I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean 73 in the Monster College.

Or, some gods are believed, and I want to see what the dean is very.

If you can observe near, you can see some spider silk.

Erlang is so thinking about it. He heard here, the eyes of the eyes, the eyes of the forehead, are also ready to open.

"So now, we will be handsome, ignorant, the West Lake Academic Dean Longpin Xuan, come with us this round of luck!"

Xu Xian's voice just fell.

A dragon appeared on the stage, a golden golden dragon circled in the air, the nine-claws were abnormal, suddenly landed on the stage, turned into human form.

"Golden Dragon!"

All fairy surprised to look at the figure standing on the stage.

The third eye of Erlang God has already opened it, and the golden light falls in the shadow of the person, and the golden little dragon is flying behind.

"Golden Dragon!"

Erlang god closed the third eye, and the eyes were complex and looked at Longpin Xuan on the stage. "It is the Jinlong King!"

"But the host is surnamed dragon, isn't a surname?" Taibai Jinxing frowned, "The Dean of this West Lake Academy is not recognized by the Dragon! How could ..."

Many gods have already told the servant to the other side of the twist, let them check it out.

For a time, the people around the gods were less than one or two.

Longpin Xuan stood on the stage. His strength and the body have smashed those gods, it is better to show it directly, the key is, and he has other intentions.

And the people sitting in Hangzhou sitting and watching the celebrations suddenly cheered.

The Dean of the West Lake Academy is Jinlong!

"No, nine claws are Shenlong!"

"No, the nine claw is the dragon king!"

"No wonder that our Hangzhou change is so big, there is Dragon King bless!"

"Dean is the original West Lake Dragon! Bless us!"

For a time, Longpin Xuan head suddenly gathered a lot of colorful clouds, and a powerful energy perfusion was in his body, and his hard studies rushed his cultivation to the realm of Level 7.

This is, the power of faith?

Longpin Xuan mini sideways looked at the people in Hangzhou under the eyes, and the mouth was smiling.

"Dear people, everyone to participate in the family friends of the West Lake College celebration, fairy friends, monsters, and other friends, everyone is good!"

The people of Hangzhou have throws a hat, throw a scarf, and the cheers of handkerchief, "Dragon King is good!"

Many family practitioners and monsters should also answer.

The scene is very lively for a time.

Longpin Xuan's smile started to touch from Xu Xian, "I have to draw a lot, I will pick up three directly? Is it a one?"

He doesn't wait for other people to answer, continue, "A pumping, pumping it directly to the stage, I have point to point!"

The monsters are excited, that is, Jinlong, it is said that the inheritance of the dragon is the most complete, no wonder so many monster cultivation methods.

There are also some cultivators who don't know much about the monsters, but the dragon has always been a symbol of Huaxia, for the dragon, they are not a monster in the monster.

For example, dragon and phoenix, unicorn, etc., all of them are considered to be Xiangrui, or is a powerful existence, so it will peel off the monsters.

Therefore, I saw the ontology of the dean is a dragon, but they have a pleasant feeling, who makes them all Huaxia monks.

Chapter 104 on-site pointing

Longpin Xuan took a small ball from the lottery box, and the ball was written on the small ball. He got up, the word on the small ball was magnified, "" 32 rows of E District "

Bai Suzhen was attached to the side, "32 seats in the E area, which lucky, please stand up, or fly into the stage! If it is ordinary person, still worn by the staff to bring to Taiwan on."

Lin Dong excitedly shouted, "We are 24 rows of E-area, is our family! Fast, find, 32, whose?"? "

The ethnic seen next to him looked at him with a very complex look, "I am 31."

Lin Dong: "Ah, then your next is 32, is there? Is it you? It's lucky!"

Next, the ethnic group is somewhat embarrassed, "I am 30."

Lin Dongyi, what situation, isn't the 31 seats? Is it 30 seats?

Huh? It seems to be 30 seats!

Next to the ethnic hate iron, I didn't take the iron, "You are not stupid, you are not 32 seats!"

Lin Dong is stagnant, he seems to sit next to 31! It's so reasonable!

Lin Dong immediately squatted to the back of his seat and saw the seat number, suddenly "haha" laughed.

"Sure enough, this opportunity is mine!"

Lin Dongfei stood up, and a long sword in his hand refined with his own flight to the stage.

"32 rows of the E area, Mingzhou Linjialin Dongdong!"

Longpin Xuan looked at Xu Xian, Xu Xian's hand took jade in hand, nodded, "said 24 rows of the E area indeed Mingzhou Forest home."

Longpin Xuan directly opened the guiding surgery, launched Lin Dong, "Congratulations, Lin Dong, now please face the audience's knee."

Long Pu Xuan's voice is just falling, a circular futon appeared in front of Lin Dong.

Lin Dong took the kneeter before going.

Longpin Xuan is finely looked at Lin Dong's situation. The face is laughing, "" The potential is good, the physical fit is a little problem, your family's skill is the ancestral, it is very fits your blood. "

Lin Dong nodded, "Yes, we have a big universal person in Mingzhou Linjia, and a strong family in Huaxia, but it is not enough to fall, and it is a ancestral."

Longpin Xuan nodded, "This is better, even if you know the practice, they can't learn."

This is, not only Lin Dong surprised, but the ethnic group of Mingzhou Lin family, the elders, people are surprised, even the gods are a bit surprised.

"This is a problem that I don't think of the practice, or I have to know Linjia's practice?"

"It is nothing to see if the problem is nothing, the key is to solve the problem!"

"Seeing his body cultivation is not long, strength is not high."

"In the human world, this kind of repair is almost the same."

"But this kind of strength can enroll the monster of the demon period, this is some ..."

"Who knows, you see that the demon and Li Shan mother are not unclear, and also involve Bodhisattva, or not to participate."

"you're right!"

The gods gave a head to the lunar, and the sound was extremely low, and he did not let the audience below himself.

Lin Dong is a little expectation, I don't know how the dean will give him.

Longpin Xuan slowly said, "Your blood should be the pulse of the giant, it is easy to produce a spirit, but the demon and spirit are also different, your blood is inherited as a giant, it is spirit A branch of the, although the blood is not pure, it is also one of the places in the same time. "

"Unfortunately, your skills are incomplete, only the skills of nourishing gas and Peiyuan stage, but there is no skill of the magical and above, and it is regrettable. And you just in the stage of Pei, because there is no continued practice, quite Yuka is at this stage, there is good qualification, but it is not improved. "

"Do you want to come to your other people?"

Long Pin Xuan's words, let Lin Dongda, and quickly changed from the knee to the knee, directly squatting on the futon gimmick, "Please give pointers, the dean, the dean!"

Longpin Xuan raised his hand to help him, "the knee sits well!"

"Yes!" Lin Dong got up, the knee sat well, there is the red printing of the forehead.

Lin Dong and his people are the same, in fact, the cultivation of Mingzhou Linjia, in the early stage, but will enter the bottleneck after cultivation to a certain strength.

This bottleneck period can only accumulate strength after the accumulation of time.

And Lin Dong's strength is good, but it has been faintly touching the feeling of bottleneck. If you want to come back, you will be stagnant, or the cultivation is very hard.

Longpin Xuan immediately reached out into a dragon force into his body, "Detacience the walking route of this energy, run according to this route, can't make a few Sunday, you can feel the realm of the Universia. "

Long Pu Xuan's words, many gods have a little smile.

"Is this easy to point?"

"It's going to follow his energy? You can also see the running route in the body. He is not a star!"

"Get it, if you look serious, you can also see it!"

"How many fairyles are that, he is a demon? How can there be such a strength!"

"That is not necessarily, maybe people are deliberate!"

"You said that he hides the repair? How can I not see it?"

"I can't see it!"

"If it is really hidden, we can't see it, then this dean is amazing!"

"Is Erlang Zhen Jun also can't see it?"

There is Shenxian already asked this question to the body of Erlang.

Erlang god shook his head. "I seem to be a demon, but is it true, but I have to see if he doesn't have an effect."

The gods are clear, Longli Xuan shoots the dragon force in Lin Dong, only a small one, can only be guided, so, if it is really effective, I will know.