly said.

In addition to Shunde Xing and Firede Star, because of it is not here, some people are slightly shocked.

There are also a bit reason!

Chapter 94

Shunde is going to continue to open, "it's all, after reading, continue to discuss!"

After the Siro God said such a sentence, he heard Sao Dexing said that it was silent, it should be that the default Shundar will continue to play the stone.

Sao De Star will begin to play, randomly played, once again refreshed the idea of ​​many gods.

If you really say that Erlang God said, then the students of the West Lake Academy should go straight to the gods!

But the strength of those students they see.

"Oh, those people are too bad?"

"Is that still one or two layers?"

"West Lake Academy is not to mention the talents? How is this poor student?"

"The next batch is better, the strength can be, the demon king, the demon ..."

"There is a demon! But there is only one."

"There is no one in the fairy, if you are as good as Erlang Zhenjun, these students have to be almost the same as our strength."

Many gods Human said that this West Lake Academy is the mysterious force. It is not right.