I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 70 in the Monster College.

The slightly understanding of the cultivator and some powerful cultivars are smiling, "It's not powerful? This is a peerless sword!"

"What is a peerless sword method? It is a rare priest method in this world!"

"Such a powerful sword method, the West Lake Academy also take it out? Is it eight sets? Just joking!"

The fairy sitting on top of their head is thoughtful.

Taibai Jinxing laughed, "These swords is very interesting! Those combinations and moves seem to be a complete set, it should be said to be eight swordsman plus a sword!"

Taibai Jinxing did not cover himself, and when he said, it was the music stopped, so he said that every word was almost present, it was clear.

The people in the family are all people in the family, basically all, some servants and unreasonable are just a few.

So most people and monsters are very sensitive. Naturally, I also heard Taiben Jinxing, and I widened my eyes.

"Are you in the might?" Many family of family members and family members listened to this sentence, and the people in the family were listed, and they laughed after they were recorded.

Eight sets of swordsmanship and a sword array, great!

In the West Lake Academy participated in the celebration of the whole Huaxia family, of course some of the small and small families have got news, but they can't count many people, but there are more than a thousand families, which are equivalent to most of China.

In addition to those colleges, Huaxia's college has not come, I don't know why.

Especially those gods show that they have to come to participate in this celebration, the colleges in all human spaces are not surprised, and they are originally unusual to strictly anger, and they have to give him a good look at him in the celebration. After the college, the college, it is just a closed door.

In other words, in this way, eight sets of swords, a set of swordscent arrays, directly in Huaxia, although ordinary people can't learn, but as long as they go to major families, they can learn, or to participate in the cultivation of the ceremony. Just remember to live in a set of people.

There may be some people to promote these in promoting, so that the entire Huaxia swordsman will have various changes.

Those cultivators who do not pass through but talents will turn over these swordsmanship, maybe this is the purpose of the West Lake Academy?

All the gods are guessing, many family families are also considering this issue.

Some family members and the elders of the elders are not very nice. They are discussing that they are not integrated with other families and stream this eight swords and swords.

But they looked at so many people, and the fairy on the top of the head, they did the idea.

It seems that these eight swords and swords circulation have become a foregone.

The rivers and lake will then rise!

At this time, a white color suddenly hit the stage, she raised a bridge, a beautiful woman in a white fish tail, a young man in a shining red suit embraced this bridge together.

"The water is sunny, the mountain is empty and rainy!"

The female voice turns listening, such as a clear spring flows into the heart.

"I want to put the West Lake than the West, the light makeup is always good!"

The male voice is low, with the beauty of the beautiful view of the West Lake, and fascinating into this wonderful scene.

The white woman stands above the stage, the beautiful appearance of the projection, so many people are slight.

"That is the girl receiving at the door!"

The opening of Lin Dong's consciousness said.

Yes, the host of this anniversary is Bai Suzhen, and the next to her partner is a little dress, the long hair of the hair is clipped, the handsome retaining sea covers the one-square corner, it looks There are more points, flawless five senses, white skin, it seems that it should be the appearance of cream students, but it is so handsome.

He is Xu Xian.

Xu Xian is so dressing, instantly attracting a lot of girls' gazing, even some fairy around the fairy stare at him.

Bai Suzhen: "Dear Dairy,"

Xu Xian: "Dear friends of all family members,"

Bai Suzhen: "Everyone,"

Bai Suzhen / Xu Xian (He): "Today is good!"

Xu Xian: "Here is a large-scale celebration event on the first anniversary of the Xihu College."

Bai Suzhen: "In this Jianlian Leaf infinite, Yingri Lotus is different, we ushered in this festival!"

Xu Xian: "West Lake Academy carries the ideals and ambitions of Hangcheng people and demon!"

Bai Suzhen: "The West Lake Academy has changed how many people and the confusion and shackles of cultivation!"

Xu Xian: "In today, we use sincere heart and shouting, praising Xihu College,"

Bai Suzhen: "Deduct our love for the West Lake Academy with the passionate language and

Xu Xian: "Next, let us use warm applause, have the first show of this celebration, the love of the demon!"

After the two were finished, the eyes were on the stage, and instantly disappeared on the stage.

At this moment, the sky has gradually black, and it has entered the night.

A long lacker slowly, on the stage, suddenly a small green snake appeared.

"Millennium waiting! Wait a time, ha!"

"Millennium waiting! Wait a time, ha!"

The green snake is playing in the illusory forest, and a hunter is arranged on the mountain.

The green snake accidentally swimped to the foot of the hunter, and he was seized by the hunter.

"Haha, it seems that I am luck like today, this snake is good, but it is good!"

The hunter hand takes a knife, and it is necessary to open the green snake on the spot.

However, at this time, a herbal girl appeared on the side, he looked at this green snake pity, he went to the hunter, "it didn't attack you, do you kill it? It's too pitiful! I, I take my body and You change, this is what I just won the peach, sweet! "

At this time, the trap in front of the hunter also fell into the prey, he looked at the green snake in his hand, smiled, "Well, the child is good, give you a face, let the snake! "

Chapter 100 Human Love

The green snake escaped from the disaster of the murder because of her shepherd.

In the past day of the pastors, he fell asleep on the back, dreaming, he dreamed of a very beautiful little girl.

The little girl said, "Thank you for saving me, I will repay you!"

After the pastoral girl, he became an apprentice of a pharmacy after several deaths.

And the green snake is a rebellion, and the shape is a person, ready to rise.

But how can she fly rise, encountering an incredible bottleneck.

So she went to Burning the Buddha, asked the gods to help, and then I knew that she was in all dust, and there was no reply.

"Who is in my ear, saying, love me will never change ..."

After this song, she decided to go to the debut, I met his scene again.

They met on the West Lake Braise.

Originally she just wants to help him succeed, but I didn't expect to fall in love with him.

He opened a pharmacy under her help and became a doctor who was sitting, and he saved people.

But the good scene is not long, a high-priced tour is here, and she found that she is not a person.

Gao Shu is in astaining him, letting him try his wife, and finally let him lie to her to drink the rice wine, and become true.

The huge snakes were frightened, escaped to the temple of the sorghum.

She can't come to the temple. But I was hit by Gao Yan. When I was taken, my sorghum found that she had a pregnancy, and finally put her a horse.

However, she is not willing, the temple of the temple, I want to win the husband, but the people are displaced, and the home is broken, and the big disaster is made.

Gao Yan won her, after she produced, suppress her with the tower.

He regretted, after losing her, get from home, accompanying a lifetime next to the tower.

"Only for this sentence, ah, I have no complaints."

"Rain's broken wind tears,"

"Dream is far away!"

How many teenagers and women are holding a piston under the head of the song.

"If you have a lover, you can't finally become a genus, really, too pitiful!"

"That monk is really true, they love, what is the relationship with him!" Some monsters have seen the tears, and they are indignant.

Many young girls nodded, "Just, why people and demon can't be together!"

The people in Hangzhou are also sitting at the door, on the street, watching the stage, because the stage of the stage and the air amplifier screen are enough to let them see the picture.

Plus all the sound effects are enlarged by spells, and the entire Hangzhou can hear, they naturally see the taste of Jinjin.

Seeing this, many people in Hangzhou have someone who looks at the side of the veins, they are also love.

Yeah, why do you have a love!

Bai Suzhen stationed inside the clouds, looked at the plots above the stage, feel unusually familiar, especially opening, this is not her experience!

Her face has become a bit hard, is it her result?

This is why she as the host, the dean does not let her see the reason for the first program?

Bai Suzhen turned his head and looked at the dean of the side, and the eyes were unusually strong.