I'm the Dean of the Yokai Academy

I am at Sean 77 in the Monster College.

"Don't you say that the mentor discuss?"

"Nature, the students will be enrolled in school, and they will be found to be said that they will say that they will not be good."

"Yeah, the key is that a college is only a tutor. When you discuss, only a few aspects are needed, that dean can never be all possible!"

"But I heard that the dean is big."

"So we are here, it is really a big energy, we have a circle here."

At this time, the air has already passed the sound of lucky lottery.

"Hey, there is still a lottery, the point guidance! This dean is really courageous. I don't know if it is a real strength, or a show."

After the first draw.

"Is there any possibility to do it, then you?"

"It's very likely! In order to show the power of the college, it is all!"

After the guidance, the huge giant blood was prohibited, and the group was silent.

"What is this family?"

"Mingzhou Lijia, it seems to have special blood, but the family characteristics, so in general, our college does not recruit Li Jia's people." A dean suddenly said.

Collective silence ...

"Haha, then this is not a Trust, it seems that this dean has two offs!"

"Yeah, maybe it happens to know this law, deliberately draw in Li Jia in Mingzhou?"

"Well, it is also possible!"

After the second draw.

"Hey, it is a child who is a refining period."

"Look at this age of ordinary should be four or five layers of refining period, good nine-layer or build a base period, it seems that the talent is not."

"To change the talent, it is difficult!"

After the guidance, the double breaking vortex again causes these people to be unusually abnormal.

Talk for a time.

After the third lottery.

Finally, someone slammed the tone. "It is necessary to point to the gods. This dean is really being died!"

"Yeah, if he is really tied to the god, there is an goddess, we also have no way."

"But the 9-star school can also touch the interests of the above college, I don't believe that it will be supported by the gods."

"It's hard to say, if this dean is really a big energy, there are several gods to support it normally."

Although they say this, but the face is a look at the play.

In particular, I know that the Xian Xian is a Boiro God, I have laughed by one.

"It's actually two lakes!"

"Who doesn't know that the God of War! And keep neutral ..."

"Erlang Zhenjun must not speak, that is, it is a role that is difficult to chase!"

"I see that Erlang Zhen Jun may definitely discover how this dean has nothing to do, it is destroyed directly."

"I think it is also, otherwise where the face is put, and this Ming is a borrow, even if the dean does not point to success, it is also a point of guidance, it is plated with a layer of gold!"

"So I said that Erlang Zhenjun will ruin the college. This college wants to be gold-plated, and it is necessary to see that Erlang Zhenjun does not agree!"

They don't think that the dean has this strength to get the Gulghum.

However, after the point of view, the Erlang God not only took the solution, but also praised with the dean, and signed the name on the roster of the college, and became the tutor of the West Lake Academy.

Although I only pay 1 month for 1 year, it is also a tutor of the God of War!

Chapter 11, portrait photo album

This group of people face each other.

They all saw the surprise and shocking of the opponent's face.

"Plan ... still go?"

"Go to the wool, the fairy can point to, it is a big energy!"

"Just, Erlang Zhenjun became the mentor of the West Lake Academy, can we still do it!"

"I have to agree on this 9 star school."

"There is a tutor of Erlang Zhenjun, even if it is not 9 stars, it is not a problem with the seven-eight stars, we have to look hard ..."

This group of people immediately scattered, the dean took the tutors of their respective colleges and returned directly. Too special shackles!

Fortunately, they will refuse to accept the invitation letter, and there is no real celebration, just to see the situation in two hundred miles.

Otherwise, this face will be lost!

After the lottery is drawn, there is still a program behind it.

Longpin Xuan has returned to the clouds in the clouds at this time, and he stood in front of the tree.

"Dean, the group of people left, it seems that people who have different colleges, there are different emblems on clothes!"

Green Liu finger, the body wearing a bark, the palm appears some bark, and the above unevenness has emerged for different patterns.

"I checked, these are the icons of several colleges who are famous in my country, there are a lot, all the college icons."

Green will will let the dragon's hook, "That means that their instances refuse our invitation on the surface, don't you look at it, do the West Lake Academy really have this strength, right?"

Green willow nodded, "It should be like this, but they are now left, just when I left."

However, Longpin Xuan suddenly said, "I want to call Yang teacher in the future, no matter the Erlang Zhenjun is the true monarch or the gods, here, he is your mentor, called Yang Teacher."

Green Liuyi, Rapida Tao, "Oh, Yes, Ye Yang!"

Longpin Xuan smiled, "Well, they left, they left, and at least I watched it in the distance. It is not so stupid. Now I know that we are not convincing, and it will not have anything else after it is estimated. However, this thing patrolling is still uncomfortable. "

"Especially the orientation they leave, if you see a special situation, the first time is like I report."

Green Liu Lao Ying said, "Yes, the dean!"

After that, the bark on her body began to deform, narrowed into a green fruit, fell on the ground, moved.

Longpin Xuan picked up this fruit into the pocket.

The talent skill of Green will is really good!

This green fruit is a branch of her, and can change out her own look when it is necessary to convey information, and have her three points.

And the green willow is a tree demon, or the willow demon, and it is basically a hill outside of Hangzhou. In other words, it is the world of plant monsters.

Naturally, there is no one in the outside, and many plant monsters are sent out.

Including some of the monsters of Hangzhou, they have been adjusted under the college plant monsters. Once there are any families come to Hangzhou, which monsters pass, they can't escape their eyes.

It can be said that relying on this celebration, Long Pu Xuan directly created Hangzhou into a collective.

The time of the whole celebration is not particularly long, there are not many programs, but the audience present is still unfinished.

In addition to highlighting the strength of the West Lake Academy, there are still many special attributes that have not seen the special attributes, such as Ray property, and some of the special talents.

There is also a lucky draw, the quota is directly extracted, and every one rewards a bottle of pan.

It is the kind of pan-like, the kind of panic, or the perfect level, 10 bottles.

The fairy is a portrait of human hand.

Image of the technology and this is the painting on the top of the times. It is completely different. It is not used by the brush, but the pigment that is mixed with various herbs and petals, plus the black line outline.

The painting of the fairy is like the stone recorded.

This album cover is a panoramic map of the entire Hangzhou. After the silk is embroidered, the package is wrapped on the top of the bamboo tablet.

The portrait of the inside is a transparent crystal storage. It has made a few holes in the bamboo and crystals, and it is plated with iron with iron. All the books are plated, all the books are all in the golden side. Pure gold doing.

The cover of the Cover is the "The First West Lake Academy Established Anniversary Celebration" and the "XX Xianjun Reality Portrait Photo Album", these words make the fairy surprises.

It is not a special thing, but it is very commemorating value.

And the paintings are all the forms they sit on the clouds, and they want to paint when they celebrate.

"The people of the West Lake Academy are really a lot!"

Many gods received such consideration and novel souvenirs, but they were still satisfied.

After all, for the people in the world, they can't see their eyes, those who sent out the pan, who seems to be low-level medicinal medicine, really alchemy, it can be in the middle, too old, the monarch refining it is a fairyan .

However, this has a commemorative gift, the workmanship is fine, and the style is unique. When you look at the West Lake Academy can make such a culture, let them have a thought of going back.

The families who got the Tan medicine are very happy.

Although the human world is not a master of the alchemist, these alchemists refined the panorama, the Dan medicine that can refine the five or six grades is the top of the Dan.

What can I think, Dan Medicine in the West Lake Academy is a perfect level.