I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am in the dean of the Dean, Sean 76th.

"Erlang Zhen Jun is in the end of the fairy, is there?"

Longpin Xuan asked very natural, Erlang God did not care, many people know that they nodded directly.

"And now the strength of Erlang Zhenjun is stagnant, encounter bottlenecks, but the strength of the eye feel like it is still improved?"

Longpin Xuan got some forehead, and the eyes of the eyes were natural, they had to have the third eye in the gods of Boiro.

Erlang got nodded and squatted his eyes. What did this guy see?

Longpin Xuan continued, "In fact, it is also this eye. It is also this eye. The fairy, who has been cultivated in this time, is all taken away by this eye!"

Other fans are very careful, listening to Longpin Xuan, watching Erran God has no refutation, it seems that these are true.

Many gods of the gods flashed, and the strength of the Boiro god stagnated? When starting?

Erlang's appearance is somewhat hard, stiffness nod, this matter does not involve his ability and knows that it is actually not good, you know, he is known as God, but no gods are in This title, the competition in the fairyland is also very intense.

Chapter 108 turned a tutor

Longpin Xuan looked up at the fairy of the look, smiled, "It seems that this problem is very important for Erlang Zhen Jun to say!"

Erlang Shenli standing there, his face is blue, he feels that he is something wrong.

Why do you want this guy that if this guy only has the ability to see, there is nothing to solve, then it is bad!

"However, this is not a solution, because ..." Long Pin Xuan said a word, suddenly did not say it.

When I heard that I had a solution, my eyes were slightly bright, but the brow was locked, this dean is really a big energy? Can you solve his problem?

Longpin Xuan saw the expression of Erlang's slightly looking forward, smiling, "I was going to the big prize. This solution is definitely to be sent, but, other people don't matter, but because Erlang Zhenjun is a god, this It involves the core of the West Lake Academy, so the cost of pay is quite big ... "

"So, this college is established for the first anniversary. The college teaches you a month, I will tell you this method, how? "

Erlang God listened to Longpin Xuan, first, the idea in the brain turned, and then "after solving,"

Longpin Xuan's heart is more than a "yeah" gesture, this mentor is happy!

He opened his mouth and immediately said a few words.

Longpin Xuan put the sound into a line, directly into the ear of Eryng God.

This hand is actually wrapped in the sound of the dragon to prevent the sound wave from being spread out. It is not difficult to fully understand the scientific Dragon Pin Xuan in the 21st century.

In the way, some gods saw Longpin Xuan's silent transmission, thinking that he used the emotion, and started to use the fairy to plan to be embarrassed.

I didn't expect to spread the dragon to the sound outside the sound wave.

The result is that this paragraph was heard by everyone.

"The eyes are already in the eyes, if it is spiritual, the eyes will be self-cultivated, it may be anti-alive, and it may also swallow your original idea. The key is that it will be more than that. Spirituality! "

"If the spirit is too early, it is too high, it will latenner and don't know, wait until the strength exceeds you, then it will be replaced, so if this does not solve, Erlang Zhenjun, you are really dangerous!"

"It's actually solved, the way is very simple, you only need to break the eyes, re-create a new eye."

"The third eye is originally your own shape, which constructs you are clear enough, and the monopoli inside can first printed in the body, and then move to the forehead re-open, and can achieve the result."

During this paramo's face, the face is bigger, but he has realized, but he immediately reacted to see the gods above the clouds.

His eye spirit is not just above the third eye, so the gods wanted to take the jew, and the dragon power of Long Pin Xuan was a clear.

The key is that it is changed in this riddle with Longpin Xuan.

The announcement of this paragraph is shocked by the gods.

The situation of the original Erlang god actually came to this danger.

"I have a heart method here, I can help you disconnect the spirit of the spirit in my eyes, otherwise I will rely on your current situation, as long as you want to fight your eyes, the eyes will inevitably try!"

Longpin Xuan continued, but he stopped when he stepped on the law.

Because he knew that his voice was heard by everyone.

But these are the secrets of Erlang God, and the key to the key to say, so he has not lost what is lost.

Erlang Shen Shen took a sigh of relief. He really didn't know that his eyes were actually got a spirit, but his eyes kept absorbing his body's fairy, and more and more absorbed, now It's flat, and there is a hidden to absorb the range of fairyles that he cultivate.

So these secrets have been heard, as long as he can break this eye, these secrets are no longer secret.

Erlang God looked at Longpin Xuan, his eyes flashed, he knew that Longpin Xuan must not be a simple repair on the surface, but deliberately use this level of energy to wrap the sound, not to use the emot, so it will directly lead to everyone I heard this secret.

In this way, he had to choose to believe Long Pin Xuan and try a new heart method.

However, the Erlang God laughed, anyway, as long as he solved his question, he was used by the dean. After you can't become the tutor of the West Lake Academy.

"Okay, you tell me the law, no matter what you can't come, I am a mentor of this college!"

Erlang God suddenly said this sentence, but let Long Pin Xuan have some unexpected surprises.

Erlang God is thinking, if you can't solve this problem, then he will be anti-allelo, then this dean should be responsible, if this dean is really a big energy, it is already a college mentor, he will naturally be subject to some Help, then, becoming the tutor of the college, this dean must help him with his heart, will not engage in a small action.

One year a year, it is half a day in the time. In fact, it is not a lot of time. For Erlang God, and the problem of solving his body is pitiful.

Longpin Xuan Limao looked at the clouds behind the sky, Xiaoying immediately flew out from inside, and his hand held the list of staff of the West Lake Academy.

Longpin Xuan took a roster from Xiaoqing's hand, turned to the last page, "Then please Ino I will write my name here!"

In everyone, the demon and the gods are all under the eyes, the Erlang's fingertips directly forced out the golden blood in the last name of the roster.

Longpin Xuan felt the tips for the mission in the brain, and the heart was happy.

"Well! Since Erlang is so cool, then ..." Longpin Xuan took a jade simple, and I used my knowledge to burn a heart method, handed over to Erlang God.

Many gods saw this here, because they can't see this, some regrets.

Can help Erlang's heart law must not be simple!

Erlang God is not ambiguous, directly view the jade silk, after reading, the face is looked together, the hand is used, and the jade is simple for powder.

He directly rushed to Longpin Xuan arch, "Thank you for the dean, in March every year, I will come to the college to teach, because the reason, the next celebration will not continue to participate, thank you, thank you, thank you! ! "

Chapter 109

Longpin Xuan is smiling and said, "Thanks not to, you need to teach students!"

Erlang God looked at Longpin Xuan's participants wearing unified embroidered college logo clothes, nodded, directly driving the clouds, and the waiters in his position have also followed him.

The audience is in a moment, and the sound of the sound is then burst.

The audience is on the upper thunderous applause.

At the top of the day, those who sat in the clouds couldn't sit. Erlang gods just agreed to be tutors of the West Lake Academy, and took the law of the delegation to go! what is this? Directly settled his Erlang Shen Li Xiang Xihu College!

West Lake Academy has a tutor who is known as God of War. This teacher's power suddenly saw it completely.

The people of Hangzhou saw this result, and a cheering put his hat, handkerchief, silk scarf, waving in the air, keeping throwing.

Really too excited!

Hangzhou, West Lake Academy is Hangcheng!

This time the celebration is to help!

Those people feel that they can boast for a lifetime! What honors!

The original dean actually is a person who can make the famous Erlang Zhenjun to thank you!

Some of the people who have said that they have said to Dragon Pin Xuan shouted their words and the dean, many people, and the college students, I feel proud.

At once, the Xihu Academy climbed a lot in people and monsters.

The monsters of Hangzhou are all excited. Such a college is able to recruit monsters, and the dean is originally a dragon.

In the eyes of the monsters, although the dragon is no longer a monster, they seem to be a class, it is not a human!

Therefore, the monsters are stronger for the nature of Long Pu Xuan.

All the people and demon recognize the strength of Longpin Xuan, a "person" that can easily look at the practice, and pointed out the "person" of the problem, how can it be strong?

The dean must be a big energy, and it is still a big energy than the fairy!

In this answer, even the fairy above the day has to be admitted. Although the practitioners under the hands of Longpin Xuan have no strength, the strongest is not a demon, there is no flying, but as long as Long Pin Xuan, his The grade of this college will not be low.

Strong students appear, it is a matter of late and morning, no need for hundreds of years, even for more than ten years, decades, this college is enough to fly!

Don't say that there is a fairyland to join the god of the gods, this Xihu College has become a climate!

It can be said that there is a name directly in the human world and the fairy!

And it is true.

Just come to the people and monsters of these families, plus these gods, so the West Lake Academy will stand firm!

In this way, Long Pinxuan not only solves the problem of mentor, but also solves the problem of unstable roots after the establishment of the college.

The dean of other colleges in the world stands on the mountains in the mountains of 200 miles in Hangzhou in the college.

They looked at the celebrations in Hangzhou, and their faces were not very nice.

"I really invited the gods!"

"Can our plan succeed?"

"What is there, we only look for the West Lake Academy to learn!"