I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the Monster College, Dean Section 69

After a few hundred meters, a huge stone monument appeared in front of everyone, "Xixi Wetland".

The red people stand on one side of the stone monument, waving the small flag in the hands, "Lin Jia family friends, the collection! Has everyone arrived?"

Although many people bought some people in the street, they wandered around. After waiting for a few minutes, after all, the red people took them to queue them at the entrance.

The red dress will submit the jade simulation in the hand to a window of a house at the entrance, and there are also number of people who are helping to make a moment.

There is a cultivator wearing a red concise suit, the words embroidered in the West Lake Academy, take the jade simple in the hands of the people, the spiritual flashes in the hand, is reading the information in it, then according to the information, on another jade simple Registration and planning.

"The E area is 24 rows, Mingzhou Linjia, Master Lin Chen, registration is completed! You can queue into the entry!"

He turned, looked back to the wall behind, the wall hanging on these regions, he made a hand, a wooden card floated into his hand, is a brand of 24 rows of E-area.

He engraved in the north of this brand, the words and number of people in Mingzhou, and then handed a one of the people, and then continued to look at a jade.

The people took this brand and handed it to the red people waiting in the window.

After the traffic clothes, I walked back to the forest family, relying on the brand, with them into the entrance.

After the number of people, they finally entered Xixi Wetland.

This wetland has passed the transformation of all people of the West Lake Academy, which has become completely different.

The river is widened, and the river has been cleaned, and several terminals are built on each small island, and a high ladder will be built in each of the islands, and there are countless pavilions on the side of the ladder. The pavilion is all people used to place those families.

The vessel of the terminal is made of iron, and there are several monsters on the bottom to step on the chair, according to the direction of the helm, and the force of the water makes the ship forward.

At the bottom of the vessel and around, a road array and rune have been portrayed, and the weight of the vessel has been alleviated.

After I just walked into Xixi Wetlands, I will soon be the pier, and the red people rely on the brand of the hand, and she took them on the ship.

This boat has stopped all the way, and some people will have some people with a red people.

After two stops, Lin Dong took the boat in this island.

The red people will lead them to a square, and the square draws a checkered checkered in different squares, placed a variety of different tents and some receiving magic weapons.

Lin Dong is brought to the 24th row.

"Here is the E-area, painted on the ground, you are 24 rows, see the number on the ground, remember this number, this is what we use it as a count, this is 2, this is 4, It is 24, and this number is from 0 to 9, and the count is very convenient. "

The red people say that "You can use your own accommodation magic weapon, such as Dongfu, the pavilion, and some boats, if there is no magic weapon of this category, you can go to our store to buy tents, is the college student Refined simple residential accommodating instrument. "

"Waiting again, it will be placed. After 2 minutes, let's take a look at your time." The red people continue.

After all people remember the location here, the red people took them to another square.

Another square is somewhat strange, and a huge empty square also portrayed a small grid, and there is a chair in a row of each lattice, and the back of the chair is portrayed.

Chapter 98 Shocking Opening

The red people found 24 rows, and then pointed to say, "This row is the location of your management, you must remind you that you must have 2 cups of tea, because here The seat will change in 5 minutes before the ceremony. "

"Remember, here is forbidden, after all, there are many families here, maybe you have a big or powerful existence. Of course, I don't rule out some gods to come over early, if you accidentally get it. ... then you can only ... I wish you good luck! "

"And if there is any need, you only need to wear red clothes around, the staff of the West Lake college emblem can help!"

After the red people took a few words, he left.

Lin Dong looked at the red people and other red people, walked toward the pier and greet the next group of families.

Lin Dong remembered his family's warfare position and returned to the place where he lived.

Lin Dong is a small family, and there is no residential instrument, and the store has spent a lot of money with Lingshi with Lingshi.

This tent has ductility, which can be divided into different rooms, which can accommodate hundreds of people living, but there are not many.

All reception processes of the West Lake Academy are well.

These days, the people in Hangzhou have the employment of the West Lake Academy, and the people who receive these families, two to carry out some of Hangzhou special business, rich remuneration, and high consumption of those families, let the whole Hang The income of the city has skyrocketed, and only one day's income directly arrived in the previous year's income, so that the eyes of Qian Tangshi County are narrowed into a seam.

The people have money in their pockets, or their labor income, and have a stronger belonging to the West Lake Academy and Hangzhou.

After all, this time celebration has their credits.

Many families have rushed to Hangzhou in these days, and a batch of practitioners and monsters have been introduced into Xixi Wetlands.

Because there is a suppression that the fairy is coming, everyone does not dare to make, and they are afraid of the gods.

Of course, there is also familiar, with a revenge, but under the powerful force of the students of the West Lake Academy,

Everything is planned, and the time is slow, all the families have been in place, and the anniversary of the West Lake Academy is finally coming.

In the center of Xixi Wetlands, a largest island suddenly raised a huge platform, and there have been four huge screens above the platform, enabling a quad square, on the screen, directly enlarged the platform. The stage above.

People and monsters of all families have been sitting in their position, waiting for the beginning of the celebration.

At this time, Lin Dong suddenly shocked by the seat of the ass.

I saw the place where they were sitting and started to start.

A row of seats start slowly rise, from the first row, until the last row, all of the stepped rises, directly upgraded to half empty.

Lin Dong looked down, I saw that their seat except for a large floor, there is a piece of slate fixed, at the bottom of the whole piece of iron, under the iron plate is just like steel Rattles, these rattles have stabilized the iron plate rose from the ground to form a stepped air view.

Lin Dong will not exclaim, "Air viewing ritual! Stimulating!"

In his sight, this small island rose several air watching ribers, and the surrounding islands also rose a block of aerial viewing.

These views have echoed each other, and there is a circular in the air, and the air stage is surrounded by the center.

It turns out that this venue is not an imagination of a venue on the ground, but the whole Xixi wetland is a venue.

Not only the stage is a aerial stage, but even the governing platform is air, you can say that this whole venue is airsite!

The atmosphere of the venue allows Lin Dong shocked, especially the beautiful stage, and those amplified screens, some seem to be so novel, but it is so intimate!

However, more shocking is still behind.

"Please use the warmest applause, please ask the Shangdian Shenxian to debut!" A huge sweet but huge voice sounded in the ear!

A blossoming white cloud suddenly floated to the top of the Guantai, and a god appeared on the white cloud.

Of course, this is also advised in advance. In the thunderous applause of the fairy in the field, there was a sense of honor and the world of honor and the world, so that many gods were happy.

"This celebration is a bit mean!" Too many people touched his beard, and Totta Li Tianwang became a chair to sit on a chair.

Their location naturally placed above the ghosts of Li Jia.

Wait until all the fairy is in place, a burst of music sounds.

The inexplicable floating on the sky. Golden snowflakes.

"Golden snowflake?"

Lin Dong curiously took the hand, but found that it was empty, is it a fake?

The fairy is a very clear.

Erlang is cold, "so poor illusion!"

Taibai Jinxing laughed at the side, "But why is it so serious?"

At this moment, the golden snowflake is eight girls who have a united red skirt holding a sword, flying above the stage.

The swords of different colors are shot from the eight girl's long sword, intertwined into a beautiful light.

Many practitioners in Blocks look slightly on the stage.

"That is wood-water soil, is it four single properties? See the age is very small, sending such swords, terrible!"

"Golden snowflakes, is not just golden water soil?"

"It's so beautiful, so beautiful!"

Now close to the sunset, under the map of the sunset, the colorful light is accompanied by magnificent music, and the celebration is pushed to one.

The girl in the eight red dress is like a fairy. The long sword in the hand is dancing, and the swords of the sword are accompanied by the entire moving martial arts movie above the air screen.

"Scorpio, that is not ordinary sword light, it is a sword method!"

"The eight girls demonstrate the eight sets of swords!"

"Peerless sword!"

The people of all the families stood up and stood up. They did not expect that they were only in the celebration, the West Lake Academy had taken such a big hand.

Eight sets of swords!

This can be eight sets and attributes of swordsmanship, which is such as a public, equivalent to giving all people present!

Chapter 99 Eight Set of Sword Law and a Set of Sword Arrangements

All family people are quickly memorizing these eight swords.

After the eight red girls were demonstrated, they came again. After three times, the music stopped, and the eight people flew into the air and disappeared in the air.

Lin Dong Yi did not lick the lips, and the eight swordsman remembered the sword law of the fire property. After going back, I can try the power of this sword method.

Many families sent people to record these eight swords.

"West Lake Academy is good, direct eight sets of swordsmanship, announced in the world!"

There is a cultivator who has been repaired, and there are also ordinary people who know that this is the sword law. "Is this eight swords? Is this eight swords?