I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 75 of the Dean of the Monster College.

Longpin Xuan looked at Zhang Yu, "So your choice must be mainly based on water attributes, wood attributes, and water, but it can't stand upside down, after all, you are a water spirit root, so you're going to work It's hard to choose. "

"This time, you have to say that your luck is excellent, you can draw this award, my pointing point is directly changed."

After saying that Long Pinxuan Longli directly entered his body, "" Known breathes, holding the source, after the spirit is running to Dantian, force control of the spiritual power to run with this golden energy, slowly, no Anxious! "

Longpin Xuan slowly said, a little guiding Zhang Yu's cultivation.

To know, the general power is a little bit of practitioners can still be controlled by the spiritual power, but the weaker strength is, the smaller the ability to control the energy in the body, especially in front of a ten-year-old child. Only only the refining period 2 is repaired, naturally requires a step of guidance.

Everyone did not care about time, for practitioners, a few fragrant times is a furry.

However, this child's talent is indeed a middle level, only one hour of time has completed a whole day.

A weekly formation represents the complete operation of this practice.

On the basis of the original exercises, there are a lot of branches, which is set in a whole cycle. The speed of absorbing hydroe energy outside the body of the cultivation state is significantly fast.

I saw a shock of him, and there was a whirlpool on the top. This vortex is small, but marking him to enter the three floors of the refining period.

"Break through!"

"Break through!"

"The people say that the people say it is right!"

"This dean is too amazing!"

"Guide one, break through?"

"Everyone is equipped with the most suitable practice?"

"Really fake? Is this dean have so many exercises?"

"God, there is only one lucky draw, you must take me!"

The fairy sitting on the clouds is still sitting.

"This dean has two brushes!"

"Maybe it is really a big thing!"

"Is it really hidden? This is also very good!"

Erlang god couldn't help but open the third eye of the forehead to see Long Pin Xuan, but it is still the same as that, that is the real body.

Is this true and cultivated true or false?

This vortex finally smashed, but Zhang Yu's eyes were closely closed. He felt that the spiritual power in the body never had such a happy, and a week is a week.

Then, he once again took a vortex again on his head.

"I have taken!" Also broke through? "

"Continuous breakthrough?"


"What kind of genius is wasted before this family!"

Zhang Jia's family of the family is coming to the chin.

Zhang Yuxi's parents' eyes revealed that they could not hide the color, their son is not a waste, a breakthrough two consecutive breakthroughs, Zhang Yuxi will rise straight in the status of the family!

Some Star Jun and Emperor on the clouds looked at Longpin Xuan's eyes. It seems that this West Lake Academy is really unpaid.

If the strength of this dean is strong, you can point to the fairy, then the colleges of those Tianjie may really be more than this Xihu College!

The third lottery is coming soon, but this time the lottery smokes the seats in the scene and the monsters, including the gods, including the gods, are surprised.

Bai Su is, "this lucky is, Tianxiaon 18!"

Natural day?

What is the position of the day?

Many spectators took the head to the fairy on the air of the clouds.

Will not be where the gods do?

Dean wants to point to the gods?

Chapter 107 Fortunate

Not only the audience on the stage is surprised, but even the fairy above the clouds is a bit surprised.

Too God's Laojun's consciousness looks to the boy around him. "Do you just get the table of the seats? Take me, is it a natural position?"

The boy immediately took a scarf from his hand, which is the most famous silk system in Hangzhou, which is embroidered in the position of the day.

"Laojun, is a native, we are 13th."

Too many old drafts showed an amazing look, and then transformed into fun. "Soon, who is the 18th? No, I will see it!"

Too Shang Lao Jun Lima grabbed the silk scarf in the boy. When I saw it, I suddenly laughed.

Other fairy people also immediately touched their seat table, looked at the labeling of the 18th position above the silk scarf, and also got a quirky.

Erlang's face is dark standing.

Too Shang Lao Jun smiled straight down, "Erlang Zhenjun, No. 18 is you! The grand prize!"

Erlang gods snort, "I have to look at it, how do he point me!"

After saying, Erlang is directly crossing, and the bottom of the foot will go to the stage.

The audience is quiet, many people and monsters are speaking, watching the scene in front of them.

Dean of the College of Human Dynasty pointed out the gods?

Or is it two gods?

This world is a bit fantasy!

Even the people in Hangzhou are unbelievable, this dragon king pointed to the gods? It seems to be a bit ...

Their heart also rose a different feeling.

The guidance of this dean, is it really useful for Erlang Zhenjun?

Longpin Xuan looked at Erlang's God to the stage, and his heart was slightly nervous. He immediately saw this!

In fact, he is not to be grasped for guiding surgery, but he has tried it. It can be used to see the key points of the cultivation of the fairy, and eliminate the influence of guidance on the fairy. It is also possible for exploration purposes.

Everything will see what he said.

Erlang Shen's foot on the stage, walked to Long Pin Xuan, the fairy, and the lower Pakistan looked at Longpin Xuan, double eyes sharp, "I pumped me, how did the dean are" guidelines'? "

Erlang God said "Guide" two words, tone is not affected, so many gods are a little smiling.

Even if the dean did not say any constructive opinion, he saw that Erlang God "winning" this, you can let them talk for a few thousand years.

Longpin Xuan smiled, and the eyes were flashing, and he said, "Erlang Zhenjun smiled, and if you want to say, you are likely to involve your ability and I don't know if you mind?"

Erlang God is slightly, and the eyes are surprised. In the face of this guy really can see where you need to improve it? His eyes were slightly flashing, suddenly the flowers before, it became a face, but he nodded, "Wonderful!"

Many gods are slightly surprised, when is the gods to talk so much?

Still, it is possible that the other person is very likely to be big?

Many fans are very interested in staring at the stage.

The look of the old mother of Lishan is especially serious. When I can't stare at the two, I don't think it is a god of gods.

The fairy belly is secretly guessed, and other audiences can not know, they have grown their eyes, this is a hundred years, thousands of years, wrong, and have never seen the scene!

The people of Hangzhou are so thinking. If the dean pointers Erlang God, then they will say this, the dean of the West Lake Academy of Hangzhou is a big energy that even the gods pointed out! If some people say that the West Lake Academy is not included in the 9-star school, he will immediately take the face of the face.

If the West Lake Academy does not match, which college is equipped?

Which college's dean can point to the fairy? Still the battle in the gods, Erlang! Which college can?

Many people have already set their minds in their hearts, even if they fails, it is also a guide! Can point to the gods, that is, it is great, what point is a failure, they don't understand cultivation, they only see the dean pointed to the fairy!

Yes, this is this!

There are also many people and monsters in the audience to think of it, secretly compared to the dean of the West Lake Academy than a thummant!

Regardless of the finish of the last lucky draw, this 9-star school seems to be sitting!

This dean is really not simple!

The fairy obviously thought of this, and the complex face has been revealed, and many gods have been whispering.

Tailang Xing looked at Erlang's God, suddenly shouted, "Not good, Erlang Zhenjun seems to have that planned ..."

Tai Shang Lao will stop laughing, obviously thinking.

The expressions on the Subo God have actually explained everything.

This college wants to take advantage of his cheap, but also to see him disagree, if there is no strength, then this college has no existence.

But if you really find the key information of his cultivation, then this must be a big energy, 9 star school's name gives him, the key is that his strength can be improved, this is enough.

Longpin Xuan looked at the appearance of Erlang, and he was a bit virtual, but he saw the information displayed by the guiding surgery.

"In this case, please have to say more."