I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Monster College as the Dean No. 67

Since you can don't know how to kill Wen Chang Emperor, he has no six star king, how can a fairy master, the strength is the strongest.

After the Water Dest, after all the pictures, Sao De Star started to explain.

"In fact, in the previous picture, those refining periods are one or two layers. I don't know if anyone has noticed the way they cultivate."

"Please take a closer look at their wooden barrels."

Sao De Star will return the picture to the previous picture.

"That is ...... Is it?"


"This dean is the strong in the ancient times?"

"No way!"

Many gods are shocked.

Indeed, those people who are qualified and cultivate now are qualified, but the series of cultivation is not necessarily qualified.

The key is to repair this system. It is now out of print. Only in the ancient leaves, it is a big energy!

The Emperor saw that the eyes flashed, the body was repaired?

Shunde is nodded, "I and fire is also so doubtful, but there is no authentic evidence. So according to our assessment, the dean is a big energy, when the teacher is , and this big can Suspected is ancient orientation, or at least knows the ancient inheritance, it must be not simple, but in this piece of the student is a big discount. "

"So, this Xiki, the seven-day star of the West Lake should be, 9 stars exaggerate, it is estimated that the cultivator in the human world has not seen the college in the sky, and naturally, it is the best in the human world, so I gave a maximum Good rating. Although this college can also be said to be the best in the human world, but some colleges in the upper world can't be more than, the comments naturally cannot be general. "

After listening to the report of Shund Ring, the Tian Dynasty nodded and had a number in his heart.

Erlang's eyebrows are locked, "said that those students are the guise of the dean, the real force is hidden in the dark? Anyway, I think they have a relationship with Wenchang Emperor's case!"

Totta Li Tianwang is very neutral. "From this college to come to the heart, I still tend to be the college is a good college, there is not so much right and wrong, but I don't rule out these, I don't rule out these. It is also possible if it is a hidden forces behind it. "

Taibai Jinxing and Tian Shangjun also want to speak, but they are swayed directly by the Emperor.

"Okay, things have been in this point, and if you want to rely on guess, you still need evidence. This way, West Lake Academy is not engaged in an anniversary, but also invited the upper bound, then go, give me Look at your own eyes, how is this Xihu Academy, there is no evidence that it is the secret force. "

Many gods look at each other with each other, rushing to the Tiandi, "Chen picks the law!"

"After the DPRK, wait for the anniversary to celebrate the people!"

"Gong to Your Majesty!"

After the Tian Dynasty got up, many gods also began to ask some specific situations around Firedexing and Water Dest.

"Water, what is this anniversary?"

"The full name of the anniversary is the first anniversary celebration of the first Xihu College! It should be a celebration." Shunde's reputation replied.

"Fire, the anniversary, the lower bounds have passed, we need to bring a gift? What gift is better?"

Firedex Terrier: "..." This is he knew that he will bring it!

Many gods are actually trying to ask this question.

After all, is it to celebrate, I can't always go in both hands.

The key is that the dean is likely to be ancient and modern!

Of course, I want to pull the relationship, the sleeve is almost!

However, it may be that this dean has walked the dog, I don't know where to get the cultural practice of the ancient body, and then teach students to the college.

If this is true, then after the anniversary, he is very happy.

It is not ordinary person who will not be ordinary people!

In the sky, those people who have received the upper part of the news will be even more unpleasant.

Those who will know that the Shangxian's fairy is accepting the invitation, it is surprised.

Originally, they thought that this is just a way of walking, but I didn't expect that the big gods in the upper world had come one by one.

The whole world is boiling.

It is said that the immortals of the upper bounds have to come to the anniversary of the West Lake Academy!

That is a god!

Many of the people have originally requested the worship of God to ask for blessing. When I heard the gods, I will come back to Hangzhou.

They want to see the god! They want to worship God!

Maybe I am happy, I will give Folo!

The cultivators and monsters heard such news, and naturally they came from other places.

The efficiency and seriousness of many of the many students of the West Lake Academy have increased one level.

"To practice it!"

"Can't have a hint of horses!"

"This is the anniversary celebration of the people, cultivators, monsters, and fairy!"

"This life can have a debut in the anniversary of the West Lake Academy, that is, life is full!"

Including Longpin Xuan, he didn't expect that those gods were so face, all come.

However, he does not know that there is not included the college.

The mysterious girl is slightly changed, watching the sky, "Your Majesty is ordered, they have to go, are we going?"

She is like muttering, but I am inquiry, I finally start laughing, "Since this, then I still don't go ..."

Chapter 95 Mei Ling Reception

This month is very blue, the sky does not see a variege, only a few naughty clouds are highlighting their own gestures.

Every street in Hangzhou is hung in a sparkling sequin, which is particularly eye-catching during the day.

The same color houses and streets fulfilled Hangzhou gas school.

Numerous human and cultivators in Hangzhou are all poured in the gesture in front of them.

Before the city gate, countless military and soldiers are guarded, check the invitation of the people.

"This army, I didn't invite, but our family is special to participate in the anniversary of the West Lake Academy, can it be convenient?"

A small family of the long-standing sergeant of the door stuffed a bag of silver.

The military transit was reversed, and smiled and said to the side, "The West Lake Academy is here, and find them."

This long-lived martial artist said, and then walked toward the people referred to.

That is a beautiful man, she is wearing a red long skirt, still tattooed a golden dragon in the chest, and the flag is written in the "West Lake Academy".

That is Bai Suzhen, the strongest demon spirit of the Xihu College is actually sent as all the conditions into the city.

But this location, no one can compete.

There are also a lot of family elders and tribes to talk to her.

Bai Suzhen gave them a brand of numbers, "Then, according to the number in the hand, according to the order, one."

There is a family's long and old momentum. It is obviously a family old family that is a big family, he is slightly disdainful, and smiled. Is it not very reasonable in order to follow the order? "

The elderly directly released the repair of his golden Dan, and wanted to give Baishui.

Unfortunately, Bai Su is not allowed to hold this set, but only one cold, let the old face are paleward.

"Sorry, in addition to the gods, I want to enter Hangzhou, others can only follow the rules of the West Lake Academy!"

Bai Suzhen has exploded a powerful momentum, and the strength of the demon spirit is unbard, and all the families who have queued all in the city gate will be shocked.

"Is this a big multiplication?"

"Close to the flying cultivator?"

"No, look at that energy, should it be a demon, is it a demon spirit?"

"Scorpio, the receptionist of the West Lake Academy is actually a demon spirit?"

"Honest! I heard that many gods are coming, we can't afford!"

This elders of the old age have changed, and there are some people who don't cooperate with people.

The sergeants who guarded the door laughed.

"This kind of thing is two or three times a day, and the white girl is really tired."

"That is what they don't have long, our celebration this time, this time, the fairy is coming, it is still very big, it is unclear that the situation will always have to lose."

After the acceptance of these people, Bai Suzhen came directly to the family of the number, the demon flying, recorded the number of people in this family, after the strength, the strength, took a bamboo tube, bamboo tube There is a line above.

This line passed directly through the city gate and came inside.

"I also need a few receptions here. There are several small families, I haven't bidward, and it is estimated that the number of families will exceed 200 people."

Bai Suzhen got into the bamboo tube, talking directly to the bamboo tube, and passed the bamboo tube to the ear after finishing.

The sound of the response was passed, and then Bai Suzhen put the bamboo tube back into a bag on the waist.

Everyone is a little confused, who is in and whistling? Can this pass?