I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 74th in the Monster College.

Lin Dong is a happy and unusual, and even the spiritual force in your own body follows this dragon to start walking according to the line chart of exercises.

Because this set of exercises complement with his blood, after running all over Sunday, Lin Dong's body suddenly turned up, from his back, a golden dragon force was directly crowded.

Longpin Xuan smiled, "It seems that this blood is very exclusive!"

However, everyone in the scene and monsters did not think about the blood of the blood, and a pair of eyes stared at Lin Dong.

Because Lin Dong's body has already taken a powerful shock atmosphere, his body seems to have something is awake.

Chapter 105 Giant Blood

Suddenly, a giant rungled from the body of Lin Dong. He fiercely appeared a giant figure. The giant hit his chest, and he famed, a unique blood atmosphere from Lin Dong. In the body, this breath will shock all the people and demon that they see.

In particular, the Mingzhou Lin family, an excitement can't.

"Scorpio! This is the diamond", "Direct excitement of tears.

Other elders have excitedly.

What does this mean?

It means that Mingzhou Lin family will fly!

These olders have only cultivated the practice after Lin Dong's cultivation, and they can be promoted directly to obtain the use of blood.

It is better to say that it is better!

In this way, this is really a big prize that really makes their family a night!

Lin Dong only felt something whistling in his body, and after the things rushed out, he only felt lazy.

Another energy vortex appears on the top of Lin Dong.

His body began to quickly absorb the spiritual power, the same giant figure behind him, began to absorb spiritual power.

With the absorption of spiritual power, Lin Dong only felt that his body was full of strength, he fierce his eyes, and he roared from the mouth.

Break through!

Not only the breakthrough on the blood, the strength is also broken!

It is not the strength growth brought about by keeping your spiritual power for thousands of years, but a real world breakthrough!

This makes the people of the forest.

Although some of the other people are less likely to be sensitive, it is necessary to make their own strengths to break through the guidelines.

Some fans are surprised, "" Do you do this? "

"Is it the second half of the skill in advance?"

"I feel that this dean is quite mysterious!"

"Can you do it?"

"It's hard to say, if you know the second half of this practice, the probability is made."

The gods have exchanged, and for other audiences, this is a huge temptation.

Because this is a lucky draw, it is very likely that I will take myself, and I will naturally get the opportunity of this dean pointer.

This kid is going to be pointed out for a while, and it will break through the words! ! !

Of course, everyone knows that the key is that Long Pin Xuan's dean has used energy to guide him to carry out new exercises, but there is a new practice, or fits his skills, how can someone don't love!

With this example of Lin Dong, the next lucky draw, the shout of the audience reached a small climax.

Longpin Xuan took the second lucky one under the eyes of the public.

"02 in the G area!"

A little boy who was only a ten-year-old boy stood up. He just refined two floors, it won't fly, but the woman can marry the woman in 11 or two, so ten years old is not very small. The age.

The little boy's parents originally want to take a little boy to the stage, but some men wearing a red suit quickly walked to their faces, reaching out towards the little boy.

The little boy looks at the parents.

But the man in red suit is in the chest, it is a symbol of the Xihu College.

This also makes it don't know what to do with parents.

Xu Xian, who stands on the stage, said, "It seems that this time is a child, the strength of this child can't fly, then, we have to ask our staff to help, with this lucky I came to the stage. "

Since Xu Xian has already said this, then the parents of the little boy will also give the little boy's man to the man in the red suit.

The red suit smiles, and there is a pair of small white origami wings in his hand.

This flashed the white origami wings to the little boy, then slowly became bigger, attached to the back of the little boy, and took him directly to the stage.

When the little boy landed in the stage, the pair of white origami wings flew to the air into a pair of powders disappeared in the air.


The little boy is very surprised and happy. Although the parents have flying with him before, but the one is flying in the air or the first time. This experience can be envied.

Longpin Xuan squatted down, looked at the little boy, "What is your name?"

The little boy said cute, "I am Zhang Yuzhen from Tiansheng Shenzhou!"

Longpin Xuan looked at Xu Xian next to him. Seeing that he nodded after the jade simple, he continued, "Okay, what do you know what to do?"

Zhang Yu took a nodded, respectfully rushed to Longpin Xuan, "Thank you for your guidance!"

Longpin Xuan stood up and smiled and looked at Zhang Yu to sit down to the pu clause.

Long Pu Xuan's guiding surgery has never been related, but he saw the talent of this child.

In general, both sides are the starting point of the children of the cultivator. It will be very high. It is usually the first floor of the training of the training in five or two, usually in eleven. At the age of two, it was able to enter the fifth floor of the training, so that the degree of the selection of disciples can be reached.

But in the age of ten, there is only two layers of practice, it can be said that the qualification is medium.

However, in Longpin Xuan, although the child's qualification can't be said to be a top, it is also a medium level, and the reason why only enters the second floor of the training period, the main reason is that the attributes of the exercises do not match .

"Zhang Yuzhen, when you are in practice, which property will prefer some? In other words, which color is the most like you?"

This sentence of Longpin Xuan asked the Zhangjia people in Tianduan Shenzhou.

They are famous for the famous water system. Every family cultivation is a water system. How can this dean ask Zhang Yuzhen's question?

Zhang Yuzhen thought about it, "When practicing, I will encounter a lot of different colors, but only absorb blue, I feel the green energy is some grievances. Sometimes when absorbing energy Very difficult."

Longpin Xuan nodded, "Is there anything with your parents?"

Zhang Yuzhen shook his head and nodded again. "I have been testing attribute testing, it is water attribute, so my parents don't know why."

Zhang Jia's tribe is looking to Zhang Yuxi's parents. They quickly explained that "Xiaobu did tell us to absorb energy difficulties, we thought that the property did not match, so he tied him to detect the property, it is indeed water attribute "

Zhang Jiaban is a long-awaited look at the stage, then why is the dean ask?

Is it still what the president is solved?

Chapter 106 Variation Shui Linggen

Longpin Xuan nodded, "Okay, I know, there is only one explanation like this."

Longpin Xuan said that it is not only Zhang Yu, but also a lot of people in the parents of Zhang Yuzhen, and the family is very careful.

Includes some other viewers, there are curiosity for such problems.

What is the difficulty of absorbing energy difficulties?

"Your skill is not suitable!"

When Dragon Pin Xuan said this sentence, many people have some happiness.

Just looked at it, he said that he was inappropriate, that is, the next will give a meal?

But is it really suitable? Can solve this child's problem?

Longpin Xuan pointed to Zhang Yu's head, several energy balls appeared in his head, and five energy of Jinmu water and soil.

"You run your own skills to absorb energy, see how much you can absorb." Longpin Xuan said.

Zhang Yu is nodded, starting to run the exercise, a small suction spread from his body, goes around.

Everyone can see that his surrounded golden water and soil, only the energy of water attributes is absorbed, but the energy of some wood attributes actually adsorbs his weeks and blocks water informality. Absorption.

Long Puxuan's hand is very beautiful, equivalent to controlling various properties, let them bring together to form a state of everyone visible, to represent this child's specific situation.

Many gods also got admired nod, they did not do anything delicate to the energy of energy. Of course, most of the fans can be done, and there is still better.

Longpin Xuan looked at the situation he absorbed and slowly said. "Did you see it? You are not only water attributes, but also wood attributes, and wood attributes are spontaneous adsorption to your surroundings, you can see you The affinity of the attribute is stronger than the water. "

This sentence is a bit surprised by Zhangjia family, "Dual attribute? Isn't a single attribute? How is this attribute test?"

Zhang Yuxi's parents are incredible, "Impossible, we clearly measure that my child is a single water root, how can water and wood?"

"Oh? Single water roots? It seems that it is based on testing roots to judge the property!" Longpin Xuan naturally heard Zhang Yu's parents, "To know the test of the root tool will only reflect the spirit of different colors, Zhang Yuzhen There is really no wood root, but he does have wood attributes because he is a variant water spirit. "

This sentence of Long Pu Xuan said that many people suddenly realized.

It turned out to be a variant water spirit root, it is no wonder that you can't test it, but in this way, the practice will change.

Zhang Yuzhen's parents also have a little bit hard, but they didn't talk again. Since this is the case, there is a dean, one more skill, it is also good, they don't have to continue.