I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 72 of the Dean of the Monster College.

Longpin Xuan shook his head, "What is the reason, I don't know, I know, this result, I should not happen! Because you are my student."

Chapter 102 Atmospheric Dean

Long Pu Xuan's words made Xu Xian and Bai Suzhen have a strong sense of security, and the two smiled and continued to see the introduction of the show.

The two of them were somewhat unfamiliar, and they were gradually spread.

Perhaps, the fate has arrived.

"Cough," Longpin Xuan warm cough two, "When can you make a banch, remember to ask all the students to eat with the teacher!"

Bai Suzhen and Xu Xianbu have a red, and the little ran into the corner and continued to the line.

At the moment, this moment is a smog, a small blue and white porcelain fragment appears in the center of the smoke.

"Su Embry Outlet and Blue Pen Brush is turned."

A faint male voice came from the four sides of the stage, but he couldn't see the figure.

Blue and white porcelain debris disappeared, and the process of subsequent scene blue and white porcelain sourced to the finished product appeared on the big screen.

"The bottle depicting the peony, as your makeup"

At the moment of the porcelain bottle finished product, a bloody tear dropped on the porcelain bottle, giving it the spirituality, porcelain bottles, and the United States will be beautiful.

At this time, the blue and white porcelain fragments in the stage of the stage were burst, and the moment became a beautiful person.


"Way to this paper and put half."

"Enamel Rendering Beauty Map Charm is private,"

"And you are smile, you are waiting,"

The beautiful people wearing blue and white porcelain, and the outlined makeup is like refined patterns on the bottle. It is refined to make people do not open your eyes.

At this time, the beautiful person fixed in an instant, and the long skirt on the body flashed up and became a huge picture.

The beauty dissipates, only the depth of the blue-and-white porcelain is now in front of everyone.

"This is!" The third eyes on the forehead were shocked, and the third eyes on the forehead slammed, a gold shot into this picture, but it was shot and wore it directly and did not suffer any destruction.

The Erlang's eyebrows are slightly wrinkled, "It turned out to be projected. I didn't expect to have such exercises in the world!"

"It seems that it is rare in the world!" Tailang Xing called the beard.

Too Shang Laojun is a smile, "" Key is to be able to make the rare practice in the world, this dean is really atmosphere! "

Erlang God is sitting back to his position, "It is rare, it is the physical repair method in the ancient times."

"Oh, that is not our previous guess" too, the old man said half of the way, but the fairy in the seat is everywhere, one by one looks into the picture.

In the palate picture, a line like a water is slowly flowing in the picture, and is showing its running route to the world.

There is a fairy tip, there will be people and demon in the scene, I don't know, this second program, it turned out to open an ancient practice practice!

Many people have been burned with images, but they burn them, but I can't see it.

Only a few of the few people are touched, and they sit on the spot and start cultivation.

The cultivation of those people is not high, but it is a relatively weak child, but I didn't want to have an excellent qualification for cultivating ancient.

And these children will definitely be reused by the family in the future.

In fact, this ancient medical practice method, Long Pu Xuan is just a semi-release, limited to the real estate.

If there is this talent, naturally understand, get the benefits; there is no talent, you want to take it away.

This is a demon trainee of the experimental class, the body is also blue and white porcelain, but only Level 1 demon, can be chemically, but there is no strength, but it is received by the dean. Experimental class.

The song sang in the end, strictly taking the hand of the blue-and-white china monster, slowly coming out of the smoke.

When everyone saw a new blue-and-white magical monster, they were relieved, they were really real.

However, the beauty will reform into a blue and white porcelain, and the last sentence is interpreted in a strict government hand.

"If you have a blue and white porcelain yourself"

"You have a smile!"

Strictly rushed to everyone, slowly returned.

Lin Dong did not dare to ask, "Is the blue and white porcelain is a monster or a blue and white porcelain?"

The ethnic group next to it is not sure, "may be a monster, or obedience."

However, Lin Dong immediately shouted, "Scorpio, I am this! How does my spirit have improved a big cut?"

With the shouts of Lin Dong, many other people and monsters also check their strength, and they have also improved a big cut.

They just listened to a song, how do you strength?

Longpin Xuan's mouth revealed a smile and turned off the guiding surgery.

He is hard to figure out the introduction of guidance into other people's words.

That is, it is not yet drained 10 into the songs that have been strictly sings, together with the cultivation of the ancient trophies, and then add the various kinds of medicines made by him to make the smoke and the smoke of the monster. This is guaranteed this one. The highlight of the show.

The entire venue broke out of this show.

God, if a program can make them up with strength, then take a few months, for a few years, decades, they will not be tired!

This program ended, Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian once again took the stage, this time they handed hands, smile and smiled at all the audience.

Bai Suzhen: "Strict progress of classmates and Huyan classmates are exciting?"

Xu Xian is a difference in the difference, "Hu Yan classmates? Is it not a person who is strictly a classmate?"

Bai Suzhen smiled, "Of course not! Strictly Zhengguan porcelain in the hands of the students is another classmate. She just entered the experimental class before, and she was only a level 1 little demon. Now it has broken 5 The level of the demon king! "

Xu Xian was shocked, "What? The blue and white porcelain is actually my classmate? Is it a 5th grade demon king? Or just entered the college experimental class? Are you not a joke? In just a few months, from the 1st level of demon broke through 5 Level demon king ?!! How? "

The smile on Bai Sui has never stopped. "That is true, and her practice has already been present. It is the practice of her cultivation, she rely on this set. Reconstruction into a 5th grade demon king! "

Bai Suzhen and Xu Xian's dialogue make people shocked by people.

If I heard the fairy, I said that many people intended to take back to let some families cultivated, but there is some worries, I am afraid that this work will have any flaws. After all, it is If the ancient flow, it is not necessarily complete.

But now, there is a monster to practice this set of practice. In just a few months, it will make a successful breakthrough, even from the lowest level 1 demon to break through the demon king, it is not to let them shock!

Chapter 103 Lucky Draw

Other monsters have been can't wait to sit on the chair and start trying to cultivate this way of practice. If you really say these two words, then they can get big baby!

Among other cultivators, some people have already asked a lot of practitioners, "Is this good useful?"

Bai Suzhen laughed, "The merits of the ancient system are not necessarily suitable for everyone, only those people who have sentity and demon can practice, seek not coming."

Ok, others can only regret.

However, after those who have practicers or monsters, these feelings can continue to pass.

Xu Xian has a little sigh, "After these two programs, there are still open, everyone thinks our dean is not angryate?"

Many people in the field include the monster to hear this question, they are not yelling from the autonomy, "the atmosphere!"

Bai Suzhen continued to ask, "So think you want to come back to a more atmospheric?"

"miss you!"

This word can be called the deafening, a lot of cultivators and monsters run their spirit and demon, squat, and I am afraid to miss.

Yeah, one opening, eight sets of peerless swords, a set of array, then a late love, introducing how many cultural refiners and monsters, of course, some factors in this, many people are guessing, certain I am related to the gods, I didn't see the Lishan's mother stood up and questioned it.

I don't say this show, the next program is the practice of the ancient body, this dean is really atmospheric.

What is more at the next thing?

They are all waiting for the palm.

Xu Xian smiled, "Then, the next link, I went to everyone, fortunately, lucky draw!"

Bai Suzhen, "Please see your seat above, there is a seat number, this seat number is the voucher of everyone. The lucky winner of the prize will receive a chance to give personally pointed by the West Lake Academy! The round winning prize will take three places! "


The audience is ignited!

The dean of the West Lake Academy actually pays personal points, although it is a lottery, but once pumped it, it is not!


All the families here, however, on the way, the people who tell the dean, the dean, the dean, all the cultivators and monsters broke through! It is possible to hear the guidance of the dean, but I don't know how to accumulate a few blesses.

Therefore, after the concept of the first-grade, I will expose the gift of this lucky draw, so that everyone is interested.

In particular, the dean directly publishes the practice and sword law that others impossible to announce, so that everyone has more reliability for the dean.

The fairy is the attitude towards the scene of the scene to the dean of the cultivator and monsters in the field.

Although they are gods, they can see the situation of people who cultivate, a demon cultivation, but they really say that there is no strong strength and the knowledge of the broad profit, it is impossible to know the problems in his cultivation.

Even if these gods have heard the results of the dean, but they all think that they are lucky, just out of breakthrough, listening to a class, then broke through.