I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 71 of the Dean of the Monster College.

This cloud is a real background of the stage.

Longpin Xuan has a large cloud, all performers and hosts are preparing and retreat here to achieve the effect of sudden disappearance.

He sat on the chair, but smiled and looked at Bai Suzhen, "Yes, this is the result of you did not enter the West Lake Academy."

Bai Suzhen, did not enter the results of the West Lake Academy?

Longpin Xuan drank her hand and laughed. "Is there any change in the Buddha seed in your body? People you have to report, do you have not guess who is it?"

Bai Suzhen, turned to see Xu Xian, the fingers flew quickly, and started to see the past on his head.

When the screen's picture is reversed, the scene of the world passed, and when the familiar picture, Bai Sui stunned.


Bai Suzhen is somewhat, I don't know what I should do.

However, Xu Xian did not pay attention to her, and a person suddenly flew out of the clouds and fell on the stage.

Xu Xian: "The love of the shemale just now is really touched!"

His sentence is finished, I saw Bai Sui fiercely flew out from the clouds, and the opposite of Xu Xian instantly.

"Yes, if it is me, I will do this!" Bai Suzhen looked at Xu Xian, "Because I am the snake!"

Xu Xian lived, and then desperately rushed to the whiteness.

Don't make trouble, this is a celebration!

He knows that she is a snake demon, but they are now hosted, to lead the next show!

Sister Su Yun, this is not a joke, to show an accident!

The audience in the field, including the gods, are all worried because of Bai Suzhen.

The previous sentence can be said to the scene, but the next sentence, can't say anything!

Too Shang Laojun squinted, "This show is not simple, it feels guided! Say anyone and demon can't be together."

Erlang is so cold, "people and demon can't be together, and where is wrong, that monks are doing well!"

Taibai Jinxing is a smile, "But the two Lang Zhen Jun did not pay attention to the tears of the audience and what they said. But the words are safeguarding the green snake, this is not a good thing! Who is the monk represents who, I think Don't you know? "

All fairy faces, this West Lake Academy is so big? Direct Delib to the Bodhisattva?

On the other hand, there is a look that looks very complicated in the fairy, which is the old mother, she personally came.

She looked at Bai Suzhen stood in the field, it was her most optimistic little disciple, but ...

Bai Suzhen blocked a beautiful smile. "I am the snake, not a green snake, is a white snake, you saved me! Originally, I came to Hangzhou, just to find you to report, but I think, I am in me. Best! "

Xu Xian lived, the audience was stunned, the gods were stunned, and the old mother of Li Mountain was still stunned.

what's the situation?

Moderator on-site confession?

Deliberate show?

Bai Suzhen continued. "The original dean has always not let me see the rehearsal of the first program, because this reason, the first program directly put my first half of the birth and back did not enter the Xihu Academy. The results were interpreted. I have such a consequence of this! "

"I finally knew why when Bodhisattva dotted me, let me go to the West Lake high, I should know you on the West Lake Broken Bridge."

The audience is quiet, and the gods on the clouds are some of them.

The eyes of the old mother of Lishan have become sharp. Looking at the minimal disciples, there is still a hidden Buddha, it is the Buddha pending.

She stood up, coldly, "Which Bodhisattva?"

Chapter 101, Lushan, the anger

Longpin Xuan stands in the clouds of the cloud, the mouth is hill, think of what he said before.

"Su Qi, I want my own results, I haven't been so sad, I will go to the stage, say all the facts, I will allow you to confirm with Xu Xian!"

Bai Suzhen after hearing Long Pin Xuan's words, big happiness, but immediately, "Is this not affecting the celebration?"

Longpin Xuan shook his head, "No, this is the real first show!"

Bai Suzhen expression is soft, some nodded, "Yes, dean, then I went!"

Then there was the scene just now.

Then, the picture of the gorge that Li Shan is standing, and the people around the gods and people are shocked. What is the situation?

Many gods look at it here.

Li Mount is called Yu Qing's Zuoyiyuan Jun, and there is a great name in Taoism, it is rare to see his angry and color, and many gods have a good look.

Bai Suzhen rushed on the old mother of Li Mountain. Although she was in the Qingcheng Mountain, she was a statue as her old mother, but he did not see Li Shan's mother. Here, now, nature Take respect.

Bai Shuzhen said that the bodhisattva in the face was stunned, and his face was devout.

"Differentiation and Guanyin Temple can be found in the West Lake."

"Guanyin ..." Li Mountain's old measures slightly flash, slowly located on his own chair, there was no such thing as the following, quiet as before, as if she was in general.

Several people brought by the old mother, there is also a disciple, and read Bai Suzhen, and some hesitate to look at Li Mountain, "Hao Zu ..."

Li Shan's mother smiled, "Bai Suzhen, you are also in our seat, I originally saw you qualified, after you flying, I received to Lushan, but I thought ... But now, we have not yet ... "

Li Mountain is not full, but it is already very obvious, it is to tell Bai Suzhen, our fate is not exhausted, you can also come to her.

However, Bai Suzhen once again worshiped again, "Benevan to Hao Zu, I have to go to this life."

One of the old people around Li Mountain heard Bai Suzhen, his face was anger, "Bold Bold White, the Zu Zu is so face ..."

Li Shan's mother stretched out his hand, and interrupted him to continue, his face was as usual, "So, you will work!"

Lishan mother said that this is said, but it is slightly in the hand, and then sits on it.

Longpin Xuan actually did not invite Lishan's mother, but he came to Li Mount, and naturally it was to arrange a position. However, this location is like it is early to prepare for the old mother.

Xiaqing Station is beside Long Pin Xuan, slightly doubtful, "Dean, have you come to Li Mountain's mother? Also stayed, and the suspense of the first program ... Just to let sister and Is the old mate in Lishan? "

Longpin Xuan said, "The disciples who sat down suddenly changed their beliefs, was taken ash, how can they come to see who is doing, now this answer is not found!"

The brain in Bai Suzhen is a large manner, and there is a saying that the sound is a father of Lishan.

"These spells can help you ablate the remaining Buddha's hardships in your body, give you 200 years."

The face of Bai Suzhen has emerged on the face, worshiping the old mother of Lishan, looks like a worship, but actually coming.

Li Mount is actually seen that Bai Suzhen has already ablated Buddha's Buddha. It also knows that she suddenly turned to let Bodhisattva. It is reasonable. Naturally, it will not let others take Bai Suzhen, although she cuts her relationship with her. However, in fact, it secretly helped Bai Suzhen to abolish the Buddha.

After all, the college is always graduated, and the 200 years of Bai Suzhen is graduated from the college. After that, the old mother will reserve her disciples.

Bai Suzhen understands the meaning of it, naturally is happy.

After gratitude, she turned to see Xu Xian, and the eyes were staring at myself, and I didn't move.

Xu Xian sorted out after clearing his thoughts, asked, "I am the pastoral reincarnation? Are you sure?"

"The benefactor, I am sure, but the next narrative will wait, or look at the next show!"

Xu Xian has a little dull, but it has not forgot his duties, and even the head.

"Indeed, this first program is already shocking! Next show, you may make everyone more shocking."

Bai Suzhen is exaggerated and asked, "Really? That's still a god, should you be shocked?"

Xu Xian reached a finger, "No, this show, the general college is certainly afraid!"

"Oh? What is the show?" Bai Suzhen asked very well.

Xu Xian smiled, "Next, there is a tribute to tribute to us to bring us songs, blue and white porcelain!"

Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian immediately disappeared on the stage.

It's another song, it's just into the hearts.

Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen returned to the clouds in the clouds, Xu Xianman pulled Bai Suzhen's hand, asked, "White ... Sister, what you said before?"

Bai Suzhen turned, looked at Xu Xian, smiled, "Nature!"

"Cough!" Longpin Xuan slowly walked to them.

"Dean!" Xu Xian was scared quickly to let go of Bai Suzhen's hand, low, and flew over a red cloud.

"Previous Xiaoyan's Suzhen is your results, how do you feel?" Long Pin Xuan asked.

Xu Xian Zhang opened his mouth, I would like to say that she would not lead to such a result because Bai Suzhen's identity, but he can't say it.

Longpin Xuan apparently saw Xu Xian's look, asked him, "If there is no Xihu College, you can hear your wife is a monster, will not be shocked and scared?"

Xu Xian wants to say no, but he can't say it, because in fact, if there is no difference in the West Lake Academy, Hangcheng and other cities.

The previous Hangzhou is also afraid of monsters, and it is shouting to catch the demon.

If this is the case, then this result is actually not very good.

"Moreover, even if you are not afraid, those monks will not let you see her!" Long Pin Xuan said out of it.

Bai Suzhen also wrinkled, according to her character, although she would use a variety of way to save Xu Xian, but she will not choose a way of harm.

"Is there anything else this?"