I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 68 in the Monster College.

However, there is not long, there is a footsteps in the city gate, and several people wear the same red Hanfu, the chest of the Hanfu also patterned the same sign as Bai Suzhen clothes.

"White girl! 7 group report!"

Bai Suzhen looked at them, and his face showed a smile. "Hard everyone, I need a total of 43 people who are responsible for led Mingzhou Lin to enter the seating area. They arranged in the first part of the E-area 24 rows. Some of the portions, there will be other families, please wait someone else. "

Those who have passed the people, "Nature, this is our work, the white girl is hard."

Bai Suzhi nodded and continued to go to the next family.

There is a young man in Lin's family and I can't understand one of the people. I asked curiously, "Hey, I just said a few words when the white girl took a bamboo tube, and you then appeared, this is amazing Spell? "

The people laughed, "That's just a small sprint method, or the short distance of the dean adults, the white girl receives and arranges the family, and the street news, direct guidance and The person who receives the family enters the seating area. There is no spell! "

"Is it so powerful! That bamboo tube really can speak?" The young man is also a cultivator, but strength is not very strong, but for these fresh things is the first time.

"Really! We have been surprised the first time." The people did not hide, but some proud, "but in our Hangzhou, let you surprised things more, guarantee that you are not fake ! "

The young man rushed to the whole thing, "Yes! Are you all Xihu College?"

The people laughed, "I can, we are hired by hiring, but I can hire the West Lake Academy, this is also a glory!"

Bai Suzhen has been allocated, and the other red people are already greeting this people.

He smiled at the young man, "When you see it, you will know!"

After that, he ran toward another family, and the family was already determined by him.

"There are 5 small families here, the total number of people is 205 people, have worked hard!"

Bai Suzhen passed the record directly to the jade order, and copied a copy, put in his own storage bag, and the jade clever in his hand gave the red people's leader to facilitate handover.

The red people took the jade simple, directly with 5 families of these 205 people, and unity walked towards the city.

The family with invites is to allocate a good location, so it is only necessary to led by a red people to lead, only their small families who don't have posts require so many processes.

Chapter 96 Monster Bus

The young man of the forest is Lin Dong, the number of years is not big, although it is not high, but this age is also a good.

They rushed to the streets in the city.

The scenery in Hangzhou is a great shock.

I saw the row of warm colored houses, and the sparkling sequins were laminated, and there were neat streets, festive lanterns, which look completely different from the usual city.

Lin Dong also quizs, "No, it is so beautiful!"

More striking is the carriage of that vehicle, and the carriages they have seen are different.

A strong monster in the front of the front, holding the car on the car, riding on the camera, the foot is on the two iron pieces, it looks like a car.

The style of the carriage has never seen it.

The rectangular carriage, there is a few meters long, and a row of chairs are placed. The top of the whole car is almost all windows, you can clearly see the chairs and rough quantities in the whole, there are more than 50.

The door opened, the red people greeted everyone to get on the bus, and he took the lead in the position closest to the head.

Lin Dong followed the stairs to get on the stairs and closed the stairs.

Drink in the front monster, "No. 23 Qingniu bus drove, destination Xixi wetland! Please don't walk at the carriage, pay attention to safety!"

Lin Dong probes looked at the monster's head. Seeing that a paleon is a little, it is green eggs, it is no wonder to be green bull bus. However, this carriage is also quite strange, called a bus.

Lin Dong is sitting behind the people of the red dress, "Xiongtai, what car is this bus?"

Other people in the family are naturally curious, listening to Lin Dong asked, and also listening to the ear.

The red people laughed, "called public transportation, referred to as buses, can spend two buss like silver in Hangzhou, arriving at any place in Hangzhou. Of course, this is because the college must have an anniversary, specially built Now it is temporarily used to pick up the celebration, and will be put in Hangzhou in the late stage, so that our people have a blessing! "

Lin Dong touched the chair, although it was done, but the chair was still considerate, it was still very comfortable.

"The driving! The driving!"

The green cow blamed on the front of the front of the front, and the whole bus began to slowly move forward.

Many people have probes, there is no Marah, which monster is also riding on the car, then this car is moving!

Lin Dong also watched the past, watching the vehicle that only feet stepped on, and the eyes were admired and surprised.

"This bus is magical, it will move yourself! What is the spell?"

The red people naturally don't know what is going on here. It is the green cow monster "huh," I smiled, "said that the little brother does not know, this car is relying on my strength. However, it only needs to be stepped on it! This is the car invented by the delegation, and the weight of the carrier has been reinforced and reducing the weight of the car in the bottom of the carrier. "

"This dean is so powerful!"

I can't help Lin Dong, I feel that other people think so.

They suddenly felt that this Xihu College was named 9 stars, it is reasonable!

At the beginning, everyone was still excited, but I took a while, everyone is familiar, and naturally it is easy to look at the beautiful scenery around Hangzhou. Lin Dong also started to talk to the red people and green cow.

The red people are giving Lin family to the history of Hangzhou.

"Everyone can not know, in last year, Hangzhou and general ordinary cities can be the same, but the previous Hangzhou named Qiantang County."

"I know, I am still wondering, when is the name of Qiantang County!" There is an old man nodded, and it should be with the red people.

"Yes, and this rename is naturally changed when the West Lake Academy has appeared, and I don't know how to change. Anyway, I will become Hangzhou."

"I have to say, this dean is really too powerful. In my heart, it can be more powerful than the fairy! Everyone knows this anniversary, will the fairy will come? It is said that most of the heavens The fairy will come! If you don't have to be full of eyes! "

"On the weekdays, we are all burned to worship Buddha, ask for a bless, where can I know that I can see the gods in an anniversary of a college, how glory!"

Lin Dong nodded and also stood a sentence. "That Xiong Tail is a West Lake Academy, receiving us, is there a chance to receive the gods? That is not!"

The red people smiled, "I can't accept the gods, but the college also arranges people to receive the gods. I, this life can help the West Lake Academy to do an anniversary, and you can blow a life in the future!"


"Brothers may not help you next time!"

The atmosphere in the carriage is very good. Everyone listened to the red people and talking, and there are many people ridiculed a few words, and they have neased the relationship between the family practitioners and ordinary people.

The red people are happy, "Then I have a good job this time, I have a chance after it, haha!"

"Well, I will continue to say Ha, the dean just opened the West Lake College after our West Lake, immediately opened the opening of the Hangzhou!"

"The first time is the flying peak! But then the class is relatively small, only part of the monster, our cultivator of our Hangzhou is also later. After this time, everyone knows that the dean is so One figure opened the West Lake Academy in Hangzhou. "

"At the time, many people did not believe in the magic of the dean."

"But, you know, those monsters who listen to the class, all broke through! And directly changed the views of our human beings!"

"Therefore, when the dean is teaching in the West Lake, the monsters and cultivators are more, the whole West Lake is crowded!"

Everyone in the carriage heard that the red people said so, all of them pumped the tank.

"All broke through?"

"real or fake?"

"I seem to have heard it, but many people break through."

The red people heard that someone said that Li Hao shouted the voice, "Why isn't that the driver of our buses is one of them, we can applaud the brother to talk about it!"

There is a hot applause in an instant.

The green cattle is very common. It is probably this scene has been used to it. He stepped on the car while he said loudly. "I participated for the first time, I swear with my repair, that time All breakthrough! All! "

Chapter 97 Beautiful Wetland

"Scorpio! Is it true?"

"It's no wonder that Xihu College even could come, this is too powerful!"

In the car, the car is stunned, and many people have doubts, but they see the green cow monsters so vowed, and they also take their own repair as swearing, and they can't help but believe.

Lin Dong is an early attracted by the West Lake Academy. It has not really seen the strength of the West Lake Academy. It is already a heart, "So how can you join the West Lake Academy?"

The red people said with a smile. "This is also the problem that people come to Hang Chen will ask questions. Dean's words, generally recruited every year, but not fixed recruitment time, start recruiting students will usually issue notices. The experimental class is also announced in advance. "

"But you want to enter the West Lake Academy, there are many people, in addition to the experimental class, the West Lake Academy will be talented, but it is not the genius we think, but the talent, qualifications, the strongest potential. Some talents Going to the college that is not suitable for you, learning is not suitable, causing the repair to improve, but once it enters the West Lake Academy, it is very powerful! "

"My previous wife's son, a martial art, repairing it is the bottom, but because of the potential, it is enrolled in the West Lake College, and now the strength is rushing to catch up with their long-lasting school! "

If the red people, the forest family in the car has produced many Lenovo on the West Lake Academy, which is also more expected for the next anniversary.

On the way, Lin Dong can see that there are other buss before and after, and one will take one, and the people of each family are transported to a place, Xixi wetland.

"It's, this is the anniversary of this Xihu Academy, and Xixi Wetland."

Lin Dong took the car with the red clothes. After all people got off the bus, the Qingniu bus opened a road forward. There was another batch of red people who guided the family to board the car, re-toward the city. Going at the door.

Lin Dong looked at this scene, nodded, "Good order!"

The red people stand in front, waving the small flags you carry, "the friends of the Linjia family, please follow the blue flag, go here!"

Lin Dong naturally kept up.

The bus stops on a very large square, not just one, there are several other buses, some in front, some are behind, the colors of the small flags that each red people belts are somewhat the difference.

Lin Dong, followed by a road, walking along the square along a big road, built a huge gantry in both sides of the road, and then a row of neat shops, there are many people in the shops that are called selling fruits And eat food, there are also some specialties in Hangzhou.

Many family people are all consciously, and they have bought some, while walking.